Top 10 Best HEI Distributor for 350 Chevy Reviews 2022 [New Update] – Buying Guide & FAQ

best HEI Distributor for 350 Chevy

To enhance the ignition performance of your GM vehicle, HEI (High Energy Ignition) distributor is an easy and cheap upgrade. Because of the ease of installation, performance offered and availability, it is favoured by a lot of GM users. If you are confused about it, I’ll suggest you to go for the upgrade. I’ve done the upgrade for many of my clients and they were really satisfied.

You’ll find many options for your 350 Chevy in the market. The good thing is- you’ll have so many options from where you can choose the best HEI distributor for 350 Chevy. The bad thing is- you’ll be confused seeing so many options.

Don’t worry about that. I’ve seen many HEI distributors for 350 Chevy and used a few. So I can guide you through it and find you some of the bests from where you can pick one. Now, I’m going to review a few HEI distributors for 350 Chevy. I’m also adding pros and cons so that you know everything about those. This’ll help to pick the best one for you.

A buying guide helps you to make a buying decision easily. That’s why I’m also writing a buying guide. Don’t miss that. Now, let’s dive in the reviews of some of the top HEI distributors.

Top 10 Best HEI Distributor for 350 Chevy Review 2021

1. Voltstorm Performance HEI Ignition Distributor

Voltstorm Performance HEI Ignition DistributorComing from Voltstorm, this high performance HEI distributor is something that you can’t ignore. This is full of power that you need because it is designed to fit for racing applications. While buying it, you’re surely getting something more than what you’re spending.

This HEI distributor is made of CNC machined aviation grade 7071 aluminum. Also there is melonized steel gear for perfection. The materials inside are made of hardened steel to ensure the durability and performance you want from a HEI distributor.

To ensure high output that helps you to enhance your performance, it comes with a 75,000 volt spark coil and solid brass terminals. From this, you’ll get 9000 RPM constant ignition. What’s more do you need?

This is designed to fit directly to a wide range of GM vehicles. There are adjustable vacuum and mechanical advances. Simple one-wire hook-up ensures easy installation under the hood. If you are looking for improving performance within a budget, you should try this one.

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  • CNC machined high-quality aluminum housing
  • Strong parts and materials for durability
  • Constant ignition of almost 9,000 RPM
  • Easy installation with direct fit design
  • Responsive and helpful buyer support


  • Module goes out sometimes

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2. A-Team Performance HEI652R Red Cap HEI Distributor

A-Team Performance HEI652R Red Cap HEI DistributorThis one from A-team Performance Store is designed to be the OE replacement under the hood, but does better that what your OE distributor used to do. So, if you are looking for a direct replacement of your computer-controlled OEM distributor, you can keep your eyes on this one.

To ensure a durable performance, it comes with a CNC machined aluminum housing. Internal parts are made of quality steel for providing perfection when in action. You’ll find a first-rate magnetic trigger in this distributor. The gear is made of high-grade Chromoly steel to reduce performance drop.

This HEI distributor might not be designed for racing applications, but you’ll feel the upgrade comparing to your OE one. This is designed to fit to small block and big block 8 cylinder engines from GMC. Before picking up, just check if it does fit to your vehicle. Installing it won’t be a problem at all.


  • Internal parts features quality steel
  • CNC machined aluminum housing for durability
  • High-quality Chromoly steel gear
  • Fits directly to many V8 engines from GMC
  • OE replacement but performs better


  • Doesn’t come with user guide

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3. Assault Racing Products 1035001 Red Cap HEI Distributor

Assault Racing Products 1035001 Red Cap HEI DistributorThis is probably the best HEI distributor for 350 Chevy designed and marketed by Assault Racing Products for racing operations. So, this is made to provide superior power in your hands so that you get the expected performance without issues. If you are interested to try this one, keep reading.

This comes with a good design to fit itself to the ignition system. For ensuring durability, the housing is CNC machined and polished steel designed. The aluminum finish makes it better. Adjustable vacuum advance ensures easy using. 4340 Chromolygear, premium cover and brass materials have made to it perform consistently without failing.

Manufacturers have used a high performing 65,000 volt super coil inside this distributor. It comes with an Accel style coil cover that performs as wire retention by dissipating the heat away from the coil.  The coil and 4-pin module ensure 7,500 RPM constant ignition together while it is in use.

