Top 10 Best Plastic Welder Reviews 2022 [New Update] – Expert Buying Guide & FAQ

best plastic welder

What do you do when you see something made of plastic is broken? I used to throw those away and purchase a new one. This can be easily done if the thing is cheap or not that necessary. But what to do when a plastic part of an expensive item is broken?

For example- suppose, a plastic part of your car is broken. What will you do? Run to a garage and replace or repair it? This is a good choice if it is not a regular matter. But when this is a regular matter, you’ll see that you have to spend a lot of these repairing or replacing purposes. Do you want to know how to avoid it?

Buying a top-rated plastic welder is a cheaper way to get your broken plastic parts fixed. If you have a plastic welder at home, you can repair any broken plastic you want. It saves your money, time, and energy.

So, what are you thinking? Want to buy one. Here we’ve reviewed the best plastic welder found in the market. If you want to buy one, go through the reviews. I hope it’ll help you to choose the best one for you quickly.

Recommended Welder By Editor!!

Top 10 Plastic Welder Kit Comparison 2021

Model Power Meterial Type Price
Polyvance 5700HT Airless Plastic Welder 200 Watts Plastic, Metal Airless Welder Buy Now
Go2Home 1600W Plastic Welder Kit 1600 watts Plastic Welder Air Gun Buy Now
Beyondlife Plastic Hot Air Welder 1600 Watts Plastic and iron Heat Gun Buy Now
Weldy 1600W Professional 1600W Plastic Welder Hot Air Buy Now
Steinel Heat Gun Kit 1500 Watts Plastic Welder Heat Gun Buy Now
Hobie Kc Welder Pro 80 Watts Plastic Material Airless Welder Buy Now
Rain Flo Poly Welder 200 Watts Plastic - Polypropylene Natural Buy Now
Master Appliance ProHeat Series 1300 Watts Plastic Heat Gun Buy Now
DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty 1550 Watts N/A Heat Gun Buy Now
Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder Battery Liquid plastic+UV Heat Resistant Buy Now

Top 10 Best Plastic Welder Reviews 2021 [Updated List]

1. Polyvance 5700HT Airless Plastic Welder – Best for Beginner

Polyvance 5700HT Airless Plastic WelderHighlighted Features

  • 200-watt ceramic core
  • Welder tips
  • Belt clip
  • Temperature control

As the next generation in plastic welding, Polyvance plastic welder is best for your needs. For starters, it’s a complete kit. As such, you can use to repair all kinds of plastic.

As a ready to use kit, you can weld high melting points plastic such as nylon radiator tanks. It comes with a 200-watt ceramic core element that melts even the toughest plastic, fast. In the package, you will find seven types of standard plastic welding rods.

As a great choice for beginners and pros, users can match the right automotive plastic with the welding rods. Apart from the rods, you have easy to swap welder tips and temperature control. The welder tips can fit the standard welding rods allowing you to work on any plastic.

With the temperature control, you can set the perfect temperature before you begin welding. As such, you can work on plastics such as TPO, polypropylene, and others with ease. For beginners, they can get started by using the easy to understand instruction video.

To access the videos, the manufacturer includes a QR code sheet. Just scan the QR codes with your smartphone. Apart from the videos, you have a belt clip attached to the welder. This increases portability

What you ought to know is that the unit can be completely removed from its case. Since its compact in size, you don’t have to worry about storage space.

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  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Can weld even the toughest plastic
  • Comes in a durable carrying case


  • The available guide can confuse beginners
  • Welding rods are good for filling

2. Go2Home 1600W Plastic Welder Kit Hot Air Gun Complete Tool Set 

Go2Home 1600W Plastic Welder Kit Hot Air GunHighlighted Features

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • A wide range of temperature adjustability
  • Low vibration and low noise

If you are looking for a handy but versatile plastic welder, this Go2Home kit is maybe your thing. It can be used in the case of different types of plastic. This is a small package but comes with a lot of power that you normally don’t expect from such a tool.

