Best Drill Bits For Metal And Hardened Stainless Steel

Metal drilling might sound simple at first. I mean, what more in there than attaching a simple drill bit and get on with the drilling, right?

Wrong! Unlike plastic, wood, or even cement, metal surfaces can throw a challenge. Drilling through metal can be a nightmarish job if you don’t come prepared.

There is no getting around it. If you need to work on metal surfaces like stainless steel or hardened steel, you need the best drill bits for hardened steel that are insanely strong and remarkably heat resistant.

General bits won’t cut it. It’ll be only seconds before they broke off when working on metals. A ricocheted drill bit can be dangerous, and you don’t want to be the last place where it lands.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best drill bits for metal and how you can choose one. If cursing in frustration and cutting your metal projects short is what you’ve done so far, keep reading. We’re going to find a proper solution for you.


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Our Best Drill Bits For Metal, Hardened Steel, Stainless Steel

1. DEWALT DW1354 Titanium Drill Bit Set 

If you haven’t heard of DEWALT yet, you’re probably doing it wrong!

This is how impactful DEWALT is in the world of tools, especially power tools. They are known for their sublime quality and wide varieties of products.

And DEWALT DW1354 is one of their fine line productions. Ask any DIY enthusiast or professional user. If they have dealt with a drill machine, they probably know this outstanding model.

You’ll get three types of product variation with DW1354. A drill bit set consists of 14 pieces, a 45 piece screw driving set, and an 80 piece accessory set. But the drill bit set is the one that caught the attention of the users due to its unique features.

It comes with a strong titanium tip. Titanium increases the durability of DW1354 compared to regular Black Oxide tips. The tapered web on the bit makes them even tougher and increases durability.

The bit doesn’t start spinning until it comes in contact with the surface. This prevents the bit from slipping and skidding across the surface. The titanium tip can cut through metal, hardwood, plastic, wood, etc.

The product features a “No-Slip Shank”. This means while rotating, the bit won’t spin inside the chuck. The shank keeps the bit in place and makes sure of that.

The 14 pieces of bits come in a secure storage case which helps the user to keep them organized and carry around.

Highlighted Features:

  1. The titanium coated tip lasts longer than black oxide.
  2. The kit includes 14 bits ranging from 1/6 inches to ½ inches.
  3. The bits don’t start spinning until they contact the surface.
  4. The unique shank helps the chuck hold onto the bit tightly.
  5. Tapered web on the bits makes them more durable.
  6. The pieces come organized in a plastic carrying box.

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2. Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

The good thing about the step drill bit is, it offers multiple steps within a single piece. This allows you to dig different sizes of holes without frequently changing the bits.

Take Neiko 10193A for example. This one comes with 28 steps in total. This means you can drill not one, but 28 different hole sizes. The smallest one you can drill is 1/8 inch, while the maximum being ¾ inch. The sizes are laser engraved on the flute of the bit to give the user a visual input.

The set contains three bits. Two of them have a shank size of ¼ inch, while the remaining one has a shank size of 3/8 inch. The shanks are Tri Flat Shank. They help the chuck hold onto them tightly so that they won’t wobble during the operation.

The bit is made from high-speed steel, then covered with titanium to work effectively in high temperatures. You can use it for 10 different applications, while only paying a fraction of the price.

 Being a step bit, Neiko 10193A is one of the best stainless steel drill bits. The two flutes provide a channel to clear the chips and fasten the penetrating process. It makes the job less messy and a lot cleaner.

The 135-degree split point increases the cutting efficiency and reduces the walking. You can go through multiple drilling processes without losing sharpness and efficiency.

Highlighted Features:

  1. The 3 pieces provide 28 hole sizes options.
  2. The 2 flute design enables cleaner and more efficient cutting.
  3. The bits are made of HSS with a titanium coating.
  4. The Tri Flat Shank prevents the bit from trembling.
  5. You can cover 1/8 inch to ¾ inch of drilling hole.
  6. The price is inexpensive compared to the features.


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3. IRWIN Industrial Tools 316015 Cobalt Drill Bit Set

If you’re a weekend warrior or occasional user, the drill bits we discussed will serve you just fine. But if you hustle all day, every day with your drill machine, you need something that’s beyond normal.

Yes, we’re talking about something that can withstand the rigorous abuses of everyday drilling operations. Something that can penetrate tough surfaces like hardened steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.

