Range Active Fuel Management Disable Device Reviews 2022

Range Active Fuel Management Disable device

Active Fuel Management (AFM) is certainly a great thing as it improves the fuel economy by turning off half of the cylinders of the car engine when you’re running in a light load condition. This actually helps you to save some bucks, at least that is what we can see.

But there are some problems too. It is seen that because of AFM, the oil gets past the piston and enters into the combustion chamber. It gets burnt out or accumulated there. This may create great problem in future. Also, while driving the vehicle, most of the owners don’t like the feel when half of the cylinders are turned off or when the vehicle is being transformed from full on to half off or vice versa.

There are some more reasons because of what the owners do not like the AFM technology provided by GM. They look for something that can help to get rid of it. Most probably you are one of them too. For you, Range Technology has offered Range Technology Active Fuel Management Disable Device.

Interesting, right?

Sit tight because I’m going to let you know more about it through my Range Active Fuel Management Disable Device review article. So, stay with me and know the pros and cons of the device before jumping to buy.

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Range Active Fuel Management Disable Device Review


  • Gives You the Full Power

By disabling the built-in AFM technology, this device helps you to feel the full power of your vehicle in any driving situation. There is no unwanted change of engine power while driving. Your engine will always be in V8 mode if it is installed. As all of the cylinders are active, you’ll get improved power at light throttles too.

  • Saves Your Money

A common problem of the Active Fuel Management system is faulty lifters. As AFM mode constantly keeps the lifters working by activating and deactivating again and again, the lifters require replacement quickly. But by disabling the AFM system, this device helps you to save bucks as you won’t have to change lifters frequently.

  • Easy to Set-up

It requires no tools, no mechanical knowledge to install. Just find out the OBD-II port (somewhere near brake and accelerator paddle) and plug it into the port. Installation is done. Yes, this is much easy. Thus, you can simply turn of your AFM as well as DFM system and enjoy the full power of your vehicle.

  • All-terrain Energy

Once installed, you’ll get the full power of your engine. As a result, you’ll get the engine power you need in whatever terrain you drive. Driving through a road covered with snow, hauling with heavy load, struggling on a rough road or enjoying the smoothness of a city road- name any situation, you’ll get the power you need from your engine.

  • Safe and Secure

The device is safe to use with any vehicle that comes with AFM or DFM technology. It doesn’t reprogram the factory ECU or leave any trace. As a result, your vehicle warranty is always safe. Simply take out the device from the plug and the AFM technology will be activated again. So, it is not a threat to your vehicle.

Overall speaking, this device is a great one to help you when you are struggling with the AFM technology of your GM vehicle. It is safe and easy to use. There is not a single bad mark that it leaves when you uninstall it. All you need to do is making sure that it fits your vehicle before ordering one. So, you can go for it if the AFM technology is bothering you.

Pro tip- Don’t install it with your vehicle’s battery connected.


  • Improves oil consumption practically
  • Can be installed and uninstalled anytime
  • Doesn’t have any effect on warranty
  • Ensures better responsiveness from the vehicle
  • Eliminate all types of AFM problems and failures


  • You may face several side effects if you buy one that doesn’t fit

RAFM Disable Device Review (Video Review)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About AFM

How does Range Active Fuel Management Disable Device work?

Answer: Many people think that this device reprograms the ECU mapping of the vehicle. But it works is a far simple way. This interactive device takes part into the communication line of the vehicle and revises the way ECU uses the STOCK calibration. Thus it locks the ECU in V8 mode. As a result, the AFM technology can’t take the engine to V4 mode.

Can you provide a list of the vehicles in which this device fits?

Answer: There are a wide range of vehicles in which this device fits. It is better for you to check by inputting your vehicle model and year in the websites from where you’ll buy. You can check the manufacturer’s website but I’m not sure if there is a list or not.

Do I need to buy the latest one?

Answer: To me, it is not necessary to grab the latest one if there is no major update. Just make sure that whichever you’re buying fits your vehicle. However, you can buy the latest update for your mental peace. There is no ‘you must do’ kind of thing in selecting the latest update.

Does the color matter?

Answer: Not at all. It comes in a few different colors, but that doesn’t matter. What actually matters is the model of your vehicle. Maybe the colors are just for show or looking good as different people have different color choice.

Final Verdict

AFM is something that most of the vehicle owners are struggling with. Here in this Range Active Fuel Management Disable Device review, I’ve tried to bring a solution for people. As far as I’ve known and experienced, this is one of the best active fuel management disable devices you’ll find in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one and unleash the true power of your vehicle.