Top 5 Mevotech Control Arm Reviews 2022 [New Update] – Expert Buying Guide & FAQ

Mevotech Control Arm Reviews

Most if not all cars have two control arms on the front suspension. In most cases, these components are referred to as the lower control arm. In some car brands, you might come across as many as four control arms.

Otherwise referred to as “A-arms”, these are specific mechanical components that make up the core physical structure of your car. Simply put, they are components that connect the front wheels to the suspension of the vehicle.

The control arms are integrated into the structure of the car by threaded rubber bushings. The bushes allow the control arm to achieve flexible movement either up or down, as the vehicle moves around corners or bumps. More so, the outer section of a control arm features a component referred to as the ball joint. Some car brands feature bolted ball joints that are also crucial in the performance of the control arm. Thus, replacement control arms play an essential role in the performance of a car. If such components become damaged or worn out, then it’s time to perform a replacement.

However, for most car owners, this component usually seems like a complicated component. With sufficient information or insight, you can easily learn about this component. It makes up an essential aspect of the performance of your car. More so, as a savvy car owner, it is your role to learn about some basics that relate to the mechanics of your vehicle. Such useful information can save lots of money when it comes to buying replacement parts of going for repair services. For this reason, we have developed this comprehensive Mevotech control arm reviews and buying guide to help you make the right decisions in your next repair process.

Top 5 Mevotech Control Arm Reviews in 2021 [New Update]

1. Mevotech MS601044 X-Factor Control Arm and Ball Joint

Mevotech-MS601044-X-Factor-Control-Arm-and-Ball-JointHighlighted Features:

  • Adjustable control arm
  • Threaded ball joint stud type
  • Natural rubber bushing material
  • Bushings included

Discover the excellence of the Mevotech MS601044 X-factor control arm, that makes up for the perfect way to improve your car performance. Made using high-quality stainless-steel material and rubber, this best control arm will offer optimal longevity for your car.

Furthermore, the control arm also features a threaded control arm that makes it ideal for different types of vehicles. The unique ball joint assembly is also dynamic and can adjust in relation to the physical performance of your car. To make things batter, this ball joint is simple to install, and it will provide many years of reliable performance.

Most users on Amazon appreciate that this unit is both simple to install and durable. Furthermore, they also understand that it works well with various types of car brands.


  • The flexible arm control offers optimal user diversity
  • The natural rubber bushing material is durable
  • The bushings included providing enhanced user performance
  • It is also easy to install


  • Installation requires more than just a wrench
  • The control arm is not ideal for some small cars

2. Mevotech MS601043 X-Factor Control Arm and Ball Joint

Highlighted Features:

  • Threaded ball joint study type
  • Natural rubber bushing material
  • Stainless steel and aluminium alloy material
  • Ball joint bushings

Take the performance of your vehicle to the next level with the Mevotech MS601043 X-fact control arm. While this control arm is small in size, it is durable and suits various types of cars. Made using high-quality stainless steel and rubber material, this replacement control arm is the perfect addition to the structure of our car.

Besides that, it is also adjustable, and you can customize it to suit the performance demands of the specific car model that you have. Most car owners on amazon also appreciate the unique ball joint assembly, that makes it easy to cut corners and improve car performance.

The Mevotech control arm is also simple to install, and you can use it well with different types of car brands. The smooth ball joints also provide ease of movement, and will easily enhance the ability of the car to cut corners. You can also find the set available in pairs, and threaded ball stud type offers reliable car performance for your needs.

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  • The arm control is simple to adjust which makes it convenient
  • The threaded stud-type is durable and powerful
  • It also has bushings included which are convenient


  • Some users do not prefer the threaded stud-type

Mevotech Control Arm Review (Video)

3. Auto Extra-Mevotech MS80102 Control Arm


Highlighted Features:

  • Ball joint included
  • Adjustable arm control
  • Black E-coat on arm control

Take the performance of your car to the next level with the Mevotech MS80102 Control Arm. The reliable and robust control arm is an excellent replacement for the control arm that is available in your car. It is simple to install, and the durable material makes it suitable for small to big cars.

To top it all off, the long-lasting control arm can also work around various corners and can support the high demands of the racing sport as well. Thus, this control arm is not only durable but reliable when you need high-quality performance as well.

Even more, the control arm is simple to install, and most users like the fact that it is incredibly durable. You can use it to improve the performance of your car, and the durable and coated stainless steel material is durable against various types of elements.


  • The black E-coat offers optimal durability
  • It is also simple to install in your car
  • The control arm is flexible and powerful


  • N/A

4. Mevotech MS40151 Control Arm Ball Joint Assembly


Highlighted Features:

  • Made using durable stainless steel and aluminum alloy
  • Dynamic rubber bushings included
  • Adjustable control arm

With the Mevotech MS40151 Control Arm Ball Joint Assembly, you can be sure of a reliable addition to the overall performance of your car. Made using durable and coated stainless steel material, this best Mevotech Control arm is a reliable solution for your modern vehicle.