The design and performance have made it perfect for a wide range of GMC vehicles. This is made to ensure the value for your money. So, if you want a HEI distributor that ensures performance and safety, buy this one.


  • Designed to be a perfect fit to the engines
  • Constant performance with pleasing power
  • Coil cover inside to keep heat away
  • Comes with adjustable vacuum advance
  • Made with quality materials


  • Top cap screws could be a bit stronger

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4. MAS Ignition HEI Distributor w/Cap & Rotor

MAS Ignition HEI Distributor w Cap & RotorMAS offers durable and reliable auto parts to the market. This HEI distributor is also something like that. You can depend on it without any hesitation if you are looking for one that is compatible with your OE parts. It ensures performance within budget.

Strong and durable terminals with performance-oriented parts have made this distributor a worthy one. A simple assembly with a great conductivity is something this tool offers. As a result, you’ll get a top-notch performance and experience very less performance drop.

Durable housing ensures perfect placement of internal parts. The red top cover keeps the internal parts assembled and safe from external pressure so that those can perform the tasks properly. The rustproof coating keeps corrosion away from it to ensure longer use.

The electric components are computer-tested both before assembly and after to ensure that these work properly to deliver a dependable performance. This one is totally compatible with the OEM parts of your 350 Chevy. That’s why installing it is not a tough job.

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  • Durable housing and top cap
  • Computer-tested before and after assembly
  • Not that expensive
  • Strong terminals
  • Ensures great quality in the price range


  • Installing it is not a task of newbies

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5. Bravex High-Performance Red Cap HEI Distributor

Bravex High Performance Red Cap HEI DistributorWhen you are looking for some performance HEI distributors that’ll help you in racing competitions, you’ll definitely go through this Bravexfrom Steinbrucke. As it delivers expected performance with durable lifespan, people love this and so I do.

Just like the others above, it comes with CNC machined aluminum housing. The aluminum housing is made with aircraft-grade 7071 aluminum which ensures great stability. Well, the gear is made of melonized steel that ensures performance. You’ll love the strength of the red cap and inside components.

For helping you perform better in races, it comes with a high-performing coil that is able to produce 65,000 volt spark. 7,500 RPM ignition runs constantly to support you throughout the race.

Using the 4-pin ignition module, you can fit it directly in most GM engines. Fully adjustable vacuum advance helps installing it super easy. Overall, this one is a real support if you’re thinking of getting a HEI distributor for racing operation. It ensures the value for your money. You can try this out.


  • Dependable performance for what you spend
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum housing
  • Melonized steel-built gear for durable performance
  • Fits to most GMC engines
  • Easy to install


  • A bit costly purchase

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6. MOSTPLUS Racing Red Cap Super Coil HEI Distributor

MOSTPLUS Racing Red Cap Super Coil HEI DistributorComing from Mostplus, this one is a HEI distributor that is mostly known as an OE replacement. But it is designed and built to perform better than your OE distributor. So, I’d suggest you to pick this up if you are looking for a better performer for your engine, not for racing compatibility. This is obviously a quality distributor. But I won’t suggest it for racing.

It comes with a strong and durable housing. Also, the red top cap feels durable and strong enough for durable operation. Quality coil and other inside parts ensure better performance than your OE distributor.

This is designed to ensure good performance and maintain it for a long time. That’s why inner and outer parts are made focusing on durability and performance. The design also allows you to install it without any difficulties at all. All you need to do is checking the compatibility before ordering one.

This HEI distributor fits to a wide range of GMC engines with small blocks. If yours is a big block one, you shouldn’t buy this one.


  • Performs amazingly with small block 350 engines
  • Comes within a budget
  • Better performer that OE distributor
  • Strong and durable housing and parts
  • Made to ensure consistent performance


  • Pickup coil may annoy a bit

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7. ACDelco 93440806 GM Original Equipment Ignition Distributor

MOSTPLUS Racing Red Cap Super Coil HEI DistributorThis is the best HEi distributor for 350 Chevy that GM itself recommends because this is manufactured and offered by original equipment manufacturer. So, ACDelco knows what’s exactly in the OE one and designs this to be a perfect replacement of that OE distributor. If you are looking for swapping your OE distributor, buy this one.

