How to Paint Trailer Like a Pro – Perfect Guide

Trailer painting is not a difficult task but you have to put some effort into painting it. It seems difficult because there are different types of trailers and different types of activities for painting them. Painting is like attrition it must have erosion so if you want your trailer color to survive for many days you need to follow our steps. So you have to know which trailer paint is best for you.

Colouring in the trailer needs some preparation. Step by step process can make your trailer looks perfect. Because sometimes you need to clean it, you need to coat it well or sometimes aluminum doesn’t outfit stain.

On the market, you can find various tint and they claim they suit on the trailer but good preparation is a must for painting on it for long-lasting.

In this article, we will go through step by step process that how to paint a trailer

6 Easy Steps for Painting Trailer Like a Pro

So the preparation for painting a trailer is pretty cool. Mainly you will need high-quality paint with a rust inhibitor. Most of the time the main demand doesn’t fulfill with all the brands of paint so you need an undercoat. Your carrier must be neat and clean because having rust on any surface can damage the dye.

Sometimes it has a wooden floor, or woody surface so use wood paint on wood structure. For preparation wire brush, marine coat, primer, spray gun, or paintbrush, paints will be a good choice.

So you have to also take care of the weather. In sunny weather, it is the perfect time to paint a trailer. You will also need masking tape, paper to cover the area on which side you don’t want to paint.

After all the preparation you will take there so go to our first step. Let’s talk about how to paint a trailer from the beginning and our ideas :

1. Make The Trailer Ready to Paint

First take off the wheel, cover the lights and anything which is out of the dye. Gather the necessaries close to your hand. Out of anything intensify the chance of diminishing the quality of the paint.

It’s like mural metal or aluminum if you painted a boat, tractor, truck, or anything you feel fine to paint it. So grab the accessories and don’t get hasty. If action changes of a sudden you have to do the process from the beginning.

2. Wash It Properly

When you are dealing with trailer painting you will need to follow some instructions. First clean the surface slowly, if there is any rust make sure you remove the rust. Scrub it with a wire brush for flanking rust.

You need to use 180 grit sandpaper to smooth the surface of the body that can help you to paint it without any obstacle.

Clean it with water and soap and make sure you can keep the trailer dry after wash it. For more secure painting you can clean your trailer with marine clean at the ratio of 1 to 5 into water or you can mix it like 1 to 20 or you can use warm water too. Brush rub with it and leave it for half an hour.

3. Metal Ready Formula

After cleaning all the trailers you’re gonna use metal ready for after effect. Spray it on the full coverings. It’s a kinda coating that can neutralize rafter condition and help your paint stick on the body.

It’s a safety process if you are on a tight budget but need to paint your carrier you can skip this process.

After spraying the whole dump trailer you need to wait 30 minutes that is better for painting on it. It has zinc phosphate so under any kind of coating it is better to use. Then again you need to clean this with water.

4. Dry It and Mask It

Finishing the above process you need to dry the whole trailer. If you are budget-friendly you can use a hairdryer otherwise you can use an air dryer for the process.

Use masking tape on the side you don’t wish to touch and which is out of color.

5. Coat the Entire

What you need to do before painting is coating. Coating is the first layer of painting. You need to coat with primer. So spray the coat and dry it before painting and gap timing between using each primer. Spray smoothly and take time when spraying. Don’t use sandpaper after coating.

Spraying theory is you need to cover yourself with protective masks, gloves and your body needs to cover out. This process frozen the rust.

If you need more security you can double the spraying but lightly. Then wipe it with good cloths.

6. Paint The Main

So all the necessary actions you have taken now it’s turn to dye the main. On the market, you can find many paint but great for you if you choose Rust-oleum, Rtg, Krylon. All the paint which suits the metal surface is perfect. Depends on your hand on the painting will be framing a great look at it. Avoid dusty areas when you are using roller for painting. You need to mix the color with thinner.

Use the roller from right to left. For some area you need to use painting brush. After that dry it about 2 hours.

Last things you need to do is use a clear spray lacquer sealer for shiner look and perfection in painting.

Don’t allow kids in the painting area. After the depiction dispose of the dust and clean the whole surface. For the safety issue, painters have to be careful as lubricant is so much sensitive to fire.

Final Words

Painting is an art but coloring on the trailer will be a matter of challenge. Trailer is the most avoiding things people leave it outside with aloofness, sometimes leave in the rain and the main problem happened with the salty water from rain.

After painting following the above process now you know how to paint trailer and the rust will be frozen. Following process can solve the answer how to paint a travel trailer as well. Do you think the rust will be frozen?.

The tips are a trailer is not a playing thing you should park it outside you should keep it inside of your garage or any kind of roof. Try to clean once in a week or a month. Tell us about your ideas.