Designed to be both simple to install and durable, the control offers the flexibility required to take car performance to the next level. Also, the control arm also features threaded bushings, which you can customize to suit the terrain or nature of your car.

Even more, most users on Amazon appreciate the immense flexibility offered by the unique design of the control arm. Within a few minutes of installation, you should have the component ready to go, and it works well with different types of car brands. The unique coating on the control arm also does well to provide immense durability against various kinds of elements. This includes factors such as exposure to dust and water, which might compromise the physical performance of the control arm.

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  • This control arm is simple to install
  • It is also suitable for different types of car brands
  • The control arm is durable and resistant to exposure to elements


  • Adjusting the control arm requires lots of experience

5. Mevotech MS25156 Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly


Highlighted Features:

  • Press in ball joint mounting type
  • Black E-Coat control arm color
  • Durable rubber bushings and spindle socket

Car repair has never been this easy. The Mevotech MS25156 Control Arm is an excellent way to improve the steering ability of your brand. Similar to the various other types of Mevotech controls arm, this unit offers a dynamic, flexible and reliable addition to the physical structure of the car. Made using high-quality stainless steel and aluminum material, the control arm makes quick work of any turns and most speed bumps on the road.

Installation of this Mevotech control arm is also easy, and it is dynamic enough to suit different types of car brands. Novice users with experience in car repair can easily have this unit installed with a few minutes. Even more, the control arm has a specially threaded rubber bushing, that is both durable and reliable for many years to come.

With this unique replacement control arm, you can also be sure of a steady arm control that you can use on different types of car brands. The Mevotech brand has also done well to ensure that the control arm is durable against the typical elements such as dirt or dust.

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  • The control arm has a durable design
  • It also has a unique spindle socket to provide optimal motion
  • Installation is also easy thanks to the well-labelled components


  • The control arm is not adjustable

What is the Mevotech Control Arm? (Practical Video)

Buying Mevotech Control Arm

Control Arm Buying guide

Once you determine the fact that you need to replace the control in your vehicle, don’t just accept the quote for the repair process by a mechanic. Probe them, and ask specific questions about the mechanical and car repair process. Furthermore, evaluate other components such as the make, model, and year of the vehicle.

How to Buy Best Control Arms?

Before you can buy the best control arms for your vehicle, there are some few factors to consider that will provide the ideal value for your money. For instance, consider the following factors

  • Importance of Buying Control Arms in Pairs or As a Full Set

The main element to consider when replacing control arms is that they occur due to wear and tear issues. However, if you want to return one control arm, then it might also be convenient for you to replace other components as well. Thus, if one only one control arm produces clunking or popping sounds, then you will have to replace the entire set. Being able to replace the whole set will improve the performance of your car and reduce maintenance costs. A reasonable consideration would be to seek advice from a car repair professional.

  • The Cost of Labor and Parts

Similar to the various types of car components, the replacement cost of the control arm depends on multiple factors. These include factors such as the brand of the car, the type of control arm, the terrain you will use the vehicle in, and more. Typically, a comprehensive control arm maintenance and repair service should average between $70 to $250. Bigger cars that usually have larger control arms are more likely to demand higher charges for repair services.

That said, any DIY enthusiast should take caution when replacing the control arm. Ensure that you are well equipped with the appropriate components such as the rear jacks and ramps. These are equipment that will help you to raise a heavy car while maintaining optimal safety results safely. The average duration for a control arm replacement process averages at 6 hours. This might seem like a long time-span, but a proper repair process takes time to ensure that each of the arms are maintained.

Key Features of Mevotech Control Arm

Key Features of a Control Arm

There are some key features to take into consideration when it comes to purchasing the best control arm. Among some of these key factors include:

  • The material construction – an excellent component for your car should be durable enough to withstand changes in different terrains. Thus, a good control arm is made using materials such as stainless steel or aluminum alloy
  • Brand manufacturer – like purchasing various other car components, a good brand will provide the best value for your money. Aside from Mevotech Control Arm Brand, you can also consider multiple other reliable control arm brand such as
  • Performance – you should also evaluate the performance for the arm control on your vehicle. As a driver, this is simple because you have to be aware of the performance of the replacement part in your car.
  • Ease of installation – the ideal arm control is simple to install, even for the average DIY enthusiast. That said, always remember to apply optimal caution to ensure the best results.
  • Bushing quality – the quality of the bushing is also crucial because it’s the component that connects the arm to the car. The ideal bush should be durable and made of rubber to withstand the challenges of demanding terrains.
  • Customer reviews and ratings – remember to evaluate the reviews and ratings if you still have doubts. Usually, customers will provide useful information such as the products we have recommended above.

