Top 5 Brembo Brake Pads Reviews 2022 [New Update]- Installation Guide and FAQ

Brembo Brake Pads Review

When we think about riding comfort, intentionally or unintentionally we skip braking comfort most of the time. But it is very important to experience a comfortable braking both as a driver and a passenger. Also, having a proper braking system is important for safety.

Brake pad is an important part of the braking system. As it decays day by day because of braking, you need to change the brake pads of your vehicle after running a certain distance with it. Otherwise, accidents are must.

You must be in similar situation and looking for a quality braking pad kit to replace your old pads. In that case, I’ll suggest you buying Brembo brake pads. For regular vehicles or racing cars, Brembo offers great aftermarket brake pads that come with quality to ensure satisfaction.

Here in this Brembo brake pads review article, I’m going to talk about a few brake pads from them and explain why I’ve suggested those. It seems like you are interested to know. If so, please stay with me. But before going to explaining the brake pads, let’s know a bit about the organization, Brembo.

About Brembo

In the world of disc brake technology, BremboSpA is a world leader and recognized innovator. This organization started its journey as a small mechanical workshop in 1961. It started production of brake discs in 1964. Soon it started producing other parts of the braking system too.

Because of the quality it ensures, Brembo became a known face in the braking industry. Within the middle of 1970s, Brembo became the leader in the motorcycle braking system. Brembo started innovating products and processes from the beginning of 1980s.

The journey from a small mechanical workshop to the leader of disc brake technology has become possible within a small time span because of the innovation it does and quality it provides. Now, Brembo offers brake components for almost all types of bikes and cars. Also, it supplies OE brake system to many large vehicle manufacturers in the world. Check and you might find your OE brakes actually come from Brembo.

To replace your brake pads, going for a Brembo is a good choice. If you want to feel a quality braking experience, get yourself a set of Brembo brake pads. Which one to buy? Stick to the article because I’m going to talk about the best brake pads from Brembo.

Top Rated Brembo Brake Pads Review 2021 [New Update]

1. Brembo P56048N Rear Disc Brake Pad

Brembo P56048N Rear Disc Brake Pad

Looking for an affordable brake pad set for your rear wheels from Brembo will bring you to this package, P56048. This brake pad is made to fit different models of Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan and Toyota. It comes within a reasonable price range to surprise you with high quality within a budget. Ups! I’ve leaked the surprise.

This one from Brembo is made to ensure minimum braking distance in different braking situations. Besides, driving comfort is something that Brembo has ensured too. OE quality materials and manufacturing process has made durable and strong enough to handle pressure. If you are expecting OE experience, you won’t be disappointed.

Noise reduction is something that can be called as the best feature of this brake pad. To cancel the brake noise, Brembo has used a few effective technologies including multiple rubber layers, heat insulating etc. As a result, this has turned out as a super-quiet brake pad that actually ensures maximum noise reduction. It comes with acoustic wear indicator that’ll let you know when it is time to change the pads.

Using this pad with Brembo rotor is recommended if you want to get the best performance from it. Installing it is very easy. Being compatible with a wide range of installing kits, it offers you as easy installation process.


  • Made to ensure minimum braking distance
  • Offers perfect OE experience
  • Super-quiet braking saves your ears
  • Compatible with many installation kits


  • Doesn’t works its best with non-Japanese vehicles

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2. Brembo P83066N Front Disc Brake Pad

Brembo P83066N Front Disc Brake Pad

Getting this brake pad for the front discs of your Toyota or Mitsubishi will surely give you a safe and strong braking when needed. This semi-metallic brake pad comes with a great stopping power that can’t be ensured by most of the brake pads out there. Interested in it? Let’s dive deeper to know more about it.

I’ve loved the slot at the middle of it because it serves a lot. It ensures a better friction that adds performances to sudden stops. Also, it makes sure that the brake dusts go out easily and quickly. Thus the rotor and pad remains clean for another good performance when you press the brake pedal again.

The noise in this pad is incredibly low, especially when you use it with Brembo brake rotors. Rubber including multi-layered anti-noise shim ensures this calmness for you. This is something that most drivers want- a calm stopping. There is an acoustic wear indicator. So, you’ll know when a change is needed.

With its smooth braking performance, it ensures a quality riding experience. It is made for the OE replacement. But it works far better than OE brake pads. The price may seem a bit higher but it is worthy of the price. To get the best out of it, consider replacing the brake rotors with Brembo rotors.