If you’re in desperate need of such a drill bit, we have the right model for you. IRWIN Industrial Tools 316015 contains 8% cobalt, making it highly abrasion and heat resistant.

As if that wasn’t enough, the bits have a heavy-duty web in them which increases durability even further. This is one of the best drill bits for hardened steel, one that is designed for high demanding jobs.

The set contains 15 pieces of different sizes. The smallest being 1/16 inch and the largest being 3/8 inch, you’ll get several options between them for a wide variety of applications.

The point comes with a 135-degree angle. This minimizes the walk and cuts the material with less force needed. The bit doesn’t start rotating as soon as you turn the drill machine on, it waits until it comes in contact with the surface.

This specific model comes for left-handers too. The cobalt steel has a long cutting edge life and it maintains the cutting life just like before after re-sharpening.

The whole set comes in a convenient storage box so that you can keep the bits secured and organized. The rubber mold of the box protects the pieces from impact and the slide latch design allows easy accessibility.

Highlighted Features:

  1. The set contains 15 pieces ranging from 1/16” to 3/8” size.
  2. It has 8% cobalt that increases toughness and heat resistance.
  3. The 135-degree split point reduces walk and prevents skidding.
  4. Titanium tip and web construction increase durability.
  5. The pieces come organized in a secure, compact storage box.


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4. Hymnorq Metric M35 Cobalt Steel Twist Drill Bits


Hymnorq M35 is the new brand which predecessor was Migiwata M35 strikes a nice balance between price and quality. You’ll get a decent quality without needing to dig deep into your pocket.

This is a twist bit that is suitable to work on steel surfaces. The product is a blend of 95% high-speed steel and a combination of molybdenum and cobalt. The result? The Rockwell scale says it has an impressive hardness of 67.

When you compare it to regular HSS bits, this one is multiple times better in terms of heat resistance and durability. The set consists of 13 pieces of bit ranging from 1.5 mm to 6.5 mm in size.

With Metric M35, you don’t need any center punch to maneuver the drill. The tip is angled at 135-degree and centers by itself during the operation. It will not slip or skid across the surface. The angle helps the bit penetrate with less pressure.

The shank can be used with both round collet chucks and standard drill chucks. However, you have to make sure that you’re operating at the right RPM for peak performance.

The product can be used for cast iron and stainless steel surface. Experiments show that M35 can infiltrate a 304 stainless steel sheet of 5mm thickness in just 5 seconds. Impressive, isn’t it?

That means you can use them against softer materials. However, they might not just be as effective against hardened steel and high carbon steel.

Being very hard, these bits are also more brittle than regular HSS ones. It’s a limitation that inevitably comes with harder materials. However, you can increase the working life by using coolants during operation.

Highlighted Features:

  1. Made of HSS along with molybdenum and cobalt alloy.
  2. The kit contains 13 pieces of different sized bits.
  3. The quick cut point makes it self-centering and prevents walking.
  4. The 135-degree split point penetrates with less pressure.
  5. Works great against cast iron and stainless steel.


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5. Hiltex 10005 HSS Industrial Drill Bit Set

Be it a workshop, home garage, or professional use, Hiltex 10005 makes the use of piercing bits easy like a pie.

The set is for general purpose, which means you can do most of the household works with this one. Easy setup makes it particularly convenient for beginners too.

It comes as a set of 8 pieces bit. The pieces are arranged and stored securely in a storage box. You’ll get different sizes, the smallest being 9/16 inches while the largest being 1 inch. All of them have the same length of 9 inches.

Hiltex 10005 is made of heat-treated carbon steel. The high-speed steel stays sharp after rigorous use and still provides clean cutting. The black enamel coating increases the product life and reduces friction while penetrating the surface.

Now, this one ensures the bit won’t walk over the surface. It has a split point of 135 degrees that makes sure the bit penetrates quickly and precisely. These bits work effectively on metal surfaces, thus suitable for softer surfaces like plastic, wood, hardwood too.

The shank is Tri Flat, which ensures it stays tightly attached to the chuck. The shank won’t wobble during the operation. The bit comes with two flute design which enables quick escape for the removed materials.

Highlighted Features:

  1. Made of HSS along with a black enamel coating.
  2. The pieces come organized in a wooden storage box.
  3. The 9 inches long pieces have different diameters.
  4. The two-flute design facilitates clean and fast operation.
  5. The 135 degrees split point enables accurate and precise start.