This hot air plastic welding gun kit comes with an option that allows you to adjust the temperature in different levels, starting from 30 degrees C to 700 degrees C. As a result, before using it, you can adjust the heat depending on the material that you are going to work with.

This plastic welder is a comfortable option for a user. It is lightweight. As a result, one-handed operation is much comfortable. Besides, it doesn’t make much noise. Thus you’ll get a comparatively quiet workspace for concentrating properly. Besides, the advantage of low vibration allows you to handle the tool easily and comfortably.

The kit comes with the tool, tubular nozzle, wide slot nozzle, pressure silicon roller, round and triangle speed welding nozzle, flooring kit and plastic rods. There is a user handbook included in the kit too. So, before using it, you can go through it and know how exactly it works. All these elements come in a plastic carrying box which has made carrying as well as storing it easy.


  • Comes with a pressure roller
  • Can be used on different types of plastics
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Portable and comfortable


  • Takes a bit more time to heat up

3. Beyondlife Plastic Hot Air Welder – Plastic Bumper Repair Kit

Beyondlife Plastic Hot Air Welder

Highlighted Features

  • Welding gun kit
  • 1600 W
  • Adjustable temperature: 30 to 700 degree C
  • Airflow: 230 L/min
  • Green handle with a lengthy power cable

If you are in search of a compact and sturdy plastic welder, we recommend the Beyondlife Plastic Hot Air Welder. At less than 3 pounds, it’s lightweight. As such, it’s portable and easy to store.

In fact, you can store the welder on a shelf or in a drawer. Designed to weld different types of plastic, it comes with an adjustable temperature gauge. The gauge allows you to fine-tune the welder depending on your project.

As a useful tool for every welder, it can repair plastic items such as water tanks, car bumpers, and tarpaulins. It can also help to repair vinyl flooring, truck curtains and swimming pool membranes.

Want to know how it works? It produces a jet of hot air once you switch on the welder. The hot air softens the plastic specifically the area you want to repair. It also softens the plastic filler rod.

Both the power and temperature of the plastic welder are adjustable. As such, you can set the right melting points to work on different plastics.

The plastic welder comes as a complete kit. In the package, you will find a spare heating element. You will also find a 40 mm flat slit nozzle, a pencil tip nozzle, and a triangle speed welding nozzle. Other accessories include a round speed welding nozzle, a pressure silicone roller, and plastic rods. To help users get started with the machine, the manufacturer includes one manual.

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  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Adjustable power and temperature
  • 1600-watt max output


  • Heater core needs a replacement frequently
  • Takes time to generate hot air

4. Weldy 1600W Professional Hot Air Equipment 

Weldy 1600W Professional Hot Air Equipment Hot Blast Torch OverlapHighlighted Features

  • Professional grade build quality and performance
  • Wide option for heat selection
  • Suitable for all types of job-sites

If you are a fan of professional grade tools and want to purchase a professional-grade hot air plastic welder gun kit, maybe you’ll love this one from Weldy. Coming with a robust and compact design, this hot air tool allows you to work on versatile types of elements, including plastics and PVCs.

I like the variety of heat levels it comes with. You can adjust the hit level from as low as 40 degrees C to as high as 700 degrees C. No matter which heat option you choose, this industry-standard tool will supply the best quality with the efficient result.

It comes with a comfortable grip that allows you to handle the tool easily. Besides, for your protection, it comes with a heat tube protection feature. This tool is handy and reliable. So, while using the tool, the risk of hand pain is relatively low. It is manufactured for supporting for all job-sites as it is a professional grade. As a result, even if you are a professional, you can use it without any hesitation.

This plastic welder tool comes with a box for comfortable carrying and storing. The box includes energy HT1600, one 20 mm wide slot nozzle, one 40 mm wide slot nozzle, and a silicone pressure roller.

