Top 7 Max Advanced Brakes Reviews 2022 [New Update] – Buying Guide, Installation & FAQ

max advanced brakes review

The performance of brakes is maybe the most important thing if you own a car. It keeps you safe from accidents that might hurt you and others. If the brake is not in good condition, you’ll surely face problems at the time of driving. So, you have to keep your eyes on the brakes – maintain regularly and change when it is old.

Because of the question of safety of the driver, the car itself, and other people, braking technology has got a special focus and attention from the manufacturers. That’s why you’ll see a lot of different types of brakes in the market which is perfect for different types of driving situations.

When it is the question of safety, you shouldn’t depend on a random manufacturer. There are reputed manufacturers with an experience of ensuring the best brakes in the market. Among those, I found Max Advanced Brakes as a dependable manufacturer of brakes. In this Max Advanced Brakes review article, here I am going to talk about a few products from Max Brakes which satisfied me.

Why Choose Max Advanced Brakes?

Before the review section, let me tell you the reasons behind choosing Max Advanced Brakes. The first thing I like about Max Brake is the quality of their raw materials. They use high-quality materials to manufacture the products. As a result, you’ll always receive great performance from the brakes.

Max meets and follows a few quality standards in their manufacturing procedure. As a result, you can be sure about the build quality of the brake you get from Max.

Another thing I like about Max Brakes is fitting. If you can select the perfect one for your car, it’ll fit your car easily, just like original equipment from the company. Thus it ensures extreme braking performance and supreme driving experience.

Top 7 Max Advanced Brakes Reviews 2021 [New Update]

Max has offered a few different types of brakes with different features which are suitable for different driving conditions. Here I’m going to tell you about the top products from Max that will blow your mind. Let’s drive straight into the topic.

1. Max Advanced Elite OE Series Brake Rotors

Max Advanced Elite OE Series Brake Rotors

Special Features:

  1. Replacement of exactly what you got from the manufacturer
  2. The finest OE replacement made from the finest G3500 grey iron
  3. Anti-rust coating all over the rotor body

It’s not a strange matter that many people want to replace the old brake with the exact one they received with the car. For them, Max Brakes has the OE replacement; which is called the Elite OE series.

The main feature of the Elite OE series is the rotors of this series are an exact copy of the original brake rotor that is provided by your car manufacturer. Thus you are getting the exact performance with which you are used to.

Max Brake uses the premium grade G3500 grey iron to manufacture the rotors of this series. As a result, those come with great stability and performance. So, when you are using these rotors, you’ll feel the smooth experience that you got from your original equipment from the manufacturer.

Max even imitates the weight count of the OE rotors to manufacture the rotors of this series. What’s more, you want to get from it?

Max tries to ensure the OE replacement in not only features but also fitting. That’s why these brakes are ready to fit anytime. Just take it out of the package and install it. Not pre-installing modification is needed.

To keep the Elite look unchanged for a long time, it comes with an anti-rust coating that covers each corner of the rotor. As a result, it will be safe from rust and corrosion for a long time with low maintenance.

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2. Max Advanced Brake Premium OE Series

Max Advanced Brake Premium OE SeriesSpecial Features:

  1. The exact OE replacement brake rotor for front or rear– any brake rotor of the car
  2. Exactly weighted as the OE one to continue the similar performance

Another OE replacement for you from Max Brakes is this Premium OE series. The rotors of this series come as a perfect replacement for what your car manufacturer has given you. If you see your brake rotor is getting old and you want something that ensures exactly the performance you got from that old one, buy one of these.

Max focused on the reverse engineering method to copy the exact weight and most other specifications that your OE rotor comes with. Besides of making as a perfect replacement in the question of feature, Max has tried their best and succeeded to turn this series to fit as easily as possible to your car.

That’s why people love this series as a good replacement of the original rotors of their car. You’ll love it too. The only thing that may concern you is the absence of the anti-rust coating. As a result, you have to maintain it regularly to get the best performance out of it.