ACDelco constantly develops the equipment to meet modern demand. That’s why this one won’t disappoint you at all. It comes with quality material to last long and perform without any problem. The external housing and internal parts are made of strong and durable materials to provide the quality you want.

This HEI distributor comes with a simple design consisted of a top cap, a distributor rotor, shaft and a switching device. Though the design is simple, it ensures outstanding performance just like the OE one from GMC. The durability, performance and consistency you’ll get from it is great.

This is designed to fit 350 Chevy without a problem. So, you can pick this without any hesitation. Installing it won’t be a problem at all as it comes from the OE part manufacturer.

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  • Comes from OE HEI distributor manufacturer
  • Specifically designed for 350 Chevy engines
  • Ensures durability, dependability and performance
  • Simple yet sturdy build quality
  • You can get the feel of OE distributor


  • May face a bit problem with ignition control module

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ACDelco 93440806 GM HEI Distributor Video Review

8. MSD 85551 Pro-Billet Distributor

MSD 85551 Pro-Billet DistributorIf you are looking for a maintenance-free distributor that helps you to enhance your performance with efficiency, you can try this one from MSD. It is designed with advanced technology that supports you for a long time by working flawlessly.

The housing is made of quality 6061-t6 aluminum. CNC machined housing ensures extra tolerance with précised design. The shaft of the distributor comes with QPQ coating that keeps rust away and reduces friction. Long sintered bushing and ball bearing helps the shaft to work more accurately without any problem.

The magnetic pick-up system ensures consistent performance for a long time and makes it maintenance-free. Also, there are no moving parts inside the housing that may wear or need adjustment. This also makes the distributor maintenance-free. It comes with alkyd cap and billet base for stability. The QPQ coat on the cap and base ensures durability by keeping these safe from rust.

It comes with essential support to fit in your engine. So, don’t worry about the installation process.


  • Durable housing made of quality aluminum
  • Two-sealed ball bearing shaft
  • QPQ coats to keep corrosion away
  • No moving part design for maintenance-free use
  • Magnetic pick-up system


  • Must be used with MSD bluster ignition

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9. Assault Racing Products 1035011 Chevy V8 Red Cap Complete HEI Distributor

Assault Racing Products 1035011 Chevy V8From Assault Racing Products, this is another quality HEI distributor with features that’ll help you to improve the performance of your Chevy. You can install this if you are upgrading your 350 Chevy for racing and such applications.

Like most other HEI distributors, you’ll find a polished CNC machined housing in this too. Adjustable vacuum advance will provide you better adjustability. The gear is made from Chromoly steel and works great with cast cams for guaranteed performance. Premium red cap and brass terminals provide durability and dependability.

To assure instant throttle response, true spark alignment works great. 50,000 volt coiled distributor and 4-pin high-performance module provide constant and reliable 7500 RPM in each ignition cycle. Thus it ensures better performance while racing.

Installing this HEI distributor is not a big deal. It comes with everything you need to install it. All you need to do is adjusting and installing. Overall, it ensures value for what you spend.


  • Quality materials for strength and dependability
  • Constant 7,500 RPM with 50,000 Volt coil
  • Premium cap and sturdy brass terminals
  • Designed for racing


  • Misfires sometimes

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10. A-Team Performance R2R Ready 2 Run Complete Distributor

A-Team Performance R2R Ready 2 Run Complete DistributorFrom A-team Performance, this distributor can help you with improving the performance of your engine comparing to the OE performance. Besides of providing higher RPM, it helps you to improve engine starting that is a must for racing performances.

This HEI distributor comes with a very simple design. Aluminum housing ensures durability. Steel gear provides optimal performance. Multi-pole Reluctor trigger style ensures accurate ignition. External coil design ensures easy maintenance. However, it doesn’t come with the coil.

It can be used with coil that ensures 35,000 volt output which is enough for maximum racing operations. The top-mounted ball bearing is sealed with an over-sized steel shaft inside. The adjustable mechanical and vacuum advance gives you the opportunity to customize the curve according to your need.

It is made to be easy to install. It comes with ignition module included. But, as the coil is not included, you’ll have to set a coil first to install this HEI distributor. It is compatible with both small block and big block 350 Chevy. So, don’t worry about buying this one for your 350 Chevy.


