How To Disable Active Fuel Management (AFM) System? – Expert Ultimate Guide

How To Disable Active Fuel Management System

If you are reading this article, it means you have one of the AFM compatible vehicles that have an AFM system with which something is WRONG.

Am I right? Well, say no more. Just keep reading the article because it will fill you in on the details of your AFM’s current condition and how to disable active fuel management system to solve the problem.

What Is AFM and What Does It Do? 

It is a General Motors (GM) technology that ensures the fuel economy where the conditions of driving with light load apply. It is great for gas mileage. Under specific conditions, it can improve fuel-efficiency from 5 to 7 percent.

If It Provides Fuel Economy, What Is the Point of Turning It off?

It is a very expected question. Here you go:

  • The filters of AFM sometimes fail to do their job.
  • Consumption of oil can become problematic.
  • Some drivers prefer V8 power all the time.
  • The sound of the cylinders becomes annoying at one point particularly if the vehicle is associated with spare accessories.

How To Disable Active Fuel Management System?

The first and main step of disabling an AFM is installing the disabler. Now, doing that is not an easy task. The steps of installing a disabler are described below:

  • Plugging in: The engine has to be switched off first. Then the disabler has to be plugged in the OBD-II port. The OBD-II port is under the steering. And the steering is below the dashboard.
  • Checking the Blue Light: There should be a blue light when the device has been successfully connected. If the blue light does not show up, the device has to be reconnected. If that does not work, the fuse of the port should be checked.
  • Ensuring Its Functionality: After the disabler is connected successfully, the vehicle should be started right away and driven for a while to ensure that the disabler has started to function properly.

Few Things To Keep In Mind About The Disabler And Its Installation

  • It must be ensured that the engine of the vehicle is switched off before installing the disabler.
  • If the vehicle is decided not to be used for more than 4 or 5 days, the disabler has to be unplugged for that period. It should be reinstalled when the vehicle is taken for driving.
  • The same thing should be followed when the vehicle is taken for a diagnostic to a mechanical store. For the diagnostic purpose, the vehicle will be scanned and so the OBD-II port will have to be used. So, it is better if the disabler is disconnected from the port beforehand.
  • A disabler should be installed ONLY if the vehicle’s valve train is in a good and stable working condition.

After the installation, the disabler will disable the AFM and stop allowing the computer to turn back to the 4-cylinder mode anymore. The driver can keep the 8-cylinder mode ON for as long as he/she wants. Additionally, the AFM will improve the exhaust sound, giving the vehicle a racing car vibe.

Sometimes deleting the AFM is preferred to disabling it. But deleting the AFM requires a delete kit and non-AFM components which can be very expensive. The process is very complex and it is more time-consuming. However, if a lifter fails to work anymore, then using a delete kit is the only option left.

By any chance, if the situation is critical and it is not possible to meet the requirements of installing a delete kit and its components, it can still be handled with a disabler. To make that happen, the solenoid pack of AFM has to be connected and all the codes have to be kept in order.

The valley cover, be it the original one or a non-AFM one, can be used for this purpose. The harness has to be connected and the solenoid pack should be put in its place. This will do the work until a delete kit is managed.

Once the disabler is prepared, it becomes very easy to disable the AFM. 

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Which Disabler Is The Best Disabler?

afm disabler

There are a lot of AFM disablers of various brands available in the market. How efficiently a disabler can disable an AFM depends both on its price and brand. If the price is higher, the quality will also be higher. The price range of the disablers is between $150 to $250 on average.

The following list has some of the names of the most popular disablers with details in short.

  • Range Technology AFM Disable Device

This blue colored disabler deactivates the 4-cylinder mode to disable an AFM while ensuring the vehicle stays on V8 mode. It does not tamper with the control unit of the factory engine. It is easy to install and it provides uninterrupted power supply.

So apparently it comes with a high price. But its extraordinary service will prove itself worthy of each penny.

  • DiabloSport 8245 inTune Platinum Performance Programmer

This disabler comes with a screen and it ensures regular updates. It has both improved throttle response and power supply which makes it efficient at disabling an AFM. It is very pricey and is not compatible with E-Asset or hybrid vehicles.

  • FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner

This disabler, unlike the others, is a very advanced code reader with a well-described manual. With an amazing interface, it disables an AFM effectively. It identifies all the engine issues. More importantly, it has an affordable price.

The only slight problem is that the check engine light keeps showing up if the identified issues remain unfixed. But this should not be a problem considering its unique features.

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Final Words

Hopefully, now you know what you should do if you need to disable the AFM of your vehicle. Just buy a good disabler, follow the installation instructions and remember to take precautions, disable the AFM, and make driving more enjoyable!

Good luck!