  • Middle slot for better performance
  • Durable and strong
  • Easy to install
  • Braking is extremely quiet


  • Produces a lot brake dust, especially when it is not used with Brembo rotors

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3. Brembo P28022N Rear Disc Brake Pad

Brembo P28022N Rear Disc Brake Pad

If you are looking for an affordable rear disc brake pad kit for your Honda, MG or Suzuki, you should get this one from Brembo. It comes with everything that you want from a quality brake pad. Just like the first one, you’ll get a high-quality brake pad set within a budget if you buy it.

Quality and performance is all Brembo wants to ensure. So, the pad is made to perform to satisfy your need by ensuring comfortable braking experience. Being made under thoroughly researched and maintained production process, it ensures phenomenal stopping power.

The anti-noise shim includes rubber pads in it that absorb the vibration as much as possible to keep the noise low. As a result, maybe it is a sudden stop, but you’ll feel the difference with your OE brake pads. This OE replacement brake pad is better than what you’ve experienced before. Seems great, right?

There is an acoustic wear indicator with the pad. This informs you when you need to change.It comes with all the accessories that you need while installing it. The installation process might be a bit complex. But the guide that comes with it will help you to do this easily. This durable and strong brake pad will blow your mind, especially when you have Brembo brake rotors installed in your vehicle.


  • Comes within a cheap price range
  • Ensures phenomenal stopping power
  • Super low noise
  • Low brake dust


  • Sometimes it squeals a bit

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4. Brembo P85075 Front Brake Pad Set

Brembo P85075 Front Brake Pad Set

If you are looking for a superior stopping power for your racing or speed driving purpose, I suggest you to get this one from Brembo. This brake pad is compatible with different models from Skoda, Spyker, Seat, Volkswagen and Audi. If you own any of these, check fit and buy this awesome front brake pad.

This brake pad from Brembo is manufactured following a semi-metallic formula. Engineered friction materials are used to produce the pads so that it can ensure greater stopping power when needed, no matter how much the speed is. Also this ensures excellent bite on the rotor, even in cold weather. The low-met construction reduces the stopping distance to a very short length.

It comes with the electric wear indicator system that makes you alert when the pad is almost at the end of its life. To keep the braking experience great, it is made to be quiet in different braking situations. As a result, you won’t face any unwanted noise or squeaking while braking.

To feel the premium braking feeling in your premium vehicle, you should get this brake pad. When it is paired with rotors and calipers from Brembo, it ensures incredible stopping performance that you’ve always wanted to have. You won’t have to face a lot of trouble to install it. So, why are you being late?


  • Premium braking experience
  • Ensures superior stopping power
  • Very short braking distance
  • Electric wear indicator system


  • Produces huge brake dust

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Brembo After Market Brake Pads User Review

FAQs About Brembo Brake Pads

How long does Brembo pads last?

There is no definite answer to this. It depends on many things including your driving style, driving condition, overall braking situation, the brake rotor you use and so on. If you want a normal assumption, I’ll say that your Brembo brakes will easily last for around 40,000 miles. Yours may last less than this or more than this.

Brembo brake pads come with wear indicator. So, you’ll know when you have to change the pads.

Should I use Brembo brake pads only with Brembo rotors?

That is not a must. Brembo brake pads are usable with most other brake rotors out there too. And those work great. So, you won’t have to be worried about it.

But if you want to enjoy the maximum output that a Brembo brake pad can ensure, you have touse those with Brembo brake rotors and calipers. If you are upgrading your brake pads as you need sudden stops, I’ll suggest you to upgrade the full braking system if possible. This’ll surely allow you to have a superior braking experience.

Do Brembo brake pads come with the necessary hardware?

Not all brake pad set from Brembo come with necessary hardware. But, you’ll find hardware in most of those packages. So there is a huge chance that you won’t have to be worried about it.

However, Brembo tries to keep the pads compatible with most of the common installing hardware. So, even if your package doesn’t come with hardware, you’ll find the necessary hardware easily.

How to Install Brembo Brakes Pads (Video Review)

Final Verdict

So, this is all I wanted to say. In this Brembo brake pads review, I’ve broken down why I love those. Reaching at this point, I hope you’ve understood why you should choose brake pads from Brembo. I’m leaving the rest on you. I think you’ll also be able to make the right buying decision.

However, one last thing I want to say that these pads are invented and sent to the market after thorough research and development. So, depending on Brembo won’t be something that you’ll regret later. But to get the best output, make sure you buy the one that is compatible with your vehicle model.