Top 5 Best Duramax Fuel Filter Review 2022 [New Update] – Buying Guide & FAQ


When it comes to vehicle maintenance, an inspection of all engine, cooling, suspension, and brake components is a must. One crucial piece of equipment that will ensure trouble-free performance for your vehicle is a fuel filter.

It helps to remove particulates such as rust, dirt, and microbial growth. Other models even remove water or both from your fuel system. Want to enjoy a smooth ride and save money too? We recommend that you buy the best Duramax fuel filter for your truck.

In this post, we review the top fuel filters and discuss things to consider as well as answer a few FAQs.

Recommended By Expert Mechanic

Top 5 Best Duramax Fuel Filter Reviews 2021 [New Update]

1. ACDelco TP3018 Professional Fuel Filter

ACDelco TP3018 Professional Fuel Filter

ACDelco is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to the best fuel filters for diesel engines. The reason why is because it has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing genuine and quality parts. So, if you drive a truck and need a fuel filter that guarantees you long life for your engine, then ACDelco TP3018 Professional Fuel Filter is for you.

This fuel filter protects your vehicle fuel system from rust, dirt, dust, and paint particles. It works by trapping contaminants before they enter your truck’s fuel delivery system. As such, you get to experience improved engine performance.

People who have previously bought this filter confirm it provides the performance every car owner wants. The reason for this is that the manufacturer engineered the part to meet expectations for form, function, and fit. This offers excellent value and quality service to the customer.

The dimensions of the fuel filter are 6.8 by 4.7 by 4.7 inches. It can fit easily in your GM truck, and once you add it in your vehicle, you will have fun driving it. This is because you will never face trouble when it comes to your vehicle’s fuel system.

It weighs 1 pound, and the exterior is highly polished for aesthetics and to protect the part from weather elements.



  • A bit expensive compared to other models

2. iFJF 12642623 Fuel Filter – Best Budget Fuel Filter

iFJF 12642623 Fuel Filter Head for Duramax

Next is the iFJF 12642623 Fuel Filter, a truly fantastic product. It’s a combination of a fuel filter, a fuel filter head, and a fuel indicator sensor. Basically, this product protects your engine while improving its performance.

Not only that. Thanks to the multi-layer filter media, it can filter rust, dust, and dirt before they damage your vehicle’s fuel delivery system. Also, it provides a water separation efficiency of 98%.

This is good news. As you already know, the stock filter head in your GM Duramax can leak over time. It can also become damaged as a result of hard starting and poor running conditions. By replacing your stock filter with this fuel filter, it will restore proper operation to your fuel system.

This premium fuel filter has a black electrophoresis process. Although it’s made of billet aluminum, the electrophoresis process protects it from corrosion and oxidation. It also helps to prevent dust and surface rust from finding its way into your engine. As such, your truck’s interior will look good all the time.

Apart from the black electrophoresis process, this fuel filter undergoes a second process – CNC. This process helps in preventing the black gel from falling into the filter. This may happen when fixing the black screw onto the filter. What you need to know is that the bleed screw is aluminum and not plastic.

Aluminum screws last longer than plastic screws. They are easy to remove and install. Plastic screws wear out and soften over time. As such, they are challenging to clean and screw down.

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  • Best for 2004 – 2013 Duramax 6.6L Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra
  • Made of aluminum
  • Easy to clean
  • Corrosion and rust-free


  • Careful inspection required before installation. This is because a few customers complained of leftover aluminum flakes from the machining process

3. WIX Filters – Best Fuel Filter

WIX Filters - 33960 Heavy Duty Spin On Fuel Water Separato

Regular drivers take good care of their cars. In fact, they go to the extreme length of monitoring tire pressure, oil, fuel gauge, and others. Such drivers enjoy rewards such as improved engine performance and fewer breakdowns.

Some drivers are slightly extreme. They don’t take a few minutes to monitor and offer proper care to their vehicles. Such drivers do not change the engine oil as advised by the manufacturer. As such, the car keeps having problems which increase the repair costs.

For such drivers, WIX Filters are ideal for them. First off, a high-quality Wix fuel filter is vital to protect your vehicle’s fuel injection system from contaminants. Such contaminants include rust, dirt, and others.

The contaminants can plug your carburetors and injectors, leading to engine deterioration. Since Wix fuel filters are high quality and built for long life, they help to protect your fuel system.

