Top 10 Best Automotive Touch up Paint Reviews 2022 – Buying Guide & FAQ

best automotive Tuch up paint

If you have a vehicle for more than a year and still there is no scratch, you are lucky. Most of the vehicles get their first scratch within a year of use, no matter how safely it is kept and driven. These scratches can be removed with the help of touch up paints.

If you want to remove a scratch for the vehicle and bring the previous look back, you need to buy the best automotive touch up paint and apply it properly. Choosing the best touch up paint might not be very easy because matching the color and paint quality is a great fact in this case.

There are many touch-up paints spray available in the market, but all of those are not worthy of the money you pay. Here, I’m going to discuss top-rated 10 touch up paints that are worthy of giving a try. Let’s know about those.

Top 10 Best Automotive Touch up Paint Reviews 2021 [New Update]

1. Dupli-Color EBUN01007 Universal Gloss Black Paint

Dupli-Color EBUN01007 Universal Gloss Black Perfect Match Automotive PaintIf you are looking for a touch-up paint spray which is available in the market for a long time with customer satisfaction, DupliColor touch-up paint might be the one that can match your requirements. This high-quality automotive touch-up paint is very easy to use. So, whether you are an automotive professional or not, you’ll find it simple to apply to your car.

This is an aerosol-type acrylic lacquer spray paint which comes in a special formula that helps it to match the factory-applied color exactly. It comes with an adjustable EZ touch 360-degree nozzle. The wide spray pattern in this nozzle helps to cover large areas with smooth finish.

These DIY car spray paint kits are available in OEM exact-match colors. Thus you’ll surely get one to match the color of your vehicle. Besides, you can easily use it to the new accessories for your vehicle to match the exact color. For large touch-up jobs, this one is ideal.

It is a fast-drying touch-up paint that dries up within 30 minutes of applying. After just 1 hour, the color will sit properly, and you can touch the car without any hesitation.


  • Matches well with OEM colors
  • Covers a wide range for smooth painting
  • Fast drying
  • Very easy to apply on car and accessories
  • Works well for bikes too


  • The spray nozzle shows some problems sometimes

2. Dupli-Color ATY1626 White Pearl Toyota Exact-Match Kit

Dupli-Color ATY1626 White Pearl Toyota ExactThis Toyota touch up paint from Dupli-Color is an all-in-1 touch-up paint that covers both paint and clear protective coat at the same time. As a result, if you get one of these, you can perform color touch up and paint finish together.

This pen-like automotive touch up comes with an abrasive prep tip, exact color matching point and clear coat. Thus you can easily get rid of the tiny scratches that you notice on the car body someday and have no clue from where those happened. Just use the pen-like tip on the scratches, and you’ll get it fixed.

For working on larger chips, there is a brush end comes with it. The clear coat feature allows you to get a perfect touch up that protects the factory paint from outside contaminants. It matches with all factory-painted colors. So, you won’t have to worry about toning the color. All you need is to choose the exact color that goes with the OEM color of your car.

It is specially designed to be easy-to-use. The design is very convenient and easy to handle. Thus applying won’t be a problem. It dries up super-fast. Within only 20 minutes, it almost dries up. After 40 minutes, you can touch the surface without being afraid of damaging the paint.


  • All touch up jobs with only one gear
  • Pen tip to get rid of scratches
  • Convenient design to use easily
  • Almost all colors are available


  • A bit tough to use for large touch ups

3. Quixx 00070-US Paint Scratch Remover Kit

QUIXX 00070-US Paint Scratch Remover KitComing from Quixx, Quixx 00070-US is actually a scratch remover which is not like usual scratch removers you’ll find in the market. This touch up works on the scratches in such a way so that those don’t come back after a few washes.

This scratch remover touch-up works on two steps. It is really quick and easy to use. On the first step, a patented material in the kit works with the paint materials around the scratch so that the scratch becomes removed permanently. At the second step, it helps to paint to gain the original shine and match with the surrounding color.

Thus, unlike other scratch remover touch-ups, it works on the paint instead of just covering the scratch. The German-engineered process called plastic deformation helps it in this process.

This touch up paint for car scratch works great on all gloss paints and colors available in the market. So, it won’t be tough to get one for you. But if your car doesn’t have a glossy finish, I think you shouldn’t go for it.

It works calmly on the paint and doesn’t harm the finish of the vehicle. Thus after applying it on a scratch that you don’t want to be on the car surface, there’ll be no mark of any scratch or paint damage on the car.