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6. DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set 

This is yet another fine product from DEWALT. This one is made of steel, which is almost the same as all the drill bits out there. But the real kicker is DW1361 comes with titanium tips, something you’ll find only in high-end products.

Now, this one isn’t very effective against ferrous surfaces. But for non-ferrous surfaces like plastic and wood, this one will work wonders. The titanium tip helps the pieces last for a long time and provide uninterrupted service.

Drilling includes friction, heat, and pressure, thus you need a product that can withstand these. The titanium help increase the working life.

The bit doesn’t start spinning until it contacts the surface. This increases the accuracy of the job as well as reduces heat generation. The No Spin Shank attaches firmly to the chuck so that there is no wobbling during the operation.

The set consists of 21 pieces. The sizes of the pieces range between 1/6 inch and ½ inch. Thanks to diversity, you can choose the right size for your household and professional job.

Hard materials tend to be brittle, there’s no going around that. But the good news is, the DW1361 comes with a tapered web which increases the durability of the product.

All of the 21 pieces come properly stored and organized in a hard plastic case. Make sure you keep the pieces in a cool, dry, and clean place and they’ll stay in pristine condition for a long time.

Highlighted Features:

  1. Made of high-quality steel along with titanium tip.
  2. The kit contains 21 pieces of bit from 1/6 inch to ½ inch.
  3. The bits only start on contact to the surface.
  4. The No Spin Shank doesn’t wobble during operation.
  5. The tapered web enables less breakage and longer durability.


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7. COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set 

You’ll be amazed to hear how many people purchase a drill set just because of attractive and convenient packaging. Although performance and durability play a role, a lot of people are into simple and compact cases that are easy to carry around.

COMOWARE Cobalt Set is such a product. That doesn’t mean it has any lack of quality. The bits are made of high-speed steel with 5% cobalt in them. It increases the working life significantly compared o regular HSS bits.

Like any quality piercer, this one also comes with a 135-degree split point. This prevents the bit from wandering when comes in contact with the surface. The angle also makes sure you get maximum infiltration with minimal pressure, enabling smoother chip removal.

The set contains 15 pieces ranging from 1/16 inch to 3/8 inch. Unlike many of the counterparts, COMOWARE provides varying lengths depending on the diameter size. The whole package comes in an attractive and secure plastic box.

The shank is a straight type that attaches firmly to the chuck. You won’t experience wobbling during the operation. The spiral flute provides an easy escape channel for chips and debris. In the end, you’ll get a much cleaner job.

The bits are coated with gold oxide. The solid construction makes it suitable to use against cast iron, stainless steel, titanium alloy, wood, and plastic. With this in hand, you’ll be able to cover most of the household jobs.

Highlighted Features:

  1. It’s an M35 grade HSS twist drill bit set.
  2. The 5% cobalt makes it even stronger and more heat resistant.
  3. The 135-degree split point prevents walking.
  4. The spiral flute clears the debris and chips effortlessly.
  5. The straight shank stays tightly attached to the chuck.


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8. Mastercraft Titanium Drill Bit Set 

This one might not fit the bill of a regular drill bit set since the price is higher. But the kicker is, this is a professional set that comes with 230 pieces. If you’re a professional and running a workshop, this one will cover the varying demands of your job.

Mastercraft beats most of its counterparts by number and quality. You’ll get all the sizes ranging from 1/16 inch to ½ inch. Having this many options will give you a free license to go for any challenging job.

This is one of the best drill bits for metal. It works exceptionally well with fiberglass, wood, and plastics too. However, these are suitable for masonry jobs or concrete surfaces.

The pieces are made of high-speed steel, while the top is coated with titanium. The combination gives the set a longer working life. The titanium also makes sure the cutting edge remains in pristine working condition even after rigorous use.

Each size comes with several same-length pieces. Thus, you won’t run out of options anytime soon. The whole set comes in a neat and organized storage box. The box is compartmentalized and labeled with sizes so that you can find your ideal size in a jiffy.

The total arrangement weighs only 4.3 pounds. If you’re a professional driller, you’ll find is extremely easy to carry it around.