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  • Sturdy build quality
  • Heat tube protection
  • Professional grade support
  • Easy operation


  • Nothing to dislike yet

Video Review on Weldy 1600W Professional Hot Air Welder

5. Steinel Heat Gun Kit 

Steinel Heat Gun Kit, 25th Anniversary EditionHighlighted Features

  • State of the art microprocessor
  • LCD
  • Dura Therm heating element enclosed in ceramic
  • Black and gray
  • 1500 watts
  • 30 ounces

Steinel is a renowned brand and one of the top manufacturers of heat guns. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the company released the Steinel heat gun. As a state-of-the-art heat gun, it features a microprocessor control. This electronically controls heat gun allowing smooth operation.

In fact, the plastic welder gun delivers 1600 watts of power making it a suitable tool for repairing different plastics. It comes with a unique LCD that allows you to control the temperature in increments of 10 degrees F.

This locks in the exact heat needed to melt and make repairs even to the toughest plastic. It has the exclusive Dura Therm heating element. Enclosed in ceramic, it delivers more heat even with heavy use.

The manufacturer opted for enclosing with ceramic to extend the life of the heating element. Neatly stored in a rugged aluminum carrying case, the plastic welder comes with several accessories,

They include the 75 mm spreader nozzle, 14 mm reflector nozzles. It also comes with the 9 mm reduction nozzle, plastic welding tips, and assorted welding rods.

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  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a state-of-the-art microprocessor
  • Has an LCD display for temperature adjustments
  • Heating element enclosed in ceramic to extend its life
  • Suitable for heavy use


  • Requires advanced knowledge to use

6. Hobie Kc Welder Pro

Hobie - Kc Welder Pro With Rod Stock - 72097001Highlighted features

  • 80-watt element 
  • Hobie color welding rods
  • Flat tip
  • Black handle
  • Lengthy power cord

As one of the top plastic welding kit, the Hobie KC Welder Pro is an effective tool. With an 80watt element, the plastic welder is suitable for light projects. It has a flat tip and a 3/16th of an inch hole. This is where the welder inserts the repair rod.

As an inexpensive tool, it’s perfect for fixing holes, cracks and working on polyethylene products. To make repairs, insert the rod into the welder Place the rod against the surface where you need to make repairs.

Move the welder along the surface to melt the material and repair cracks. To fix holes, push the rod to fill the area with melted plastic. What you need to keep in mind is that the plastic is generally fed by the user

Also, the welder has no control over the temperature or power. This is why plastic welder can only be used with one type of material.


  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with a selection of color welding rods
  • Can fix holes, and cracks in polyethylene products


  • Does not have a temperature gauge
  • Cannot repair tough plastic

Video Review for Hobie Kc Welder Pro 

7. Rain Flo Poly Welder Pro 200 Watt

Poly Welder Pro Polyethylene Repair KitHighlighted Features

  • 200 W heavy-duty welding iron
  • 120 V
  • Flat tip
  • Black handle

The RainFlo Poly Welder Pro is a heavy-duty welding iron. Thanks to the 200W element, its suitable for use on plastic water tanks. Not only that. It can make repairs to other types of plastics such as polypropylene.

Another plastic material the RainFlo Poly Welder Pro can melt is polyethylene. This material is widely used in automotive applications. For example, in the making of windshield washer bottles and radiator overflow tanks.

It’s useful in the making of gas tanks, motor home water tanks, small watercraft, and others. Since it has unique flow properties when melted, it’s easier to work on and produces a strong and durable bond.

What you ought to know is that for effective results, match the filler rod to the type of plastic.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Comes with polyethylene welding strips
  • Has a welder stand


  • Has a 200 W compared to other heavy-duty plastic welders

8. Master Appliance ProHeat Series Plastic Welding Kit

Master Appliance ProHeat Series Plastic Welding KitHighlighted Features

  • Comes with 5 most popular attachments
  • Pistol shaped body ensures a comfortable grip
  • Temperature and airflow controlling system

Another good player in the list of the best plastic welders is this plastic welding kit from Master Appliance. It comes with a carrying case to ensure easy carrying. All the parts that come with the kit have separate places. It ensures that you’ll get the right thing in the right place when you need it.