Check this video for more about Control Arm:

What are the common types of Arm Suspension?

The common types of control arm suspension that you might come across include:

  • Control arm type
  • Strut type

NB: The strut-type arm controls only feature a lower control arm, with no upper control. More so, in Strut Designs, the strut becomes an upper control arm and is sometimes connected to the spindle in the lower suspension.

How Do Control Arms Work?

Each aspect of the control arm is integrated into the frame of your car.

Each control arm is connected to the suspension of the car via components that are referred to as bushings. These are components that make it easy for the control arm to move in different directions.

One section of a control arm is often connected to what is referred to as the spindle. The spindle is the component which you connect to the front wheel. Some non-strut vehicle comprises of a spindle which you connect to a control arm. The element the completes this connection is the ball joint. It is a specially made ball-like structure that allows the spindle and the front wheel to move inflexible motion. This way, the drive maintains optimal mobility of the car as they drive through different terrains.

Located between the vehicle frame and the control is a component referred to as a steel coil spring. The role of this component is to accommodate the weight of the car and to sustain any bumps as you move through different terrains.

The arms are connected to the suspension to act as a prop for the bushings and to integrate the opposite motions on either side of the control arm. On the other end, the control arm is connected to a spindle. A component referred to as a coil spring has the role of sustaining the weight of the car as you move through bumpy surfaces. For optimal alignment of the control arms, components such as the ball joints and bushings also require specific alignment. If possible, consult with a mechanic to help maintain the performance of the car.

Frequently Ask Question about Mevotech Control Arm

control arm FAQ

What is Replacement Cost?

The cost of replacing a control arm varies based on different factors. For instance, the car brand, the terrain, your specific car performance demands and more, are all key factors. Thus, you can expect the average price of an arm control to range between $160 to $400. In some cases, it’s not necessary to replace both control arms if either one is damaged.

However, it is good practice to get both components replaced to avoid any future replacement parts inconveniences. Furthermore, this is a delicate process that is best left for professionals who are competent with the task. Other secondary procedures, such as wheel alignment might also be recommended.

Will I need to replace the stabilizer links when I also replace the control arms?

The stabilizer is a component in the suspension that is connected to the arms through special bar links. In some cases, a nut that holds the stabilizer in position is not easy to remove without compromising the link. Thus, your mechanic might recommend replacing the stabilizer component as well. Most car brands have links which are relatively cheap and straightforward to install.

Can I replace only one control arm bushing?

In some instances, you can replace the compromised bushings individually. That said, the installation process is delicate and might require the services of a competent mechanical professional.

Can I replace a control arm DIY?

If you are relatively new to car repair, getting a control arm replacement is a rather delicate process. Furthermore, getting under the structure of your car is not easy.

How do I inspect the control arm?

Similar to various other components in the suspension of your car, the entire vehicle must be lifted on a hoist. This way, it becomes easy to evaluate the movement of the control arm in relation to the independent movement of the wheel. Remember that a fast lube shop won’t necessarily provide adequate information required to get the wheel replaced.

Are there any signs of a damaged control ball joint or bushing?

You come across some clunking or popping noise as you move through different terrains. More so, you might also come across the sounds as you increase or decrease the speed of your car. In some instances, the vehicle might even feel unstable and meander as you brake or move through rough terrains.

In some cases, the signs of a damaged control might not be easy to notice. Therefore, you need to ensure that you lift your car with a hoist, to provide optimal access to the suspension. Driving around with a damaged control arm can easily lead to car accidents.

What are the common issues associated with control arms?

There are a few factors that incline you to replace the control arm in your vehicle. For instance, a damaged ball joint that you can’t replace separately is a common factor to consider. Furthermore, a ball joint is a critical component in your car. If it gets damaged, then your car becomes unsafe to drive. In fact, the front wheel can easily detach from the suspension, thereby having adverse side effects on the performance of the vehicle.

Damaged or worn-out control arm bushings are the main factors to consider when replacing the control arm in your car. In some car brands, the bushings are available as separate components. Therefore, you might have to consider replacing the entire arm to avoid any secondary damage to the physical structure of the car.

Final Verdict

A car is a multi-faceted mechanical component. As a savvy driver, you must ensure your vehicle is well maintained. Reason? Well, a well-maintained car not only performs well but is also extremely safe. Therefore, we recommend that you consider this list of Top 5 Mevotech control arm reviews as an excellent place to start.

Remember that getting the control arm replaced is a delicate process, and you need to proceed with caution. In some cases, it is best if you get both arms replaced to avoid any future inconveniences. More so, its also crucial that you consider the control arm buyers guide above, to help you make informed decisions.