Ethos Ceramic Wax Review – Best Budget Ceramic Wax for your Car

ethos ceramic wax review

Giving your car a wax coating is a great way to give it a sleek outlook and protection. While traditional wax is always available, ceramic car wax is undoubtedly a better option for the best result. It’s generally easier and faster to apply than the conventional ones, and you won’t be needing re-coating soon. Hence, choose ceramic wax if you don’t want to waste your time.

Ceramic wax doesn’t have any real wax materials. It is basically chemical polymers that are designed to stick with car paint, meaning the coating is stronger than the actual wax.

When it comes to ceramic wax, Ethos is one of the best available in the market. But if you have to pick one from many products of the brand, the Ethos ceramic wax pro definitely stands out.

In this Ethos Ceramic Wax review, we’ll take a detailed look at what Ethos Ceramic Wax Pro has to offer along with its pros and cons.

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Ethos Ceramic Wax Pro Review 2021

The Ethos Ceramic Wax PRO is an improvised version of its predecessor ceramic wax. This one is formulated after carefully reviewing the customer feedback. After an extensive amount of research, the manufacturer invented the perfect concoction. They used the resin science tech, allowing it to bond the car paint with the sealant efficiently.

When most brands are incapable to dissolve the resin and stabilize it in the liquid wax, the Ethos wax pro wax does it perfectly and paints the surface smoothly. This watery ceramic wax pro is the perfect option combined with three elements in a bottle, polish, sealant, and wax.

While with the old-styled car waxing method, you have to buy and apply each of those elements separately. With combinations like resins, carnauba, and polymers soaked in liquid stuff, the coating strengthens to a shielding 9H hard shell. It protects the wax from corrosion, oxidation, UV rays, erosion, abrasions from pebbles, etc. making it last for almost a year.

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Highlighted Feature of Ethos Ceramic Wax 

Ethos Ceramic Wax Pro

  • Ethos Ceramic Wax Pro Package

This wax coating comes with a squeezee bottle, which is considerably big for a 50ml container. This way, you can easily get the product out whenever you need to apply it. This one also prevents any risk of leakage or wastage. This product has a rubbing sponge similar to the honey puck. The soft black applicator can hold enough wax to coat your car.

However, the lack of equipment like microfiber garments, instruction manual, suede cloth piece, gloves, etc. makes the set a bit incomplete. But you can purchase them separately as they aren’t too expensive.

  • Ceramic Wax PRO Coating

The best point of the wax pro is that it doesn’t leave any scratch marks behind. It is just like dabbing the surface with a damp cloth without any spots. The twisted patterns are barely visible, and the resin mixture is efficient at hiding them. There is no need to apply a large amount of wax substance to cover the whole car.

For the perfect result, applying a tiny amount is enough for your vehicle. You can split up the car body into small sections and layer them accordingly. Thus, you can easily detect any spot if you missed out on some. You can also use the torchlight or your phone flashlight to examine any missed spot.

Each time you apply the wax, make sure to polish it afterward. There will be less chance of leaving any missed spot.

  • Application

The application of this Ethos Ceramic Wax PRO is relatively simpler than most other wax coatings. You just have to layer the liquid in a cross-hatching design. Take some of the wax on the sponge and apply it effortlessly.

However, make sure to sterilize the car from any contamination that may get trapped on the car exterior, panels, trims, rims, etc. Perform a deep cleansing and dry off the vehicle before using the resin solvent.

  • Effortless Cleaning And Deep Shine

Clearing bird poops from the car hood can be a misery. But now, you can clean it with just a wipe. The aquaphobic elements of the product prevent lubricious materials like mud, grime, snow, water, etc. From sticking to the surface.

You will get a profound shine after applying this ceramic wax. Due to this feature, your car will get a sleek appearance no matter what model it is.



  • It cannot withstand longer than 12 months and has to be reapplied.
  • The absence of specialized tools makes the “easy apply” purpose pointless.

Why Do I Like Ethos Ceramic Wax Pro?

Although the market is crowded with different types of ceramic waxes with quality features, my personal choice would be Ethos Ceramic Wax Pro anytime. Most manufacturers claim their ceramic wax is easily applied but fail to do so. However, with this Ethos Wax Pro, you will be getting a hundred percent satisfaction for sure.

Simply squeeze some solution on the sponge and start working! As a beginner, this is pretty good as you can easily coat your own car. Make sure to buy the additional equipment for an effective application. The price is also quite cost-effective as this three-in-one solution provides you waxing, sealant, and polishing benefits all for one.

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How to Properly Use Ethos Ceramic Wax (Practical Video)

Final Words 

After going through this Ethos Ceramic Wax review, we can surely say that the Wax pro is an excellent rendition of stability and high gloss. The Ethos ceramic wax pro is formulated using the original Ethos ceramic wax by adding some modifications to make it more effective. And they delivered exactly what they intended to. This product is long-lasting and extremely safe.

Moreover, applying this wax is extremely easy. For these special features, you can easily handle using it even without the extra kit. If you are a beginner with this wax, first figure out what you want from this ceramic wax layer. It is always better to consult with someone who has used it and can give you proper feedback.