Top 5 Best Car Cover for Extreme Sun Reviews 2022 [New Update] – Buying Guide & FAQ

best car cover for extreme sun

Are you searching for the best car cover for extreme sun?

A car cover is the best investment any vehicle owner can make besides buying new parts and car maintenance. It protects your car paintwork from the extreme sun. Harmful UV rays from the sun can dull your paintwork and crack your dashboard. They can also damage your car seat upholstery.

Over 60% of homes and condos in the US have a garage or carport that can accommodate two or more cars. Sadly, only 15% of homeowners use the garage and carports for their intended purpose. Most people use their garages as storage space for household stuff or tools.

This leaves their precious cars exposed to snow, rain, wind, and sun. To prevent damage to your car paintwork and dashboard, we recommend that you invest in the best car cover for sun protection.

Looking for a car cover that will ensure you get the best value for your money? In this post, we review the best covers for heat protection.

Top Rated All-Weather Car Cover Comparison!

Product Name Material Fit Type WaterResistance Price
Autsop All Weather Car Cover Cotton Specific Fit Waterproof CheckPrice
GUNHYI Outdoor Car Cover Aluminum Universal Fit Waterproof CheckPrice
Favoto Full All Weather Car Cover Fabric Universal Fit Waterproof CheckPrice
WOKOKO All Weather Car Cover Aluminum Universal Fit Waterproof CheckPrice
SEAZEN Car Cover With Zipper Door Cotton Universal Fit Waterproof CheckPrice

Best Car Cover for Extreme Sun Reviews 2021 [New Update]

1. Autsop Car Cover Waterproof All Weather, 6 Layers

Autsop Car Cover Waterproof All WeatherIf you’re looking for the best waterproof car cover that’s sun-proof and anti UV, this is for you. The Autsop Car Cover is an all-weather cover with six layers of fabric. The first layer is a non-woven fabric that acts as a protective coating, while the second layer is PE.

This is a waterproof material that protects your car against heavy rain and snow. Next, you’ve EVA and another layer of PE. EVA is a dustproof material that protects your vehicle against dirt and dust.

Dust and dirt have abrasive properties. As such, they can cause tiny scratches and marks on the paintwork. With time, the damage will leave your car looking dull. Lastly, we have aluminum film and soft cotton. The aluminum film has a reflective surface.

As such, it helps to reflect UV rays into the atmosphere. Basically, the aluminum film is sun-proof and anti UV. The cotton is the inner layer and maintains contact with the surface of the car. Since it’s soft, it will not scratch the paintwork.

Aside from protecting your car from extreme sun, heavy rain, and water, the car cover also blocks bird droppings, dry leaves, and twigs.

Best for sedans measuring 194 to 208 inches, the Autsop Car Cover has a driver door zipper. In case you forget something and want to retrieve it, you don’t have to remove the car cover. Unzip the driver’s door zipper, open your car door, retrieve what you wanted, and zip the zipper back. It’s that easy.

Another feature we liked is the reflective stripes. At night, most drivers may collide with your car. Why is that? It’s because the driver was not able to see the vehicle. Other drivers will not bump into your car, thanks to the reflective stripes located on the front and mirror covers.

It also comes with a nice storage bag. You can store the cover in the bag and carry it in your trunk.


  • Offers six-layer protection
  • Anti UV and sun-proof
  • Has reflective stripes
  • Easy to use
  • Blocks bird droppings and industrial pollutants


  • Part of the cover may get caught as you close the car door

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2. GUNHYI Car Cover – 6 Layer Heavy Duty Outdoor Cover

GUNHYI Car Cover Waterproof All WeatherNext is the GUNHYI Car Cover, an all-weather, heavy-duty cover designed for sedans measuring 182 to 191 inches in length. Like the Autsop Car Cover, the thick cover offers six layers of protection.

The GUNHYI Car Cover has an aluminum film as the top cover, a PE and PEVA, plus an inner lining of soft cotton. The aluminum film’s highly reflective surface protects the car from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Also, it keeps your car cool.

The PE and PEVA layers are dustproof and waterproof. They protect the car from dust, dirt, heavy rain, and water. Lastly, we have the inner lining. Made of soft cotton, it protects your car paintwork.