Highlighted Features:

  1. The HSS pieces come with durable titanium coating.
  2. This is a complete set containing 130 drill bits.
  3. You can penetrate different surfaces including metal.
  4. The whole set comes in a secure and well-structured box.
  5. The box is divided into compartments and labeled for easy access.

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9. DEWALT DW1969 Drill Bit Set

With renowned companies like DEWALT, you’ll get a wide variation of products. Each one will come with a special feature. DEWALT DW1969 comes with a slightly higher price, and justifiably so.

The bit pieces are more durable than ever. The difference between DEWALT’s Titanium 29 piece set and this one is, it doesn’t come with a titanium tip. Instead, it’s made of Gold Ferrous, making it a high-speed steel bit.

These pieces are highly durable and reliably performing. You’ll get 29 pieces with the set. The great thing is, you’ll get two different types of tips in the kit.

The split point pieces come in a size range from 1/16 to 1/8 inch. The pilot point pieces are slightly bigger, ranging from 9/64 inches to ½ inches. With the variety in sizes and tips, you can work on different projects without needing to buy additional accessories.

DW 1969 features a no-spin shank design. That means no matter whether you’re using it with regular chuck or keyless chuck, the piece will stay securely located. Each piece comes with a size reading which is located above the shank, so you don’t have to worry about wearing the reading during operation.

Both tips prevent walking and allow for precise, accurate penetration. They even come with DEWALTs patented tapered web which increases the durability.

You’ll love the secure and attractive storage box soon as you look into it. But that’s not all it has. The kit has a metal index to help you stay organized.

Highlighted Features:

  1. An HSS drill bit set with secured storage and metal index.
  2. The kit contains both split point and pilot point bits.
  3. DW 1969 has 29 pieces ranging from 1/16 inch to ½ inch.
  4. The shank is ‘No Spin’ and works well with keyless chuck.
  5. Tapered web prevents the pieces from breaking.


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10. Bosch Cobalt Drill Bit 

How would you like to see steel surfaces being cut like wood? It’s tough to find good quality drill bits that can cut through different kinds of steel. Most of the products will underperform when it comes to steel.

Not Bosch Cobalt Set. This one is one of the best drill bits for steel. Be it ally steel, high carbon steel, or stainless steel, it can penetrate them all. This one also works well against light gauge metal, aluminum, cast iron, and titanium.

So, what makes this product so capable? I think the thick, strong web design that comes with the pieces. The product goes through a hardening process so that it can penetrate tough materials.

The result? It can endure high temperatures up to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit for a longer period. And those who deal with metal drilling know how the heat influences the quality of work.

The diameter of this bit is 17/64 inches, the length being 4-1/8 inches. This is a jobber bit, which means the flute is 8 to 14 times longer than the diameter.

The cobalt in the shank helps with quick and effective penetration. The product has two other variations, black oxide coating for general piercing and titanium coating for heavy-duty piercing.

The spiral flute design helps with the fast removal of materials. Each piece comes with a split point that only starts when in contact with the surface. This prevents any skating or walking and facilitates accurate drilling.

Highlighted Features:

  1. A cobalt drill bit available in jobber length.
  2. It can withstand up to 1100 degrees F temperature.
  3. Suitable for different steel and metal surfaces.
  4. The thick and helix web design allows quick material removal.
  5. The split point prevents the piece from walking.


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11. EnerTwist Titanium Drill Bit Kit Set 

Not all of us are born with a silver spoon at our mouths. Most of us have to bring a balance between what we need and what we spend. Value packs like EnerTwist Titanium Set can be a big winner for us.

Not only the kit offers diverse options, but it also has one of the most impressive price per drill bit ratio on the market. From hard materials like metal and steel to glass, wood, and plastic, it works on a wide range of surfaces.

The kit contains 130 pieces of piercers. They come in different sizes from 3/64 inches to ½ inches. The good thing is you’ll find multiple bits for the same size. This means this kit will continue to serve you for a long time.

The storage box is a thing of beauty. It has separate compartments for different sizes. The sizes are engraved to help you choose the right size in a second. The plastic case has a metal buckle to help you carry it.

The upper and the lower half are separated by a sponge cushion to avoid mixing up of the pieces. The pieces are made of high-speed steel. They come coated in titanium, which makes them effective against abrasive surfaces and increases working life.