  • Compatible with both big block and small block 350 Chevy
  • Strong and sturdy build for durability
  • External coil design
  • Provides scope to customize the curve


  • Doesn’t come with the coil

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Best HEI Distributor for 350 Chevy Buying Guide

Best HEI Distributor Buying Guide

Just like any other purchase, there are some features you must emphasis on while choosing the best chevy 350 HEI distributor. As you are looking for upgrading your performance, you must get a quality one. And when you are buying a quality one, you should spend some time on researching and checking the features given below.

  • Compatibility

Before buying a HEI distributor for 350 Chevy, make sure that you are picking one that is compatible with your engine. Don’t fill your preference list with distributors that are not made for your 350 Chevy. This’ll waste your valuable time when you’ll go for further research and inspection. The products above are compatible with 350 Chevy. So you can put these in your list.

  • Construction Quality

Picking one with good construction quality helps you to make it work for a long time. Thus, you can save your time and money both. Investing on a durable one might be a bit expensive, but it saves you from changing again and again.

CNC machined, quality aluminum housing, top-grade steel build, rust resistance etc. ensures quality. So, before choosing the final one, check these things too.

  • Performance Improve

You are replacing OE distributor or adding one to enhance the performance of your throttle and ignition. So, don’t forget to buy one that ensures improvement. Besides of company claim, you should keep your eyes on customer reviews to be sure about this. Don’t just go for one that doesn’t offer any improvement.

  • Less Friction

Friction ruins the unit. Distributors with high friction are prone to rust. Rust is not a good thing at all. So, before choosing one, make sure that the manufacturer ensures that it comes with less friction. There are many of HEI distributors in the market. So, you won’t have to struggle with finding one with less friction. This is why, I think investing time on picking one with less friction is always better than changing after a few days.

  • Safety Cap

There are some HEI distributors that come with safety caps. The caps are seemed to be useless but those are not. To keep your distributor as well as wires safe, the cap works great. I suggest not overlooking this feature.

  • Price

Keeping your eyes on price is important when you are buying a HEI distributor. There are many affordable options. So, don’t invest on something that comes with poor quality to save some buck. Also, don’t invest a huge amount of money if you get the same specs and quality at an affordable price. This is a tough decision to make. But I suggest taking time, analysing the options and buying one that ensures value for your money.

  • Ease of Installation

You should go for the distributors that ensure easy installation. This will help you to save your time and minimize the risk factors of installing a HEI distributor. Buying a distributor that is made to fit to the OE features will be good in this case. Also, make sure that the one you’re buying comes with an installation guide for your ease.

Warranty is another thing you can focus on while buying a HEI distributor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About HEI Distributor

Are HEI distributors perform better than points?

Yes. HEI distributors are better than points in many ways. HEI distributors offer quick and better ignition than points. These perform constantly for a long time, while points lose performance over time. HEI distributors don’t need huge maintenance, but points need that. Also, HEI distributors offer better dependability comparing to points.

So, in my opinion, choosing an HEI distributor over point is a good decision to make.

How would I know that I need to replace my HEI distributor?

There are a few indications that say you need to replace your HEI distributor. Those are-

  • Engine is continuously failing to start. This says that your HEI distributor is not working.
  • It takes long ignition to start the engine. This says that the HEI distributor is somehow facing any problem and will stop working within a few days.
  • Dramatic change in fuel efficiency. When fuel efficiency drops at a huge amount, you need to check the HEI distributor if it is okay or not.
  • Failure in smog check.

Are internal coil design HEI distributors prone to heat?

No, this is a total myth. HEI distributors run in low amperage that doesn’t increase the heat that much. Also, these come with thermal epoxy that dissipates heat efficiently to help it run cooler. So, comparing to oil-filled coil, these ensure cooler operation and are not prone to heat. The solid epoxy is also leak-proof. So, you can expect much better result from these.

How to Install HEI Distributor for 350 Chevy

Final Verdict

After going through the article, I guess now you know better about HEI distributors. Also, as you’ve gone through the reviews, maybe you’ve already made a shortlist. If you haven’t, make one. The HEI distributors here are my personal favourites. So, if you want me to suggest the best HEI distributor for 350 Chevy, I’ll always recommend these until I test anything better.

Now it is your time to pick one. If you are sure to improve your ignition performance by installing a HEI distributor, go for it. If you pick the right one, you’ll never be disappointed.