It comes with the feature of controlling both the temperature and airflow. You can change those easily with a dial-in control. Besides, if you want to use a specific setting, again and again, you can lock that setting with the help of a magnetic key lock-in feature. Closed-loop temperature control allows you to keep the temperature constant while changing the airflow. However, the temperature control allows you to get different temperatures within 130 degrees to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, with 10-degree increments.

This pistol-style plastic welder ensures easy operation with a comfortable grip. As a result, you won’t suffer while using this gun. The one-handed operation won’t make your hands numb. Still, small rests at the time of welding are recommended. A 6 feet cord comes with a tool that allows you to have a comfortable operating experience.

The kit includes five most popular attachments, including speed, pendulum and tack welding. Besides, there are user manuals, and 5 types of plastic rods are included in the kit, and obviously the heating gun too.


  • 6 ft. long cord
  • Magnetic key lock-in feature
  • Closed-loop temperature control
  • Versatile use


  • The cord seems a bit stiff

Best Plastic Welder Buying Guide 2021

Consider Before Buying the Best Plastic Welder

Before shopping for the plastic welding kit, you have to do your homework thoroughly. Failure to do so means, buying a product that will not deliver the results you need. To help you with your shopping experience, we have researched factors to consider before buying a plastic welder.

Here are the important things to take into account before buying a plastic welder.

  • Which Is the Best Heating Type?

In the market, you will come across three types of plastic welders. You have airless or contact welders, heat guns and high-frequency models. The airless model comes with a metal tip. When heated, it melts the plastic material.

This tool is useful for projects that need small or filler welds. The airless plastic welder model cannot make repairs to the structural integrity of the plastic material. This is because they form a thin bond between plastic materials just like glue.

Heat guns blast hot air softening the plastic material. Designed with microprocessors, they control the temperature allowing you to weld plastic materials together. Since plastic welder gun softens plastic materials, they create a stronger bond. This makes them suitable for structural repairs.

The last type generates ultrasonic waves to melt the plastic. This is commonly used in labs and factories.

  • How Much Power Do You Need?

Power is a top consideration when shopping for a plastic welder. Some models will have a higher wattage while others will not. For melting tough plastic, we recommend choosing a plastic welder with 200 W and over.

This will soften the plastic and create a strong bond. For repairing surface cracks, we recommend a plastic welder with 200 W and below.

Airflow goes hand in hand with heat generated. If the plastic welder generates too much heat but poor airflow, the repairs take longer. Also, the heating element will burn out and damage the welder. If there is too much airflow and little heat, the airflow will impact the weld.

DIY plastic welding should generate consistent airflow and heat.

  • What Type of plastic Are You Welding?

In plastic welding, there are three primary techniques: speed, tack, and pendulum. Each technique is suitable for different projects. Also, each technique produces a different type of weld.

What you need to know is that different tips produce a variety of welding styles. Some are effective while others are not. Welders can use different types of tips to assist in their repairs.

For example, you have the flat slit nozzle, pencil tip nozzle, triangle speed welding nozzle, and round speed welding nozzle. To have different designs when making repairs, use suitable attachments.

  • Are You a Hobbyist or a Professional?

Not all plastic welders are suitable for all repair jobs. Some can make stronger bonds while others cannot. If you are a hobbyist, we recommend that you choose an easy to use device. It should have a wattage of less than 200 W. Also, it’s should be inexpensive.

For professionals, we recommend powerful and high wattage plastic welders. These welders have a temperature gauge and microprocessors. As such, users can adjust the temperature depending on the project

How to Use Heavy Plastic Welder Kit (Practical Video)

Wrapping Up

In our review, we have covered the features, pros, and cons of the top 10 best plastic welders. We have also offered tips on what to consider before and when buying plastic welders. As you have read, not every plastic welder is suitable for all users.

Some are best suited for professionals while others for hobbyists. If you are a professional, we recommend Steinel, Polyvance, and Beyondlife These welders are powerful, have lots of attachments and require experience to operate.

For hobbyists, we recommend Hobie and Rain Flo. They are simple, inexpensive and suitable for making quick repairs. Remember, use plastic welder safely. Always wear proper clothing, read the user manual and work in a clean environment.

Best of luck!

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