While most of the bits in the market come with a 135-degree split-tip, this one is slightly different. It has a 118-degree point bit for precision drilling. The twist design helps to evacuate the chip through a spiral pathway.

Highlighted Features:

  1. Titanium drill bit with a round shank design.
  2. Made of HSS with a conventional 118-degree tip.
  3. The kit contains 230 pieces of varying-sized piercers.
  4. Secure plastic storage box to keep the pieces organized.
  5. The sizes range from 3/64 inches to ½ inches.


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12. Bosch TI18 Titanium Metal Drill Bit Set 


If you need muscles that can facilitate the demanding needs of your rigorous drilling jobs, we have just the right product for you.

Bosch TI18 comes with a titanium tip, something that makes it durable and strong enough to take on tough surfaces. The split point bit makes sure you get a precise, accurate and clean start.

The set has 18 pieces of different-sized bits. The smallest size is 1/16 inch while the largest is ½ inch. The diameters are visibly marked on the pieces so that you can pick the right one in a jiffy.

Nobody wants their tools scattered and messed. An organized toolset makes your work an easier and more fun experience. To make
sure of that, Bosch TI18 set comes in a secure plastic box.

You can use it for general drilling applications, which includes most of the household projects. It works well against light gauge metal, high carbon steel, plastic, and wood.

The shank of TI18 has a Tri Flat design. The design allows the chuck to hold onto the shank tightly and securely. The design works even better for 3/16 inch or larger-sized bits.

The No Skate tip doesn’t need any center punch to get started. The pieces come in jobber length. The spiral double flute design prevents wobbling and irritating noise while providing an exit passage for chips.

Highlighted Features:

  1. The metal drill bits come titanium coated.
  2. The kit contains 18 different sized piercers.
  3. The Tri Flat Shank stays firmly attached to the chuck.
  4. Compact and secured storage box to hoard the pieces.
  5. Twisting double flute design allows for clean drilling.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Drill Bits For Metal And Hardened Steel

Drill Bit Materials

While piercing through tough materials like hardened steel and stainless steel, you need bits that are even tougher than these materials. The material will determine the durability and performance of the bit.

Since hardened steel is highly resistant to wear and tear, you’ll need something that can retain its sharpness for a long time. Let’s look at the types of piercing bits you’ll find on the market.

1. Soft Low-Carbon Steel

These are the cheapest option for metal out there. As the name suggests, they have low carbon percentage. They need recurrent sharpening and don’t hold the edge well against metal. If you’re looking for regular metal works, you need something more durable.

2. High-Carbon Steel

Also known as Carbide, these drill bits are toughened through the process of hardening and tapering. They work well with metals. But the catch is, they start losing sharp edge when exposed to a high temperature for long. They can be used on wood or metal, but not for longer periods.

3. High-Speed Steel

They are more heat resistant and harder than high carbon steels. Thus, they can be used for extended projects. They replaced carbon drill bits as a medium to pierce through metals. They also provide quicker cutting speed.

4. Cobalt Steel Alloys

They are one of the best drill bits for hardened steel, an improved version of high-speed steel. They contain a higher percentage of cobalt. They are the most suitable bits to pierce through metal and hardened steel. Also, they retain their hardness under much higher temperature. The only drawback is they are more brittle than their HSS counterparts.

5. Tungsten Carbide

This is the hardest material among all the types and can penetrate through almost any surface, including metal. They can retain their edge longer than others.

However, tungsten carbide bits are also brittle, usually more than steel ones. They are expensive, thus generally used as a tip on top of a less hard material instead of a full bit. They are the very efficient drill bits for metal, and often used for the most demanding jobs like production drilling.


Coatings correlate with the quality and finesse of a puncturing work. There are three types of coating that you’ll find in piercing bits.

1. Black Oxide

This one is comparatively cheaper. It provides great heat resistance and low friction. As a result, the chip flow increases. Black Oxide increase the durability and performance of high-speed steel piercing bits. It also provides good corrosion resistance.

2. Titanium Nitride (TiN)

This one is comparatively harder and used as a coating for high-speed steel bits. Made of ceramic, this one increases the durability of a drill bit by two or three times. Since it’s tough and durable, it works well against wear-resistant surfaces.

3. Bronze Oxide

They are usually used as an auxiliary coating. You’ll see them getting used with cobalt steel or Black Oxide coated drill bits. The presence of Bronze Oxide indicates the higher grade of high-speed steel. They also help with the stress relieving and tempering of the bit.