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  • Two-step yet easy to use
  • Instead of just covering, it totally removes the scratch
  • Works really calm on paint
  • Almost all colors are available


  • Not for large scratches and color correction

Video Review for Quixx 00070-US Paint Scratch Remover Kit 

4. Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover

Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover - Ultimate Car Scratch RemoverBesides repairing light scratches and swirls, this DIY car spray paint kit works great as a paint restorer for your car. It is gentle and works well on almost all types of paints and colors. So, don’t be tensed about the paint.

Using this color restorer touch up is really easy. It comes with a buffer pad which can be used while applying this on the vehicle surface. All you have to do is spray some of this paint restorer on the buffer pad and rub the pad on the surface that you’ll work on. If there is any light scratch or swirl that you want to remove, it will easily be removed, and you’ll get a nicely finished surface. Besides, the paint will get its original gloss back.

This professional-grade automotive touch-up paint restorer is made using premium chemicals. Besides, all the unnecessary chemicals are avoided. As a result, all you get in hands is a professional color restorer that you are looking for. The formula doesn’t allow it to be harsh on any kind of paint. As a result, clear coat, single-stage or multistage- you can use it on any type of painted surface you want to.


  • Works as both scratch remover and paint restorer
  • Gentle on all types of paints
  • Brings the original shine back
  • Avoids unnecessary scents


  • Don’t work well on deep scratches

5. Dupli-Color AFM0360 Dark Shadow Gray Ford Touch-Up Paint

Dupli-Color AFM0360 Dark Shadow Gray Ford Touch-Up PaintAnother all-in-1 performer from Dupli-Color is AFM0360. This is also a pen-type all-in-1 touch up paint that allows getting everything about your touch up in one product. Having one of these will allows you to get rid of the hazard of managing different things for different purposes.

This pen comes with three main features that you’ll need if you own a car or motorcycle. The first thing is the abrasive prep tip. It helps you to remove the loose rust and paint easily. Besides, the pen tip allows you to work on the scratches and fill those smoothly so that no sign of scratch is left. For larger chips, the brush end works perfectly.

The exact color match paint allows you to hide the touch-ups easily. As the paint matches exactly to the OEM color of your car, nobody will understand that a touch up is done somewhere in the car surface. The clear coat of the touch up seals the paint and protects it from further dust and debris by ensuring a factory-matched finish.

The pen-style shape of the touch-up paint has made it easy to handle and use on the car surface. So, when you are restoring a scratch or chip, you can do it comfortably, without any problem.


  • All in one touch up paint
  • Matches to most of the available colors
  • Pen-style for comfortable use
  • Great to erase scratches and sips


  • Tough to work on a large surface

Dupli-Color AFM0360 Touch Up Paint Review (Video)

6. TriNova Scratch Swirl Remover – Kit Includes Buffer pad

TriNova Scratch Swirl Remover - Best Abrasive Compound car Paint RestorationComing from TriNova, this best touch-up kit offers a perfect touch up to get rid of basic auto body spots. The kit comes with a buffer pad, so you don’t need to use other pads. But even if you use a regular pad, it won’t be a problem. It’ll be still effective to remove basic spots on your vehicle’s body.

The advanced formula of this TriNova scratch swirl remover works great on all colors. So, you won’t need to be tensed about matching the color. TriNova has used high-end chemicals to formulate this touch-up. So, you can expect the best output, and you’ll get it if you use it properly.

After using this touch-up, your car will regain the polish it had when it was new. It removes unwanted swirls, scuffs, water spots, paint transfers, oxidations, and other contaminants.

However, if the scratch is deep and you can feel it with your fingertips, this touch can’t remove that. In that case, you need to look for a professional to get it done. This is for the scars that are not so deep.

Using it is very easy. Wash the car and let it dry. Shake the bottle properly and pour three dime-sized drops on the buffer. Then, buff it on the surface until it gets vanished. After that, wipe the surface with a clean and microfiber cloth.

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  • Doesn’t harm the paint
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with an advanced formula
  • High-quality chemicals are used in it


  • Not for removing deep spots

7. YOOHE Car Scratch Remover Touch Up Paint

YOOHE Car Scratch Remover - Scratch Removal for CarsYOOHE car scratch remover comes with a three-in-one formula that has made it a polisher, scratch remover as well as protector. It works great on your vehicle surface but doesn’t cause any harm to it.

This three-in-one touch up removes light and medium scratches on the body of your vehicle, works as a polisher to get the color back, and keeps the surface protected from a wide range of contaminants including water spots, paint transfers etc. Swirls, abrasions, scratches, blemishes, water stains and other contaminants- name it and the touch up is there to remove that from your vehicle’s surface.

