Top 3 r1 Concepts Brakes Reviews 2022 [New Update] – In Depth Review & Buying Guide

r1 concepts brakes reviews

According to statistics, around 40,000 car accidents happen every year all over in the United States. The damages that happened by accidents are also huge. Among these forty thousand, a huge number of accidents happen because of not having a good braking system in the vehicle. So, having a good brake in the car is really important. It is more than just a part of the vehicle.

So, as you know the importance of having great performing brakes, it is time to find out one. How? Let me help you with that in this R1 Concepts brakes reviews.

Many organizations offer a few good brakes, but when it is about performing in an emergency braking situation, R1 Concepts brake rotor is a name that you can’t ignore.

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About R1 Concepts (Company Overview)

With the motto – ‘Stopping the World’, obviously, in a positive concept, R1 Concept started its journey. Their focus is to establish themselves as the ultimate source of OE replacement as well as aftermarket brake parts those perform better than OE brakes.

By ensuring the perfect match of quality and technology, they produce a huge number of brakes every year. In this process, the long experience of over ten years has helped them. Now, R1 Concepts has a huge collection of brakes of all the vehicle models after 1930. Those are ready-to-ship. All you have to do is choose yours, order one and wait for it to arrive.

R1 focuses on technology, development, quality, and precision. As a result, the brakes provided by them meet the demand of the present market. Besides, they have a great customer support system that holds your back. What’s more? The R1 Concepts Blog is there to help you in different aspects of brakes and braking systems.

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Top 3 R1 Concepts Brakes Reviews 2021 [Updated List]

Depending on the demand of the market, R1 Concept has introduced some great brakes and is working on more. Here I’m going to discuss a few brakes from them that I’ve used and found good. Don’t miss it.

1. R1 Concepts eLine Premier Series Brake Rotors

Complete Kit Black Drill Slot Brake Rotors KitFrom r1 concepts, one of the finest brake rotor series is the eLine Premier Series brake kit. The rotors of this series come are manufactured using the G3500 grey cast iron. As a result, these rotors of this series come with a balance of durability and performance.

The brakes of this premier series come in four different varieties- Blank, Cross-Drilled, Diamond Slotted and Drilled and Slotted.

The Blank one is the replacement rotor of the one that comes with your car. If you are looking for equal quality that you got in your car rotor, choose this one. The Cross drilled one comes with small and precisely drilled holes. The holes pass the air to reduce the braking temperature.

The Diamond slotted rotor makes way for the road and brake dust to go away from the rotor. Thus it helps the pads to press the rotors quickly so that it doesn’t slip. The Drilled and Slotted brake rotor ensures dust-free and low-temperature braking to ensure maximum braking performance.

Among these four types, you can choose one for you.

The series is called premier series because of the G3500 grey cast iron. Besides, it comes with a black electro-coating that keeps the rust away from the rotors. So, don’t worry about the risk of rust building on the rotors. The anti-rust coating is done all over the rotor. As a result, no rust will build up in any corner of it. The blank one doesn’t come with anti-rust coating though.

These brakes come with OE specifications. As a result, the vent count is similar to the OE rotors. So, it ensures optimum performance that you expect from your brakes. The double-disc grind production ensures a quiet braking performance that’ll blow your mind.

The brake rotors from the eLine premier series are précised performer, durable, strong and good looking behind the wheels. If you are searching for something like this, try these rotors.

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Technical Details: 

  • Item Weight: 51 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 13 inches
  • Exterior: Black Zinc Plated

Special Features:

  • The premium black coating ensures safety from rust and corrosion.
  • The G3500 grey cast iron ensures durability and strength.
  • OE specification rotors can easily be installed without any modification.

2. R1 Concepts eLine Series Silver

For 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler,Wrangler JK Front Rear Brake Rotors KitThis brake from eLine series comes at an affordable price yet ensures one of the best braking experiences among all the brake rotors available in the market even the best in our r1 concepts brake reviews list. So, if you are looking for some real performers but on a budget, try picking some from this series. With the help of state-of-art technology, R1 Concepts has brought performance within an almost tight budget.

To manufacture the brakes of this series, they have used fine grade G3000 Grey Iron. As a result, these rotors come with a good quality ensuring a perfect balance of strength, stability, and durability. These three traits allow these brakes to serve you for a long time.

Durability is also ensured by the zinc-coating all over the surface. It saves the rotor from rust and corrosion. As rust buildup is zero, the rotor remains strong for a long time and serves you with the best performance it can ensure.

The surface finish is double-disc grind which comes with some more brake rotors. This feature allows the brake rotors to hold the rotor firmly and stop it quickly. Besides, the double-disc grinding surface keeps the sound very low. Thus these rotors ensure a safe braking experience with a quick and quiet response.

This series also offers four types of brake rotors – Blank, Cross-Drilled, Diamond Slotted and Drilled and Slotted.

Blank is the similar performing replacement of your OE rotor that comes with your vehicle. On the other hand, the Cross drilled perform better as a replacement. The reason is – the drilled holes allow the rotor to lose temperature easily.

The Diamond slotted ones remove the dust quickly so that the pads can hold the rotors quickly and easily. The Drilled and Slotted are much better than the blank OE replacement because of both temperature and dust reduction ability.

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Technical Details: 

  • Item Weight: 73 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Exterior: Silver Zinc Plated

Special Features:

  • Manufactured from the finest grade G3000 Grey Iron.
  • Double disc grind finish ensures quiet and quick braking.
  • It comes in two different colors – silver and gold.