You need to know that the GUNHYI Car Cover not only protects your car from all seasons but other things. It protects your vehicle against leaves, branches, snow, frost, sand, and bird droppings. Research shows that bird poop can cause considerable damage to the paintwork.

Bird poop contains uric acid with a pH level of 3 to 4.5. Since it’s acidic, the uric acid corrodes the car’s paintwork and wax coating. Doing so exposes the vehicle to elements such as the harmful UV rays of the sun, heavy rain, and water.

So, if you park your car where birds roost, we recommend buying the GUNHYI Car Cover.

This car cover has the following dimensions: 193 by 72 by 59 inches. Due to its large size, it can be challenging to differentiate the front and rear. To resolve this issue, the manufacturer added a black fabric. This black fabric marks the front of the car cover.

It has reflective stripes that warn other drivers at night. This helps to prevent other drivers from bumping into your car. The reflective strips also come in handy when finding your car at night.


  • Has reflective strips
  • 100% waterproof
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Provides all weather protection
  • Materials are breathable


  • No zipper on the driver’s side

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3. Favoto Full Car Cover Sedan Cover Universal Fit 177-194 Inch 5 Layer

Favoto Full Car Cover Sedan CoverKeep your car protected from extreme sun, bird droppings, water, heavy rain, snow, wind, and dust with the Favoto Full Car Cover. As an all-season, all-weather car cover, it’s best for sedans measuring 177 inches to 195 inches long.

For example, it can fit a Ford Mustang, Ford Fusion, 1994 Ford Thunderbird, 2009 Toyota Corolla, 2019 Nissan Sentra, and 2012 Hyundai Elantra. It can also fit a Tesla Model 3, 2019 Volkswagen Arteon, 2019 Volkswagen Jetta, and 2019 Nissan Maxima.

To protect the sensitive paintwork of your car, the cover has six layers. They include a waterproof coating, UV coating, Oxford, glue curing, and thick cotton. The waterproof coating is the first layer. As the name suggests, it protects your car from heavy rain and water.

Next is the UV coating. It prevents the sun’s harmful UV rays from causing damage to the paintwork, dashboard, and seat upholstery. The multi-layered oxford fabric is tearproof and durable.

As you probably know, small animals such as cats, squirrels, and chipmunks are adorable. But they can be a nuisance. While you’re in the house, they’ll climb your car.

Not only will they leave their footprints, but they will scratch and leave marks. To prevent this, buy the Favoto Full Car Cover. Besides scratches from small animals, wind can be a nuisance. Whether it’s light or heavy, it can blow small pebbles, leaves, and dry twigs. These can harm your car.

How you may ask. By causing scratches and marks. To protect your car, the cover has four tie-down straps. Use the tie-down straps to keep the cover windproof. The cover is elasticized at the bottom. This ensures a snug fit.

If you want to retrieve something from your car in case it’s already covered, you don’t have to unbuckle the cover. Unzip the driver’s size zipper and retrieve what you need.

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  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Has a driver’s size zipper
  • Made of heavy-duty materials
  • Elasticated edge ensures a snug fit
  • Durable


  • Has five layers of material, unlike other covers

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4. WOKOKO Car Cover – Waterproof and 6 Layers All Weather Cover

WOKOKO Car CoverThe six-layer fabric protection of the WOKOKO Car Cover prolongs your vehicle’s life and lowers maintenance costs. From heavy snowfall and rain to extreme sun, the cover can handle the harshness of any weather or season.

This cover consists of 6 layers of premium materials. They include non-woven fabric, PE, an aluminum film, PE, EVA, and cotton. The non-woven fabric is waterproof and snowproof. It protects your car from heavy snow, rain, and water.

Next are the PE and Aluminum film. The PE is 100% waterproof while the aluminum film is anti UV and sunproof. It protects your car seat upholstery from fading and your car dashboard from cracking.

Last we have the inner soft cotton lining. Thanks to the softness of the material, it protects your car from scratches. To ensure the cover is not blown away by the wind, the manufacturer added durable buckles and adjustable straps.