If you are thinking of repairing a light scratch with the help of this touch-up, just pour three dime-sized drops on a clean and dry towel (it’ll be good if you use the towel that comes with the kit). Wipe it for 3-5 minutes without stopping. The scratch will vanish after this. For medium scratches, wipe those with sandpaper and then use the touch-up.

Using this touch up paint is safe for the surface of your vehicle. Premium quality materials are used to prepare it. As a result, it works as fast as the hard abrasive but doesn’t harm the paint of the vehicle. You can use it with any paint without hesitation.


  • Works really fast
  • Three-in-one formula
  • Premium quality chemicals and raw materials
  • Can remove medium scratches too


  • Still haven’t got any week points of it

8. Fenyx Products Car Scratch Remover 12 oz Bottle with Applicator Pad

Fenyx Products Car Scratch Remover 12 oz Bottle with Applicator PadIf you are looking for the best automotive touch-up spray paint for removing the scratches of your car, this high-quality touch up from Fenyx is for you. It comes is a formula that effectively removes the light scratches on your vehicle’s body. Besides, after using it, you’ll get a nicely polished surface that brings the exact look it had when it was new.

You can remove light scratches, water stains, swirls, and many other contaminants from your vehicle’s surface with the help of this touch-up. This professional-grade product effectively washes away all unwanted stains to ensure the look you want. It is compatible with all color shades. As a result, it doesn’t harm the color of your car. It enhances the color.

To use this touch-up, at first, you have to wash the car and let it dry so that no dust is left on the surface. Then, shake the bottle well and pour three penny-sized drops on the applicator provided in the kit. After that, buff it on the painted surface of the car following an overlapping circular pattern. Do it until the polisher is almost gone. When done, rub the surface with a dry and clean microfiber cloth to wipe out all the product left.


  • Effective formula
  • Ensures proper removal of stains
  • easy-to-use
  • Professional-grade product


  • Can’t remove deep scratches

9. Chemical Guys COM_129_04 VSS Scratch and Swirl Remover (4 oz)

Chemical Guys COM 129 04 VSS Scratch and Swirl RemoverComing from Chemical Guys, the VSS scratch remover works great for any type of paint on your vehicle’s surface. The 1-step applying procedure has made it easy to use. Still, it is highly effective to remove stains and scratches from the body of your vehicle.

It comes with a diminishing abrasive technology that removes scratches, swirls, water spots, and oxidation effectively. Besides removing contaminants, it leaves a high gloss finish that enhances the look of your vehicle. Single-stage, ceramic finishes, and clear coat paints- you name it and this touch up is perfect for using on it.

It doesn’t affect the color, so you can use it on your vehicle, leaving the tension about the safety of the color. Using it is very easy. You can take the help of dual-action or rotary polishers. Also, you can use a hand polisher, but in this case, you need to be fast. Just pour three dime-sized drops on the polisher and you are ready to go.

However, it is not the perfect one if you are looking for removing a strong scratch. But if we are talking about light scratches, swirls or other contaminations, you’ll find it effective. However, you can use this touch up after a detailed scratch-fixing job on your car.


  • 1-step scratch remover
  • Ensures high gloss finish
  • Can be used on any painting style
  • Easy-to-use


  • Not so effective on deep scratches

10. SONGVEN Universal Car Pro Mending Car Remover Scratch Paint Pen

SONGVEN Universal Car Pro Mending Car RemoverThis scratch remover touch up from SONGVEN is mainly a package of advanced car paint with a brush included. So, it is not for polishing, only for removing deep scratches from the surface of your car. Not only car, but you can also use it to remove scratches from your bike, cycle, boat, fridge, desk, floor, door etc. The only thing you need to focus on is matching the color.

As it is advanced car paint, you can make small arts on your cycle, boat, bike, or other vehicles. It is water-resistant, so it’ll last for a long time. This portable and permanent scratch remover is perfect for removing deep and small scratches.

Using it is very easy. Before using this touch-up paint pen on a scratch, clean the scratch area and remove wax and iron from the area. Then, shake the bottle properly (around 20-40 times). After that, apply it on the scratch with the help of the brush provided. Make sure that you are doing this on a sunny day so that it works effectively and dries quickly.

However, at the time of applying it, you need to be careful. Make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with your skin. If this happens, wash the skin with plenty of water.


  • Can remove deep scratches
  • Easy-to-use
  • It can be used on vehicles as well as desk, doors, floors etc.
  • Permanent and water-resistant


  • Harsh for skins, so you need to be very careful

Best Automotive Touch up Paint Buying Guide

In the case of a vehicle’s touch up paint, you’ll have to be very careful. If the color doesn’t match, it’ll look really odd. Some other things also matter when it is the case of buying the best touch up paint for your car or motorcycle. Let’s know a bit about those.