R1 Concepts Brakes Video Review (eLine Series Silver)

3. R1 Concepts Carbon GEOMET Series

Front R1 Carbon GEOMET Series Drill Slot Brake Rotors KitThis series is proof of the efficiency of the R&D section of R1 Concepts. Through research, they found out that GEOMAT coatings work much better than zinc coating when it comes about the brake. So they invented a new and better brake series with a few new specifications.

The main construction of these rotors is done using a high carbon alloy. As a result, it ensures the advantages of durability, strength, stability, and superior performance more than any other brake rotors. Besides, it also ensures noise reduction at a huge level. So, noise-free braking is guaranteed.

The special Geomet finish is another strong side of these brake rotors. It guarantees superior protection from rust and corrosion. With the protection, it also ensures reduced installing time.

For the improvement of braking performance, R1 Concepts has introduced a new technology called Split-Core Technology. It ensures the smooth and quick decrease of the braking heat. It also makes the rotor stronger than regular casting. Thus, the performance and durability become better.

I found these rotors to be fine-tuned to ensure exactly what you want from those. By producing the brake into tightest tolerances, R1 ensures that the contact between brake pads and brake rotor increases. As a result, the initial brake-in time reduces remarkably. Besides, the center split vanes of the rotors ensure optimum performance while braking.

Just like the eLine series, this series also offers brakes in four variations- Blank, Cross-Drilled, Diamond Slotted and Drilled and Slotted.

Among those, the Diamond Slotted rotors are perfect for almost all types of driving conditions including trucking, towing, off-road, etc. Others are good too but great for regular street performance. So, choose the perfect one for your driving condition.

Coming with a different technology in the braking industry, the Carbon GEOMET series of R1 Concept has blown the minds of many car enthusiasts. Go and choose one for your car depending on your driving condition. You won’t regret it, I promise.

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Technical Details:

  • Item Weight: 35 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 8 inches
  • Exterior: Genuine Geomet Coating

Special Features:

  1. The high carbon alloy construction ensures great build quality.
  2. Geomet coating offers maximum safety from rust.
  3. Fine-tuned rotors enhance the braking capacity and reduce the braking time.

r1 Concepts Brakes Review (Practical Video)

How to Choose the Right Brake Rotor Pattern

How to Choose the Right Brake Rotor Pattern

In the market, the brake rotors come with a different pattern on it. Some are totally blank, some come with drilled holes, some have slotted lines, and some come with both of these patterns. As a result, you may become confused. In the review parts, I’ve discussed those in short. But here I’m going to discuss detail about the patterns and when to choose.

  1. a) Blank Rotors: At first, let’s talk about the blank ones. The OE rotors that come with your car don’t have any pattern on those. The blank ones are the almost exact copy of those OE rotors. If you are happy with the performance of your OE rotors, you can buy the blank rotors as the exact replacement of those.
  2. b) Diamond Slotted: At the time of braking, the brake pad decays and creates brake dust. Besides, dust from roads and outside sometimes sits on the rotor. This accumulated dust doesn’t let the brake pads to press the rotors easily. The rotors slip away because of the accumulated dust on it.

The slotted lines in the rotor allow the dust to be wiped away easily from the rotor surface and ensure proper braking. Normally, heavy trucking, towing, etc. need a quick response from the brake. Off-road driving also needs quick braking ability. So, if you are into something like these, the slotted brakes are for you.

  1. c) Cross Drilled: The friction between the rotor and the brake pads create high temperature. This heat causes wear and tear in the rotor. As a result, the braking performance starts to fall, and you can’t use the rotor for a long time. The drilled holes in the rotor increase the airflow and ensure a quick reduction of heat from the rotors. Thus the risk of wear and tear decreases and you can use it for a long time. If you drive the vehicle regular on the streets, this one is for you.
  2. d) Drilled and Slotted: The rest one is the drilled and slotted rotor. It comes with both the features of quick cooling and reducing dust. So, this one is also for regular street performance. If can also be used for off-roading, but maybe it is not perfect for extreme off-roading.

I hope now you know about the brake rotor pattern. Now it’s your time to find out which one will be best for you.

How to Avoid Warped Rotors

How to Avoid Warped Rotors

At the time of braking, the friction causes a huge rise in the temperature of the rotors. This temperature may warp the rotor. It affects braking performance badly. To keep the rotor safe from bending, there are a few things that you can do.

  • Upgrading the rotor

Cross drilled rotors come with a lot of small drilled holes on the rotor surface. These holes are there to reduce the braking temperature as much as possible and keep the rotor cool. So, if you want to avoid wrapped rotors, upgrade it to ‘cross-drilled’ or ‘drilled and slotted’ rotors.

  • Properly tighten the lug nuts

If you don’t properly tighten the lug nuts, the rotor will sit unevenly and it will bend easily later. Use a torque wrench to tighten the nuts properly. You won’t have to jump on the wrench to ensure that it is properly tightened. Your body weight is enough. Besides, follow the criss-cross pattern while tightening the lug nuts. It will help the rotor to sit evenly.

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How to Install r1 Concepts Brake Kit (Video Review)

Final Verdict

As a quality brake manufacturer, R1 performs well. Besides, they have a strong R&D section. As a result, the brakes from them are quite a well performer in different driving situations. That’s why, I think, it is safe to depend on R1 Concepts.

In this R1 Concepts brakes reviews, I’ve tried to share my knowledge and experience with you. I hope that’ll help you to choose your next brake rotors.

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