3. Max Brake Elite XDS Series

Max Brake Elite XDS SeriesSpecial Features:

  1. The finest 3500-grade grey iron build ensures maximum performance
  2. Fit properly if you can choose the right model for your car
  3. Minimum warpage or wear on the rotor surface is guaranteed

Max calls it the best of the bests. They are this much confident about this product series. They should be because this brake is made of the best G3500 grade grey iron. This build-material ensures the perfect blend of hardness and strength. As a result, it stays with you, actually your car wheel, for a long long time.

Durability is also ensured by the anti-rust coating. This coating is very helpful, especially the surface where frictions don’t happen. The coating keeps it safe for a long time from rust and corrosion build-up. Thus, the surface remains unchanged for many days.

The build material is not everything to talk about. It comes with some great features that ensure safety at the time of braking. It comes with six rounded slots on each side. The slots help to remove brake dust so that the braking surface remains clean. If the braking surface is clean, braking performance enhances a lot.

Another feature that is extremely helpful at the time of braking is the cross-drilled holes. It has around 24 drilled holes on each side. The holes bypass the heat and maintain a moderate temperature. As a result, heat can’t harm the rotor surface and create any warpage. Thus, the surface remains smooth to ensure the best braking experience.

As the surface remains smooth and dust-free, the friction between the rotor and brake pad remains as quiet as possible. As a result, you’ll get a perfect braking experience with a low sound.

Max Advanced Brakes Reviews – Elite XDS Series

4. Max Advanced Brake Silver XDS Series

Max Advanced Brake Silver XDS SeriesSpecial Features:

  1. It fits your car smoothly. Condition- you have to get the specific model that is compatible with your car model
  2. Comes with a proper zinc coating to save the surface from rust and corrosion
  3. Comes with G3000 automotive-grade grey iron

As per Max, this brake is one that will ensure a premium braking experience. This brake is prepared from the finest G3000 grade grey iron. This automotive grade grey iron ensures stability and strength. As a result, you can fully depend on the rotor.

Another feature that comes with this brake rotor is the anti-rust coat on it. It keeps the rotors safe from rust attacks for a long time. So, you won’t have to be afraid of rust attacks. Thus the need for maintenance will also be less. It will save your energy and time.

On both sides of the surface, you’ll see the cross-drilled holes. Similar to the elite series, the holes allow air circulation to keep the rotor surface cool. It the temperature is in control, the possibility of any wear and surface unevenness will go low. As a result, the rotor surface will remain smooth for a long time to ensure you a durable premium braking experience.

You’ll love the rotors from this series because of the rounded line slots here. These lines on each side of the rotor get the dust out from the surface. As a result, the surface remains clean so that the brake pads can perfectly hold the rotors to stop the car quickly in extreme situations.

5. Max Advanced Brake Elite XD Series

Max Advanced Brake Elite XD SeriesSpecial Features:

  1. Specially drilled 40 holes each side to keep the rotor cool
  2. The finest G3500 grey iron is used to make these rotors
  3. Easy installation saves your time and energy

The brake rotors of Elite XD series are made of exactly what the rotors of Elite XDS series are made of the finest G3500 grade grey iron. That’s why it is elite, that’s what car lovers want. As a result, the rotors from this series come with a perfect merger of strength and toughness. If you select this one, you are going to get the perfect break that you need.

To keep the rotors safe from the heat produced by the friction of the rotor and brake pads, it comes with 40 drilled holes on each side. The drilled holes import air from outside to the rotor and keep the temperature as low as possible. So, it remains safe from problems like warpage or unsmooth surface which are created by excess temperature. Thus, you’ll have a smooth rotor for a long time.

Rust is a huge problem for iron-made things. To keep things safe from rust, you’ll have to pay extra attention to those. But in this case, these rotors will reduce your maintenance tension. Just like most others from Max Brakes, this one also has a special anti-rust coating. So, the whole surface, especially the frictionless surface, remains rust-free for years with minimum maintenance.