Shank Design

Since you’ll be working with high rotation and speed, it’s important to make sure the bits are firmly attached to the chuck. The chuck is the part of a drill machine which holds the bit.

If you look carefully at the chuck, you’ll see there are mechanical arms that grip the bit. If the bit has a hexagonal shank, it’s easier for these arms to hold onto it. This prevents slippage during high-speed operations.

Round shanks are challenging to hold onto. You can prevent slippage by properly tightening the chuck.

Drill Bit Number

Drill bit numbers represent the diversity of a drill bit set. I mean, you might need the set for different jobs from time to time. Some models offer different packages based on the number of the drill bits.

The number tells you how many jobs you can do with a particular set. For an occasional user or even professionals, a number between 14 and 21 will suffice. A higher number gives you more freedom and flexibility, it also cuts the need for any future purchase when a different kind of job appears.

Working Frequency

Like any other products, drill bits have different categories. The word ‘high quality’ doesn’t always represent durability. I mean, there are high-quality products that are suitable for occasional use.

DIY enthusiasts are usually into it for the passion. They work on different projects over the weekends. Some people only use the drill machine when a project pops up.

Pro users have to use it on a day in, day out basis. They have to work with metals of various hardness and thickness.

There are different bits available on the market for all of the above mentioned categories. Some of the packages are suitable for one application, others are designed to survive multiple applications. Before ultimately choosing the best metal drill bits for you, keep your work pattern into consideration.

Drill Bit Types and Materials

If you’re looking for general use, twist and masonry drill bits should be enough for you. However, for varied or more sophisticated jobs, you will need other types.

But first, you need to know the drill bit types and what they offer, right?

In the buying guide, we discussed different piercing bits based on materials. Now, we’re going to discuss different ones based on the construction and angle.

1. Twist: They are the most common type. They can be used with both manual and electric drills. They have a front edge that cuts the material, and the spiral groove provides a pathway to remove the debris.

2. Screwdriver: These bits come with a hexagonal shank. They have limited power since they are used with a screwdriver. However, they are mostly used for drilling pilot holes.

3. Masonry: They are another commonly used bits. As the name suggests, they are mostly used for brick, concrete or tiles. The cutting tip combines tungsten carbide along with spiraled steel shaft. Sometimes, the tungsten carbide is replaced by silicon bronze alloy for better durability.

4. Spur Point: The bits consist of a dominant point and two raised spurs to help the bit stay straight. They usually come at a size range of 3mm-10mm. They are ideal for wood or plastic, but not for metal surfaces. They have another variation named Bullet Pilot Point that can be used on metal surfaces.

5. Tile Bit: This one is mostly used for glass and tiles. It has a tip made of tungsten carbide. The tip is rather simple, looking like an arrow. When drilling tiles and glass, the operator should use lubricants to keep the bit cool.

6. Flat Wood: This one comes with a sharp point and flat steel on the other side. The point locates the flat wood bit while the flat surface pierces large holes. They are usually used by a power drill. You’ll get a level bottomed hole at the end.

7. Hole Saw: They are generally used to drill fixed diameter large holes. They can dig into 18mm deep, although there are deeper models available. They have another variation named combination hole-saw. This one comes with round saw-blades sizing between 25 to 62 mm.

8. Specialty Bits: These are some of the common types. You’ll also find many other varieties like Counterbore, Countersink, Plug Cutter, Step, Forstner, Wood Auger, etc. Your choice of bits will depend
on the surface and the type of hole you want to dig.

Look for the product description online to know which surface the bit works on and what type of penetration it provides. Usually, for metal surfaces, twist or step bits are used.

How To Take Care Of Your Bits?

Taking care of your drill bit is also part of the process. When you clean and maintain them properly, you’re making sure they last longer and perform smoothly in the next job. So how do you clean and take care of them? Here’s our bucket of tips.

1. Wipe The Bit

Make sure you wipe and clean the bit as you work. Drill bits remove a lot of hardness steel and other materials during the process. If you don’t wipe it with a clean cloth every 5-10 minutes, you’re risking damaging the bit. Also, the performance will slowly degrade.

2. Clean The Bit After Use

Wipe the bit after a lengthy operation. Use a clean cloth and wipe it from top to bottom. After that, slowly spin the drill machine with the cloth still enfolded around the bit. This will make sure every part is covered.