By protecting your fuel system, this filter ensures your engine runs trouble-free. Also, it improves your vehicle’s mile per gallon performance. Installing this aftermarket fuel filter needs no expertise. It’s easy and straightforward.


  • Excellent filtration capability
  • Ideal for 2001 – 2016 6.6 L Duramax Diesel engine found in GM HD 2500/3500 pickup truck
  • Best for harsh conditions’
  • Excellent build quality


  • The filter has a rating of 7 microns compared to other models with a rating of 5 microns

4. XDP Duramax CAT Adapter

XDP Duramax CAT Adapter

If you are looking for an easy upgrade for your stock fuel filter on your 2001 – 2016 GM 6.6L Duramax, then the XDP Duramax CAT Adapter is ideal for you. This durable anodized filter is not only built to last. But it’s easy to install.

All you need to do is disconnect the fuel filter heater wire, water in filter sensor, drain and remove your stock fuel filter. To do so, remove the bolts securing the filter head. Lubricate the O rings and thread on the XDP Duramax CAT Adapter and get to experience efficient and high-performance driving.

Now you no longer have to worry about engine troubles even when driving in harsh conditions. This is because the XDP Duramax CAT Adapter will prevent contaminants from falling into your fuel system. Also, it lowers the cost of filter replacements.

Remember to tighten the air bleeder screw and check for leaks. If you have any trouble such as leaks, remove the filter and re-lube the O-rings. This should solve the problem.

What I also liked about this fuel filter is the filter headspace. The filter headspace provides more clearance during filter changes and also makes it easy for you to replace it.

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  • Improves fuel filtration
  • Durable and dependable
  • Perfect for 2001-2016 GM 6.6 L Duramax engines
  • Easy to install and replace
  • It’s one of the best upgrades for your stock fuel filter


  • A bit expensive compared to other models

5. ACDelco TP1015 Professional Fuel Filter – Best Aftermarket Fuel Filter

ACDelco TP1015 Professional Fuel Filter

This is yet another true GM original equipment from a trusted brand. As a premium aftermarket replacement, it offers the expected performance from ACDelco fuel filters.

What I like about the fuel filter is that it has a 98% filtration efficiency. This is pretty impressive compared to other models in the market. With such a high filtration efficiency, you don’t have to worry about contaminants finding their way into your fuel system. If they do, they will plug the injectors leading to engine troubles.

Another thing I like about this filter is the build quality. It comes with two O-rings, a small O-ring and a big one. These O-rings help to prevent leaks after installation. So, before installation, we recommend lubricating the O-rings well.

The fuel filter also comes with a 24-month unlimited mile limited warranty. This is a great deal as it helps to extend the life of the fuel filter while saving you money.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with two O-rings and seals
  • Durable and dependable
  • Improves your vehicle’s engine performance


  • Tightening it too much may damage the threads

Best Duramax Fuel Filter Buying Guide 2020 

Best fuel filter buying Guide

If you want to keep your truck running its best, finding the best fuel filter for Duramax is crucial. Fuel filters for diesel engines have complex structures. They are available in different types and designs.

While the make of your vehicle, year of manufacture and model can guide you in selecting a matching fuel filter. It’s not always enough. There are several factors to consider before buying a fuel filter.

Here are four.

  • Build Quality

When shopping for a fuel filter, you want to check for build quality. This is because you need a durable and dependable product if you want to experience improved engine performance. Today, manufacturers use quality materials such as aluminum to make fuel filters.

The reason why manufacturers chose aluminum as their preferred material is due to its corrosion-resistant properties. Aluminum naturally forms a protective thin oxide layer keeping the metal from contact with the elements. This is particularly useful for fuel filters because of exposure to corroding agents.

Manufacturers may use other processes to protect the fuel filter from corrosion. One of those processes is the black electrophoresis process or anodizing. This process involves the increase of the thickness of the natural oxide layer on metal surfaces. Another method is lacquering or painting.

By creating a high-quality finish, the manufacturer strengthens the fuel filter against rust. Aluminum properties that make it an ideal material include lightweight, ductility, and impermeable. Other properties are non-magnetic, non-sparking, recyclable, and an excellent sound absorber.

It’s also essential to ensure that the internal parts are well assembled, made of high-quality materials, and well glued.

