How to Remove CV Joint from Axle?

Are you noticing some clicking or popping noise while your vehicle is accelerating in turns? Maybe you should check the CV joints.

If you see dark grease splattered on the inside of the wheel rim and the drive wheel, then it might be time to replace it. Setting apart the price of a CV joint, even removing it from the axle, will cost you a fair bit of money.

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How to Fix Car Roof Lining without Removing?

Have a saggy car roof? Well, it’s nothing unexpected. With tons of adventures throughout the year, every car gets old with time. And one of the signs of your car getting old is a sagging roof.

What actually makes a car’s roof lining saggy? It’s primarily because of overheating. The lining of a car’s roof is joined mainly with powerful glue. With too much heat, the glue might melt and lose its adhesiveness.

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Car Body Parts Names with Images – Internal & External Auto Parts List

car body parts names with images

If you want to drive a car safely and maintain it properly, understanding different parts of it is important. Knowing the parts of your vehicle and how everything work helps you to identify a problem quickly and take necessary steps.

That’s why I’ve prepared the article below where I’ve shown the major car body parts names with images. For better understanding, I’ve divided the parts into two parts- external auto parts list and internal parts list. I hope it’ll help you to get a basic understanding of your car.

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