And what’s more? Max brake rotors are specially made to be compatible with your vehicle as easily as possible. So, you’ll see that it is very easy to install in your car as it fits easily.

6. Max Advanced Premium XDS Series

Max Advanced Premium XDS SeriesSpecial Features:

  • Made from the perfect automotive iron G3000 grade grey iron
  • Ready to install just after taking out from the package

Another series that comes from Max Brakes to ensure a premium braking performance is the Premium XSD series. The toughness and stability of the rotors of this series are the main things that the users love. This toughness and stability come from the mind-blowing G3000 grey iron which is used to manufacture the brakes of this series.

Just like the Elite XDS, the rotors from this series come with a lot of precisely drilled holes. The main task of the holes is the same- to erase the heat created by the friction and keep it cool. Heat may create a lot of problems at the time of braking, but those holes don’t allow doing so. As a result, the rotors ensure smooth and quiet performance.

If the braking surface is clean, the brake works smooth. It doesn’t make that much noise too. Max has used long rounded slots on each side of the brake to wipe away the dust that doesn’t allow the brake pads to press the rotor properly. When there is no dust, you’ll experience a noise-free premium braking experience.

The absence of an anti-rust coating might bother you. But if you maintain it regularly, it’ll be sine for a long time.

7. Max Advanced Brake Premium XD Series

Max Advanced Brake Premium XD SeriesSpecial Features:

  1. Made from high-quality raw material – finest G3000 grey iron
  2. Easy to install and easy to remove
  3. Performs better than OE provided by the manufacturers

The rotors from premium XD series are ready to ensure a premium and safe braking experience for a long time. It can ensure smooth braking this long because of the heat reduction technology. The drilled holes visible on each side of the brake keep the heat away to maintain the temperature. Thus these holes reduce the number of wears that happened by the heat and keep the surface smooth.

The raw material of this rotor has a great influence on its performance. The best quality of G3000 grey iron is used to manufacture the rotors of this series. It provides rotor durability, stability, and strength. Thus you can use it for a long time without sacrificing the performance.

You’ll love it because of its quiet braking ability. Max Brake always tries to provide the brakes that ensure low braking noise. As a part of that, this series creates as low sound as possible at the time of braking. Many users love this feature.

Anti-rust coating is not used on the rotors of this series. This is a small drawback it comes with.

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How to Choose a Max Advanced Brake – Buying Guide

How to Choose a Max Brake

Max has brakes of different varieties. So, you can select what you need. Here I am going to guide you about choosing a brake from Max Advanced.

If you are looking for a brake that will be there to ensure exactly the performance of your OE brake that comes with the vehicle, choose one from the OE series. Elite OE has an anti-rust coating, but Premium OE doesn’t have it. If you want to get rid of the hazard of maintenance, go for the Elite OE. If maintenance is not a problem, Premium OE will be okay for you.

If you need something more than just a brake, buy the XD series from Max. XD series has two different variations- Elite and Premium. Just like the OE series, Elite comes with anti-rust coating, and Premium doesn’t.

Want to feel the best braking experience the Max provides? Pick up the Elite XDS from the XDS series. This is the best one that Max offers. There are two more in the XDS series. Silver XDS is another great rotor for smooth braking. If you are a regular driver and rust is not a problem, you can go for the Premium XDS.

How to Install Max Advanced Brakes?

How to Install Max Brakes

After buying one or two pairs of Max Brakes, now it is time to install it. It is not a tough thing to do by yourself. All you need is to have previous experience of DIYing your vehicle and a few tools. If you have that, you are ready to go. Here I am going to show you the steps to install your Max Brake in your vehicle.

  • Keep the car stable

Park the car on a flat surface that it doesn’t move. To ensure it stays put, use the emergency brake. You can just put a brick behind the wheel that you are not working on.

