How To Remove Heavy Oxidation From Car Paint – Proper Guide

Any physical object is prone to decay over time, and one of the processes of decay is oxidation. If you ever noticed your silver jewelry losing its shine and glitter reducing to a dull replica of what it was before, it was due to oxidation.

Oxidation usually occurs due to the exposure of metal to moisture. The same process could happen to your car as well, making it dull and prone to rust on its metallic body.

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Vehicle Undercoating Pros and Cons

Whether you own a big truck, SUV, or a fancy car, you definitely want it to accompany you for a long period of time. Vehicle undercoating is not a joke when it comes to vehicle maintenance as it prevents the undercarriage of your riding partner from rust and corrosion. 

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How to Jack up A Dual Axle Travel Trailer?

Dual axle travel trailers are a popular pick for making large and speedy deliveries. They offer great stability even at high speeds, so there is very little worry about goods getting damaged during travel. However, they are susceptible to having flat tires.

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How to Use Radiator Stop Leak? – The Accurate Way

Driving a smooth-running car is always a pleasant experience. But this luxury turns into anxiety, right the moment when there is an issue that damages the internal body parts of your fancy friend. Radiator leakage is such a vehicle problem that it can put you in a stranded situation on the side of a road, in the middle of nowhere.

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How to Remove CV Joint from Axle?

Are you noticing some clicking or popping noise while your vehicle is accelerating in turns? Maybe you should check the CV joints.

If you see dark grease splattered on the inside of the wheel rim and the drive wheel, then it might be time to replace it. Setting apart the price of a CV joint, even removing it from the axle, will cost you a fair bit of money.

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