  • Fuel Filter Media

Are you worried about water contamination? Some filters help to filter both contaminants and water contamination. When the fuel has excess water, the fuel filter media restricts the flow by increasing differential pressure. This is after notifying the operator.

To ensure your vehicle improves performance-wise, select the right fuel filter media. There are several types of fuel filter media. Each media type serves a specific purpose. So, it’s essential to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the recommended fuel filter media.

The following are the common choices:

  1. Microglass has synthetic fibers uniform in diameter and small in size compared to the natural fibers of a cellulose filter. Recommended for use with ultra-low sulfur diesel, biofuels, and ethanol-blended gasoline
  2. Cellulose – made with a plant-based fiber material bound by resin, it helps in the removal of particulate only. They are not suitable for fine filtration. Best for use with diesel, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and gasoline fuel.
  3. Monitor filters – helps in the detection of phase separation especially in water and ethanol blends in gasoline
  4. Hydrosorb best for water detection and particulate removal in fuel. It also helps with absorption. This type of filter media is best for diesel, ultra-low Sulphur diesel, gasoline, and biodiesel.
  • Filter Size

If you decide to replace your vehicle’s stock filter, one thing you will realize is that not every fuel filter is suitable for your vehicle. Since they are not designed for universal use, each fuel filter has different dimensions.

They also come in different shapes. Choosing the best Duramax fuel filter that will match with your vehicle is essential. Otherwise, you will experience compatibility issues when the fuel filter does not fit in the mounting place.

To know the recommended filter size for your vehicle, check the owner’s manual or system manual for the fuel filter. Fuel filter manufacturers always make a list of vehicles that include trucks, sedans, pickups, and others. This list helps customers to know which fuel filter will fit in their vehicles.

If shopping for spin-on filters, make sure the threads match. If not sure about the thread size, cross-reference with the stock fuel filter. Also, ensure the inlet and outlet diameters of the filters (inline filters) match your vehicle’s fuel line.

  • Micron Level

What size of particulates would you want to catch? To get a general idea of particulates size, a grain of salt is 60 microns. Dust mite waste is 20 microns; pollen grain is 15 microns, fine sand is 250 microns while silt is 44 microns.

When shopping for fuel filters, we recommend 5 microns or less. This is because the lower the micron rating on a filter, the better it will be at filtering out particulate from your fuel system. This ensures protection for your engine.

There is an issue with choosing a filter with 5 microns and below. While it will filter out even the smallest particulate, the more particulate it catches. This gradually slows down your flow rate. It also shortens the lifespan of your filter.

To know if you have dirt and other particulates in your fuel, get a sample through the pump and inspect it. Have you seen any suspended particles? If yes, it’s contaminated. Water contamination may occur too.

This may disrupt your flow rate and may require you to replace your filter frequently. So, if you are replacing your fuel filter frequently, have a professional test your fuel for water contamination.

What you need to know is that every filter has a particular date limitation. Check the date limitation on the product before buying.

FAQs About Best Fuel Filter

What are the symptoms of a dirty fuel filter?

Signs of a dirty fuel filter are loss of engine power, random engine misfire and engine stalling under strain. If your engine is losing power when going up a hill or during hard acceleration, the reason is a dirty fuel filter.

How often should I change the fuel filter in a diesel truck?

If you are driving a diesel truck, experts recommend that you replace the fuel filter after every 10,000 to 25,000 miles. Other factors that determine the replacement time of your fuel filter include driving conditions and the type of vehicle.

Why should I change a fuel filter?

Changing your fuel filter helps to ensure your vehicle is trouble-free. It also helps to maximize the life of your vehicle’s engine. If you notice a decrease in flow rate, buy a new fuel filter.

Which pore size is best for my vehicle?

Experts recommend a rating of 5 to 10 micron. This has the capability of filtering particulates such as dirt, rust, and water. If you choose a smaller pore size, you will introduce unnecessary restriction to the fuel delivery system.

Final Thoughts

If you want your vehicle to have trouble-free performance, you should always replace the stock fuel filter with the best Duramax fuel filter. Monitor the quality of fuel and refuel at reliable gas stations. This helps to ensure that the fuel going into your vehicle is free of particulate or impurities.

By following this simple maintenance routine, you will save money and time.