  • Get the wheel out of its place

Now it is time to get the wheel out. To do that, place a car jack just beside the wheel and press it until it makes contact to the bottom surface of the car. Then, loosen the bolts of the car. Once all the bolts are loose, press the jack to lift the vehicles, maybe 2-3 inches. At last, open the bolts and remove the wheel.

  • Remove the caliper and bracket

After removing the wheel, you’ll see the brake rotor, with the brake caliper and bracket at one side. You’ll have to take the caliper out at first. Before that, if you see brake rust or dust, clean those as much as possible. Then focus on the caliper.

The brake caliper is attached to the car with two bolts, most probably at the backside. Find out the bolts and remove those using appropriate tools.

If everything is okay, the caliper will come out easily. But most of the time it doesn’t. If it doesn’t come out easily, use your muscles to move it. Try a bit wiggling back and forth, and you’ll get it out.

After that, focus on the brackets. Brackets are also attached by two bolts somewhere. Find those and remove to take out the bracket. Keep the bolts somewhere safe.

  • Replace the rotor

Now, there is the rotor only to remove. Get it out by removing the clip or bolt, whatever holds it. If it is stuck, use a rubber hammer to get it out gently.

Then, take your Max Brake rotor and put it in the exact same place. Use the blot or clip to keep it stable. Make sure that it sits properly.

  • Follow the reverses process

At last, follow the exact reverse process of what you’ve done. At first, put the bracket in its place. Then, place the caliper and attach it firmly with the bolts. After that, put the wheel on its place and use the bolts to attach it firmly.

Max Brakes Installation Guide (Video) -Slotted and Drilled

How to Take Care of Max Brakes

To get a long-time service from your brakes, taking care of those is important. Max brakes can stay for a long time with you if you take care of those. Here you’ll find a few tips to take care of your Max brakes.

  1. Check the brake: To make sure that it works well, check your brake once in every six months. This routine checking will help you to find out any potential threat.
  2. Listen while driving: Keep your ears careful to listen to any unusual sound at the time of driving. As checking every day is a tough task, unusual sounds can give you a hint about problems.
  3. Try to avoid hard brakes: Hard brakes put huge pressure on the brake. As a result, rotor-life and pad-life decreases. So, avoid hard brakes as much as you can.
  4. Check other brake components: Not only the rotor and pad but you’ll also have to check other parts of the braking system regularly. It will ensure a safe and sound braking system that’ll also keep the rotors and pads safe.

Frequently Asked Questions about Max Brakes

Are the rotors from Max soild? If not, can I replace my solid rotors with those?

No. The brake rotors that Max offers are vented rotors. And you can’t replace solid rotors with those from Max. Well, there is some process to do so. But that is very costly. Moreover, that won’t bring a huge improvement in your braking system. So, spending money on it doesn’t worth it.

Does the anti-rust coating protect for a long time?

Max brakes come with anti-rust coating for protection from corrosion. The coating on the areas which come in contact with the brake pad will vanishes eventually when you start to use. This is because of friction. You can’t avoid it.

The anti-rust coating is mainly helpful for the areas that don’t come in contact with any friction. In regular rotors, those easily get attacked by rust. But in Max, those areas are safe for a long time because of the coating. The braking areas remain free of rust even without a coating because of the friction. So, you won’t have to think much about that.

When I have to change the brake?

If you have Max brake installed in your car, you’ll be getting notified easily. Max brakes come with wear indicators. When most of the friction material has vanished, the indicator comes in contact with the rotor and makes a squealing sound.

Final Verdict

You can’t deny that brakes are important for your car. So, while buying one, don’t hurry. There are many, so have time to examine which one is better. In my opinion, Max has a good collection of brakes that can help you. They ensure security, performance, and durability- I got those.

Here in this Max Advanced Brakes Reviews article, I’ve talked about a few brakes from Max. I’ve tried most of those. You can try it. Hope the brakes won’t disappoint you.

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