How to Jack up A Dual Axle Travel Trailer?

Dual axle travel trailers are a popular pick for making large and speedy deliveries. They offer great stability even at high speeds, so there is very little worry about goods getting damaged during travel. However, they are susceptible to having flat tires.

In the case of a flat tire, you must know how to jack up a dual-axle travel trailer to change it. Being properly prepared will help you minimize any damage a flat tire can cause and ensure smoother deliveries.

Equipment Needed To Jack Up A Dual Axle Travel Trailer

Having the proper equipment is the first step to being able to properly jack up a dual-axle travel trailer. If you want the easiest time in jacking up a dual-axle travel trailer, there is one piece of equipment you must-have, which is the tire ramp.

Tire Ramp

Dual axle trailers are much heavier, so there is a degree of risk involved in using jack stands or bottle jacks. Although they can be used, they are much more difficult to use and can be dangerous if you don’t use a properly rated one.

The best alternative for dual axle trailers is a tire ramp that is specially designed for them.

Tire ramps are ramps that can be used to elevate the tires of a dual-axle travel trailer which will allow you to change them. They can also be used in conjunction with jack stands to elevate the vehicle and is much safer than using just a jack stand.

Tire ramps are also easier to operate, requiring very little manual input other than properly placing the tires on them.

Jacking Up A Dual Axle Travel Trailer

Once you have the proper equipment, you then need to learn how to use it to jack up a dual-axle travel trailer.

Using A Tire Ramp

If you need to replace a tire on your dual axle travel trailer, you will only need a tire ramp. Once you have that follow the steps below:

1. Park Your Trailer

If you’re on the road, you need to properly park your trailer so that you don’t obstruct other people. You will also be able to change your tires much more easily when you’re on a clear patch. Make sure the surface where you are parking your trailer is smooth, or else using the tire ramp will not work.

2. Locate The Flat Tire

Next, locate the flat tire. This is important as you need to know which tire is flat so that you can properly position it using the tire ramp.

3. Place The Tire Ramp

Once you have identified the flat tire, retrieve your tire ramp and place it near the tire that is adjacent to the flat tire. When the other tire drives on the ramp, the flat tire will be elevated, allowing you to change it.

4. Drive The Tire Onto The Ramp

Next, get in your truck and drive the trailer forward until the adjacent wheel is up the ramp. If needed, you can have someone help you signal when the tire is on the ramp so that you can stop the trailer.

5. Stop The Trailer

Once the tire is on the ramp, stop your vehicle and pull the parking brake. Turn the vehicle off.

6. Change The Tire

If the tire has been properly placed on the ramp, the flat tire will be elevated, allowing you to remove and change it.

7. Drive Off The Ramp

Once the tire has been changed, get in the truck and turn it on. Drive off the ramp and then remove the ramp from near the tires.

Elevating A Side of the Trailer

Sometimes you may need to change more than one tire on one side, and so you’ll need to elevate one side. For this, you’ll need both a jack stand and a car ramp. Follow the steps listed below:

1. Park The Trailer

Similarly, you’ll need to properly park the trailer on an even surface for this to work.

2. Place The Ramp

Place the ramp near the front wheels. Once placed, turn the vehicle on and drive the tires up the ramp.

3. Place The Jack Stand

Now put the jack stand near the rear wheels. Use it to lift up the rear side of the vehicle. Now you can change the tires.


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Although flat tires aren’t common, they can be a real nuisance on the road. Fortunately, they are easy to change if you know what to do.