If you see any debris, use a clean toothbrush to remove and wipe off the debris. It’s better if you do the job while the bit is still attached to the chuck. But make sure you’re letting the bit to cool off first.

3. Apply Oil And Use Sharpener

After your job is done and you’ve wiped the bits thoroughly, apply a light coat of oil to keep them in working condition. Store them in a dry, clean and cool place. Use proper casing or storage box to keep them protected.

Always use drill bit sharpener to maintain the sharpness of the bits. This way, they’ll last a long time and stay ready for the next task.

Hardened Steel And Metal Drill Bit Troubleshooting Guide

Problem: The drill bit jams at the end of the drilling.

Solution: That’s probably because of rushing the task at the end of the piercing. If you put too much pressure or weight on the machine, the drill cannot move freely. As a result, it gets jammed in the chuck. No matter how near you are of finishing the job, don’t rush it and put extra pressure on the machine.

Problem: The drill bit is generating an awkward squealing noise.

Solution: Either the drill bit is running too fast, or you’re running it for too long. Slow the RPM of the drill bit. Also, try shortening the running time, and allow a short recess period between each session.

Problem: The drill bit gets hot during the operation.

Solution: This problem can occur for two reasons. Either the bit is running too fast, like the previous problem. Or the job demands the use of lubricant.

Slow the drill bit if needed. If the problem persists, use lubricant oil or water during operation to cool down the bit. If you’re using an electric-powered drill, be careful while using water.

Problem: The bit skids across the hardened steel and metal surface.

Solution: Drill a small pilot hole first to guide the bit. This is usually done by a 3 mm small bit. But even before that, use a center punch to make a dent on the surface so that pilot hole can run through it.

Problem: The drill bit is vibrating during operation.

Answer: Either you didn’t center the bit properly in the chuck, or it is damaged. Check if the piercing bit is centered and tightened properly. Also, check the bit, see if it’s damaged or bent. If that’s the case, replace it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Use A Drill Bit?

Answer: There is a part named chuck in the drill machine. You’ll see a part with three mechanical arms, that’s chuck. You insert the bit shank into the chunk, the opposite part of the cutting end. Tighten the arms around the bit and you’re good to go.

2. How To Sharpen Metal Drill Bits?

Answer: You can sharpen metal bits by using your hands and a metal grinder. Hold the sharp edge of the bit in an angle (usually 59 degrees) and let the metal grinder do the sharpening. If you don’t want to hold the bit by hands, there are sharpening tools that can help you with that.

3. How To Tell Metal Drill Bit From Wood?

Answer: Since wood drill bits don’t work effectively on hardened steel and metal surfaces, it’s important that you can identify their differences.

Usually, a wood piercing bit comes with a spar and a lip, two unique parts. The spar helps to keep the bit centered and avoid skidding. The lip works like a chisel, removing the wood. The metal drill bits, on the other hand, usually come with an angled tip.

4. How To Remove Broken Drill Bit From Metal Or Steel?

Answer: The bit enters the surface running clockwise. The trick is to rotate it anti-clockwise to remove the bit. There are several ways you can do it.

You can simply try using a bolt/screw remover. If that doesn’t work then try the tips mentioned below.

You can wield a rod at the broken end of the bit at 90 degrees angle. Twist the rod anti-clockwise to bring the bit out.

You can try to penetrate nails through both of the flute channels. Then grab the nails by a locking plier and turn anti-clockwise.

5. What Does A Metal Drill Bit Look Like?

Answer: You’ll find many types of drill bits on the market. They differ in construction and working principle. But when we’re talking about hardened stainless steel surface, two types work properly. Twist and step bits.

The former one works for hard metals, while the latter works for soft metal. Twist bits come with a twisted angle at the cutting end. The step bits come with a cone-shaped cutting end.

Final Word

There are specialized drill bits for every job under the sun. You’ll see a wide variety of bit construction and working principle based on the purpose.

So what do you do? Buy a random bit and hope it’ll be okay for your intended purpose. Well, that might work for marriage, but not for demanding jobs like piercing through metal surfaces.

The only option you have is acquiring the best drill bits for stainless steel and metal. With the right choice, you are covered for several years at least. Also, they will endure rigorous abuse before needing any re-sharpening.