Top 5 Best Lockers for Jeep JK Review 2022 [New Update] – Expert Buying Guide & FAQ

Best Lockers for jeep jk

If you are looking for taking your off-road game to a whole new level, lockers are important for you. A locker helps you in many ways. It keeps you safe by enhancing traction and allows you to pass off-road obstacles without getting stuck. There are more.

If you have a Jeep JK and you want to get all the advantages a locker provides, you’ll have to buy the best Jeep JK lockers. But you may have a few questions like- what does make a locker the best? How to find out the best lockers for Jeep JK? Which one to pick?

Here I’m going to present a few lockers that are the bests for Jeep JK in my eyes. You’ll find a few more in the market, but the lockers I’ve picked are the most dependable among those. I’ve talked about those and the features that have helped the lockers to secure the top positions of the list. I’ve also added a buying guide so that you know which things you need to check before selecting one.

I hope this will help you a lot. Interested? Let’s dive directly into the list.

Top 5 Best Lockers for Jeep JK Reviews 2021 [New Update]

1. USA Standard Gear Spartan Locker for Dana 30 – Best Budget Locker

USA Standard Gear Spartan Locker for DanaIf you are looking for a reliable traction but your budget is comparatively low, you can keep your eyes on this Spartan from USA Standard Gear. It comes with a strong and durable mechanism that allows you to depend on it without any hesitation. This has made it one of the best jeep lockers.

Durability is guaranteed because this locker is made from high-quality 9310 alloy steel which is a mix of nickel, chrome and molybdenum. This steel is used when strength and toughness is needed. So, the lock can take enough stress within its long lifespan.

In the manufacturing process, it is heat-treated. It adds more durability to the steel. So, you get a locker that’ll last for a long time even being exposed to extreme weather condition.

The teeth are cut and set precisely to bring out the maximum performance from it. As a result, the chance of performance failure is really low.

Installing it is not a rocket science. If you are an expert in automotive works, you can install it easily. It may take 3-4 hrs in average.

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  • Manufactured from high strength steel
  • Fits perfect to Jeep JK
  • Dependable
  • Superior performance and durability
  • Comparatively affordable


  • Makes a slight noise during sharp turns

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2. Yukon Gear YDGGM8.5-3-30-1 GM 8.5″/8.6″

If you are a vehicle enthusiastic and looking for a rebuildable locker, till now this Yukon Gear YDGGM8.5-3-30-1 GM 8.5″/8.6″ – 30 Spline Axle Dura Grip Slip Positraction is the best option for you. This is filled with useful and important features that you’ll need while driving in extreme terrain and harshest road condition.

Durability is the must in a locker, which is here in this one too. Durability is ensured through quality raw material. Internal parts of this locker are made of forged 4320 alloy steel that ensures proper connectivity among those. As a result, you won’t find any flaw in the performance.

For ensuring more strength and durability, it comes with spider gear inside. Gear teeth are cut in a way so that you get maximum strength from those. This helps the vehicle to bring out the most from it in any tough trail or terrain- street, mud, snow, whatever you pick.

After manufacturing, all the units go under a thorough product testing. So, there is no chance that you’ll receive one that comes with an internal damage.

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  • Durable Dura Grips
  • Made from strong and durable 4320 alloy steel
  • Precisely cut and set strong gear teeth
  • Suitable for even most extreme terrain
  • Fully rebuildable


  • Only for 2.73 ratios and higher

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3. Eaton 913A481 Detroit Truetrac 8.5″ 30 Spline Differential with 10 Bolt

This is a maintenance-free locker which will allow you to stay tension-free throughout its lifespan. Coming from Eaton, this model of Detroit Truetracseries ensures smooth operation with almost zero noise.

The best thing about this locker is already told- it is maintenance-free. So, it’ll perform as expected without any need of lubrication. You won’t have to be worried about the lubrication schedule or material. This is a true relief, isn’t it?

The proven and patented design of parallel axis and planetary helical gears limits the wheel spin-out. As a result, the vehicle remains in your control. Basically, the Detroit Truetrac series is made for supporting you with the highest possible support in slippery trails like muddy, snowy or wet driving conditions.

Quality material is used to manufacture this item. As a result, it ensures durability besides of strength. It works efficiently in both front and rear axles. Lifetime torque bias retention ensures maximum support in different road conditions.

