How to Install Running Boards on Chevy Silverado

When you have a Chevy Silverado in your garage, and you use it regularly, you’ll feel the need for running boards, I’m sure. These are important if you want to get in or get out of the vehicle comfortably. Besides providing comfort, running boards also enhance the look of the car.

Installing these boards in your Chevy Silverado is not a tough task. You can do it alone if you have some basic technical skills. Here in this article, I’ve discussed how to install running boards on your Chevy Silverado.

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Process of Installing Running Boards on Chevy Silverado

To install running boards on your Chevy Silverado, you’ll have to follow a few steps. The task is very easy. All you need to do is perform the steps one by one as given in the instructions. Normally, the instruction of installing the boards comes with the package.

But some packages don’t come with the instruction. In case your running board package doesn’t include the instruction written piece of paper, you can follow my step by step process of installing the running board on your Chevy Silverado.

The process of installing running boards varies a bit depending on the model of the car and brand of the board. Here I’ve tried to show a common procedure. I hope you can manage if there are slight changes in your model.

Let’s start!

  • Collect all the Tools, Hardware, and Components

The first step of installing running boards is having all the hardware and components in hand. In most of the cases, the bolts and other things come with the running boards. Only in a few cases, you’ll have to buy those from somewhere else. If so, get the necessary elements first.

If you are a regular DIY’er, you should have the tools in your garage already.

  • Find the Holes

When you have all the necessary hardware and components in your hand, you can start approaching your car.  

At first, search for the pre-drilled holes underneath the vehicle. Start from the driver’s side first. You’ll see some holes there which are kept there so that you can install the running board if you feel the necessity.

In case of no pre-drilled holes, you’ll have to drill holes. In that case, read the terms and conditions of the vehicle. In most cases, drilling will cause you to void the warranty. But, in most Silverado, you’ll see pre-drilled holes. So, don’t worry about it.

  • Mount the Brackets

The larger hole may have a rubber plug inside it. Remove the plug. Now it is time to post the brackets.

Mount a bracket with nuts and bolts. The larger hole is for clip nut, and others are for threaded nut. If you don’t face any problem at the time of mounting, mount the remaining 2 brackets of this side. Tighten the nuts properly so that the brackets remain strong at their positions.

  • Place the Running Board

Now, it is time to place the running board. Place a board on the brackets and confirm the position. Make sure that the board is not a barrier to something. Also, make sure that the board is in such a position that you’ll get maximum comfort while coming out or getting in the vehicle.

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  • Bolt the Board

When you’ve confirmed the position of the board, it is time to mount the board with the brackets. Use bolts to do it. At first, don’t tighten the bolts. Keep those loose and place the board properly. Then, tighten all the bolts there.

  • Install the Board on Passenger Side

Now move to the passenger’s side. Repeat step 2 to 5. However, make sure that the boards and other elements don’t interfere with the fuel tank or the lower tank. If you see something like this, you may have to drop the tank or trey a little bit.

  • Check Everything

After installing, check the bolts and hardware. Make sure that nothing is loose. Get in the car and come outside for a few times to make sure that the installation is perfectly done.

Watch this Practical Video for Details:

Benefits of Installing Running Boards

Benefits of Installing Running Boards

  • A Step-up for the Passengers, Especially Shorter Passengers

In taller SUVs and lifted trucks, running boards provide a lift-up to the shorter passengers. Normally getting inside the tall vehicles is a bit tough for short people. The same happens in case of getting down. The boards help them to have a step before getting in or coming out.

  • Protection from Rock Chips and Debris

When the vehicle moves, especially in rocky areas, the wheels kick up rocks and other debris. That debris hit the door and body of the vehicle and create damage. If you have running boards installed in your vehicle, it will protect the door and body from those kicked up rock chips and debris.

However, you can say that adding mud flaps to the truck also keeps the car body safe, but running boards give this as an added benefit.

  • Ensures Cleanliness inside the Vehicle

Running boards can be used as a doormat. At the time of entering the vehicle, people can wipe the shoes here and leave most of the dirt outside. But if you want to get this advantage, you’ll have to select a running board that is made of durable material.

  • Enhances the Look

Running boards enhance the muscled look of the vehicle. To enhance the look, you’ll have to select a running board that looks strong and sturdy. So, if you want this added benefit, choose the board wisely.

Running Boards Buying Guide (Video Review)

Final Verdict

Running boards are something that helps you a lot. It doesn’t cost much compared to the advantages these provide. However, if you are comfortable with the way you have to enter or exit from your vehicle, I won’t suggest adding a running board. But if you are not easy with it, I’ll suggest installing running boards to your Chevy Silverado and you’ll see the result after doing it.