Located at the front and rear, you can fasten the cover to your car to ensure it’s not blown away. The cover has the following dimensions: 17.2 by 13.5 by 6.5 inches and weighs 6.2 pounds. It’s thicker, more durable, and has an elastic hem that keeps it secure on your car.

Attached to the front and mirror pockets, you’ve six reflective stripes. These stripes are handy, especially at night. Most drivers bump into other cars parked on the street due to poor visibility. Thanks to the reflective stripes, other drivers can find your car in a dark environment.

For easy storage and carry around, the cover comes with a storage bag. All you have to do is fold the cover and store it in your trunk.


  • Offers six-layer protection
  • Has reflective strips for safety
  • Waterproof, sun-proof, and anti UV
  • Keeps your car permanently brand new
  • Suitable for sedans, SUVs, and Jeeps


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5. SEAZEN Car Cover –Waterproof Sedan Cover with Zipper Door

SEAZEN Car Cover 6 LayersThis windproof, sun-proof, and waterproof car cover offers protection to sedans with a length of 185 to 200 inches. With the help of 6 heavy-duty layers, the SEAZEN Car Cover protects your car from the harsh elements.

The six layers include two aluminum films, two PE layers, and two spunlaced cloth. Thanks to the reflective surface of the aluminum film, it reflects UV rays into the atmosphere. BY doing so, it protects your car seat upholstery, paintwork, and dashboard.

Besides the super light protection, the aluminum layers are scratch-resistant.

The PE layers are 100% waterproof. As such, they protect your car from heavy rain, water, and snow. Basically, they keep your vehicle dry, protect your car on snowy days, and your front windshield from freezing. Lastly, we have two layers of spunlaced clothing.

Soft to the touch, it protects your vehicle’s paintwork. When it comes to cleaning, you can get rid of the dust, dirt, and gunk in no time. All you have to do is wipe down with a damp cloth. When you do so, the mess should wipe off.


  • Comes with a pocket storage bag
  • Has side mirror covers
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers all-weather, all-season protection
  • Durable


  • None

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Best Car Cover for Extreme Sun Buying Guide

car cover buying Guide

If you park outside and value your car’s front windshield and paintwork integrity, you need to invest in the best outdoor car cover. There are several types and sizes of car covers in the markets. As such, it’s challenging to find the best waterproof car cover.

The good news is, we researched, and here are factors to consider before buying a car cover.

  • Size

It’s essential to take your car’s dimensions before buying the car cover for extreme sun. We recommend taking the length, width, and height. Record these measurements on a piece of paper. As you browse online retail stores, check the product description for the car cover measurements.

  • Type of Material

The car cover for sun and heat should be sun-proof and anti UV. It should also be waterproof, snowproof, and windproof. To ensure all-weather protection, buy a car cover with multiple layers. The layers should include a non-woven fabric, aluminum film, PE, EVA, and inner soft cotton lining.

  • Breathable Cover

The multiple layers of materials should create a breathable car cover. This ensures that underneath moisture is not trapped on the surface of the car. If this happens, mold and rust will form. This will damage your vehicle. To protect your car, buy a car cover made of breathable material.

  • Adjustable Straps and Reflective Stripes

A good quality car cover should have adjustable straps and buckles. This makes it easy to secure the cover. It also prevents the wind from blowing it away. To find your car in a dark environment and prevent bumps, buy a car cover with four or six reflective stripes.

Car Cover Buying Guide Video Review

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Cover

Can you cover your car when it’s wet?

Yes, you can, but you must ensure the cover has breathable material. This will allow the water to evaporate and prevent mold and rust.

How often should I clean the car cover?

Experts recommend cleaning the car cover once a week. Washing the cover too often will damage the waterproof. To clean the cover, use a damp cloth to wipe down the gunk and grime.

Can the car cover scratch my car?

No, car covers have a soft inner lining made of cotton that ensures the paintwork does not chip or get scratched.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. The best covers for heat protection. Each has multiple layers of premium materials to protect your car from harmful UV rays, snow, rain, wind, and bird poop. Some have elasticized edges for a secure fit, while others do not. Despite this, they are the best car covers for sun protection.

If you’re looking for the best car cover for extreme sun, we recommend one of the products reviewed above.