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  • Maintenance-free design
  • No hassle of lubing and friction modifiers
  • Made especially for supporting in slippery trails
  • Manufactured from quality steel
  • Good torque transfer ration


  • Not available for all gear ratios

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4. Aussie Locker XD-13027 for Dana 30 7.2-Inch 27 Axle Spline Locker

Aussie Locker XD-13027Do you want to put your faith on someone who claims that their locker will face no degradation over time? If so, you can give XD-13027 from Aussie Locker a chance. They claim that in this locker no cable will fray, no airline will leak, no electric wire will break or no compressor will fail. Want to depend on the confidence? Let me help you.

It comes with a unique construction that goes through a thorough manufacturing process. As a result, it can ensure 100 percent traction for years and years and years without breaking or bending a single part.

The best thing about it is it is very easy to install. Any weekend mechanic or DIYer who have enough knowledge about vehicles can easily install it. If you have any experience about setting up a pair of brake, you can easily install the locker in your vehicle.

This is specially designed with 100 percent traction to ensure the safety of the off-road enthusiasts. If you are one of them, why don’t you give it a try?


  • Ensures 100 percent traction
  • Zero braking or bending of any single part
  • Comes in a unique design
  • Thorough and unique manufacturing process
  • Supports off road enthusiast as much as possible


  • A bit noisy while turning

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Aussie Locker Demo Video Review

5. Powertrax 9203822905 No-Slip Traction System

Powertrax 9203822905This locker is straight from PoawerTrax to ensure that you get a good traction with a smooth performance. It is made combining two features-the traction performance of locking differential and smooth performance of anti-slip differential. As a result, you’ll get a performance that’ll make you pleased.

To ensure quite performance, it comes with a precise synchronized mechanism that eliminates the typical sounds of regular locking systems. The unique gear and spring design of the locker reduces backlash as much as possible. Build quality is also dependable because it is made from an ultra-strong material that is stronger than titanium.

Installing this locker is very easy. You don’t need any special tools or oil. Also, you don’t have to be an expert of ring and pinion set-up. The guideline and essential parts come with the locker. If you have experience of working with brakes, you can easily set the locker up.


  • Made from strong material
  • Combination of two most wanted features
  • Easy to install
  • Dedicated noise reducing feature


  • Price is a bit high

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Powertrax No-Slip Traction System Video Review

Buying Guide for Best Lockers for Jeep JK 

If you are a regular off-road driver, lockers are important for your safety. As these are directly related to your safety, you need to pick up the right one. It may take some time. Don’t hurry while choosing the best jeep lockers. There are a few things that you should focus on. Those are given below-

  • Traction

Lockers are mainly used for increasing traction on slippery, muddy or icy roads. So, at first, you must ensure that the locker provides great traction. A locker with great traction will ensure better grip on the road. Thus you can show-off your driving skills and take those to another level.

  • Material

Material is important here because it ensures the strength of the locker. Let’s think of a locker that has the ability to ensure a great traction but breaks in a certain pressure. It will never ensure your safety. So, make sure that you are buying a locker that is made from strong and stable material.

  • Installation

Some lockers are easy to install, some are tough. If you have some experience with automotive DIY works, you may want to install the locker by yourself. In that case, go for a locker that is easy to install and comes with proper instructions.

Also, try to buy a locker that comes with all the necessary parts.

  • Maintenance

Lockers need maintenance regularly if you want to get great performance for a long time. But you may not have time for this. In that case, try to buy a maintenance-free locker. You’ll find some of this type in the market. Maintenance-free lockers come with some extra features that keep these lockers working seamlessly for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Locker

Why should I use a locker?

Using a locker is not a must for all. If you mostly drive on-road and not an off-road fan, you can drive without locker if you want. But using lockers will support you and ensure better driving experience on icy roads.

On the other hand, if you want to drive regularly on off-roads, lockers are important for you. Providing traction, lockers help you to keep yourself safe during off-road driving, especially in muddy, snowy or rainy driving conditions. So, you should use a locker for you and your vehicle’s safety and better driving experience.

Can I repair a damaged locker?

Nowadays lockers come in different designs. So, the answer is not definite. Depending on the locker design, it may be repaired or not. You’ll know the answer in the user manual of the locker. However, most of the lockers available in the market can be repaired depending on the damage. So, don’t worry about it.

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Final Verdict

After reading about the best lockers for Jeep JK in my eyes, I hope you have learned a bit more about jeep lockers. Now you know what to do- search for the lockers that fit, look at the features and specifications, find out the best and purchase. You can try the lockers that I’ve talked about those are the bests for sure.