How to organize a garage properly?

Ah! The garage. That beautiful place where we like to store everything we get our hands on, only to later realize that the things we put in the garage don’t simply disappear.

Instead, they accumulate on top of each other, and sooner than later, the judgment day catches up to us, and we start wondering why we didn’t organize everything before the chaos got to us.

Nonetheless, organizing the garage is a task that everyone must do at a certain point in their lives. When that time comes, it is better to have a strategy and a guideline about what we need to do to make everything look as clean and neat as possible.

Today, we’re going to share a couple of tips to help you organize the good, the bad, and even the unnecessary parts and pieces lying around your garage.

How To Organize Your Garage: 5 Easy Tips

1. The Previous Preparation

Getting the right mindset is the first step before starting our odyssey. Most likely, you will encounter items that you forgot were there, and it could become rather difficult to get rid of them.

However, we must be ready to decide to throw away, or even donate, some of these items that are no longer useful for us. More often than not, the garage has too many things, and it is necessary for us to dispose of some of them.

Now that you’re ready to say goodbye, there are certain supplies you’re going to need, like trash bags, a vacuum cleaner or a broom, and a basket to keep all those little things we might want to save.

2. Cleaning Up

We’ll do a pretty basic clean-up over the floor using our broom or the vacuum. In this phase, we’ll be taking care of every small item that could be lying on the floor, removing oil or stains, and any other element you could find lying around.

During the cleaning, we can begin figuring out which items we want to throw away or keep with us. You can start placing your garage items under different categories, like what to toss, keep, donate, or directly to the trash.

A great method to categorize these items under the categories is to place them at an open and visible zone, like the driveway. There, you’ll have better sight at their state to know if whether they’re in good shape or are damaged.

If your house doesn’t have a suitable area to put the items, you can also categorize them for their type, like beach or sports items, etc.

3. Organizing the Garage

In the previous step, we mention that separating the garage into different zones is an effective method to keep everything in its place and that every homeowner should do it.

We must do it because there are many, many types of items that we keep in the garage, and having them all messed up might be the easiest, but it complicates our task later on when we want to look for a specific item or tool.

Sorting out the items gives us an idea of which zones we’re going to create in our garage. The main zones that every garage must have are car supplies, sports equipment, tools, and a recycling center.

Do you know how stores have different exclusive departments for certain items? Well, imagine your garage just like that. Having a specific area for your tools and supplies makes it easier to find them later, but it also gives your garage a better and more organized look.

4. Storing our Items in the Garage

Now, we can begin storing our items in their proper place. Make sure you get the best out of every free space your garage provides, like installing the proper tools to keep the tools in the vertical space.

Also, keep in mind that you should store dangerous items like tools or bottles that contain chemicals in a different space. A locked cabinet will certainly keep the children away from these dangerous elements.

5. Keep Things Organized

Take a moment to look at how neat everything looks in your new garage. Doing the cleaning and the arrangements was not easy, which is why you should be proud of yourself.

The real task begins here, and it is to keep every item organized without ruining your work. Perform a quick maintenance every week or month, and that should be enough to avoid the previous mess we just solved.

Final Words

Do you feel that sense of accomplishment? Then you should. Although we dislike doing maintenance work most of the time, the amazing feeling we get after we do it is undeniably one of the best.

It is truly outstanding doing an incredible job and having every item organized in the garage. So, don’t continue postponing it, and start cleaning up. The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll finish.