  • Color Code

At the time of getting a touch up for your vehicle, the thing that matters most is the color code. If the color code of the vehicle and the color code of the touch-up paint don’t match, the look of the car will end up in a messy situation. So, before going to choose any touch-up paint, know the color code of your vehicle. Then, search for a touch-up paint of same color code.

  • Brand of Your Car

Sometimes, it is easy to match the color through the brand of the car. Manufacturers offer some touch up paints with the brand and model of the car with which that matches exactly. So, while looking for car touch up paint, keep your vehicle brand and model on focus and use those to find out the best one for your vehicle.

  • Time to Dry

The time that it takes to dry fully is another consideration at the time of choosing an automotive touch-up. If it takes a long time to dry, not buying the touch-up paint is a good decision. Normally 30 minutes to 60 minutes is the ideal time for a touch up to dry properly. If it takes longer time than this, there is risk of damaging the paint by dripping or any other ways.

  • Ease of Application

The ease of applying touch-up paint is another point to keep in mind. If you are a newbie, this should be one of the prime focuses while choosing one. Easy applying touch-ups give you enough comfort to apply it. As a result, the output also becomes good.

But if you face problem while applying it, the result won’t be as expected. To get the expected result, in this case, you’ll have to work hard. Again, using tough-to-apply touch-ups may end in a messed up situation.

  • Depth of the Scratch

The depth of the scratch also matters when you are buying the touch up to remove a scratch from the surface of your vehicles. There are some touch-ups which are not enough for deep scratches. If the scratch is deep and you buy one of those, it is a waste of money. So, while making a buying decision, make sure that the touch up is enough to restore the scratch easily.

Some other factors should be in your mind while buying a best car touch up paint. Price, user review, expert review etc. are some common factors to focus on. So, focus on these points and make a wise buying decision.

Types of Touch up Paints

There is no specific barrier of types or forms in which automotive touch-ups paints come to us. But there are three types which are available mostly. Those are-

1. Pen-type

These types are the easiest type of touch-ups to use. Touch up paint pen for car comes in a pen shape with a small tip. You’ll have to apply the paint keeping the tip on the scratch, just like you write on paper.

This easy-to-use feature has made this the most popular type of touch up. However, for large scratches, you’ll have to pay more attention at the time of using pen-type one.

2. Bottles and Brushes

These touch-up paints come in a bottle. In most cases, there is also a brush with it. Rarely, you’ll have to buy the brush. You have to apply this type of touch up using the brush.

However, these are better for erasing large and deep scratches easily. That’s why many people like this one.

3. Spray and Aerosol Can

These touch-ups come inside a can and have to be applied by spraying on the surface. This is easy and quick. But at the time of using this DIY car spray paint kit, you’ll have to be more careful so that you don’t spray on other parts where touch up is not necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Touch Up Paint

touch up paint FAQ

Can automotive touch ups prevent rust?

The main reason we use touch-ups is removing scratches from the surface of the vehicle. But some touch-ups come with a formula that doesn’t allow rust to gather on the vehicle surface where the touch up is applied. There, this rust prevention is an additional feature. You can’t expect all the touch-ups come with this additional feature.

So, the answer is- some automotive touch-ups can prevent rust. You’ll find this in the given information printed on the packaging or inside the user manual. If you are looking for a rust-preventing touch-up, check the features and specifications before buying one.

Can touch-up paint bring the previous look back?

When your vehicle gets a scratch somehow, the look is spoiled. In that case, using a proper touch-up paint to remove the scratch will definitely bring back the previous scratch-less look. But the touch-up paint must be of the same color as the vehicle surface. Besides, it should be applied properly too.

The touch-up paint has just come out, and the vehicle paint was exposed for a long time. As a result, there will be differences in shades too. You have to give it a professional finish so that the difference disappears.

How long a touch up lasts?

It depends on the quality of the paint and how properly the touch-up job is done. If a regular vehicle owner does it with quality paint, it lasts up to 1 year. On the other hand, a touch-up job done by a professional and quality materials can last for 2-3 years or even more.

Final Verdict

So, these are all I have to say about the best automotive touch-up paints. I hope this discussion will help you to find out the best one for your vehicle. No matter which one you choose, choose wisely so that your favorite vehicle gets its old look back.

If you have anything more to know, use the comment section to ask a question. Let us know your experience with these touch-up paints too.

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