Top 5 Rough Country Lift Kit Review 2022 [Updated] – Key Features & Buying Guide

rough country lift kit review

A lift kit is perhaps one of the best ways to improve the performance of your car. The consumer market is packed with many different lift kit brands, which can make it challenging to choose a reliable one for your needs. Whether you are an off-roading enthusiast or you love to improve the performance of your car, making good decisions is essential.

In this case, we have identified the Rough Country Lift Kit Reviews as the best place for you to start. Furthermore, we have also identified some of the critical factors for you to consider when getting one of these mechanical modifications for your car. A good lift kit will improve both the performance and value of your vehicle. Installation tends to be a complicated process because it requires the use of heavy lifting.

Rough Country Lift Kit Comparison Chart 2021

Product Features Remarks Price
Rough Country 620N2 4" Lift Kit Premium N3 Shock absorbers Block and rear spaces included Double tapered leaf springs Best for large cars such as the jeep wrangler CheckPrice
Rough Country 3.25" Dual Lift Kit Can easily accommodate 32-inch tires Heavy duty lift kit construction Easy to install bolt on and pre drilled components Suitable for outdoor environments such as rallying and more CheckPrice
Rough Country 1305 2.5" Leveling Kit Fabricated blocks included Premuim N3 shock absorbers Easy to install and assemble Easy to customize and adjust to suit different types of outdoor vehicles CheckPrice
Rough Country 6" Lift Kit Adjustable torsion keys that are durable Transfer case drop Nitrogen filled premium N3 shocks Has premium shocks which are durable, and particularly useful for cars that carry many people CheckPrice

Top 5 Rough Country Lift Kit Reviews 2021 [Updated]

1. Rough Country – 28330 – 1.5-2-inch Suspension Leveling Kit

Rough Country - 28330 - 1.5-2-inch Suspension Leveling Kit

Changing the quality of the truck and car performance has never been this easy. The Rough Country 28330 Suspension leveling kit lets you enjoy the ideal performance, protection, and style addition to your car. The suspension kit will provide exceptional ground clearance, and it also has the famous N3 shock absorbers for premium performance. Even more, the unique structure of the shocks also works well to maintain the quality of the ride. Installation is too easy because this unit is classified among some of the best rough country kits in the world.

With the unique fabricated blocks on this unit, you can be sure of a stronger and longer product lifespan than the conventional cast blocks. The entire set comes with everything you require to run a car with tires of as much as 32 inches in height. Even more, the high-quality rough country forged torsion keys make it easy to fine-tune the torsion bar to be in line with the front of the car.

The unique set of 3-inch rear blocks and shock spaces provide sufficient room for a wide range of options than the smaller leveling kits can provide. Even more, the 100% bolt-on installation procedure, means that this kit is simple to install using DIY methods. Best of all, this GM leveling kit comes with a lifetime replacement, thereby ensuring optimal part longevity. The rough country lift kit even features country forged torsion keys that make it easy to fine-tune the torsion bar to suit your needs.

The Good

  • Has fabricated blocks that provide a longer life span than cast blocks
  • Easy product installation and assembly
  • Includes high-quality shock absorber for best car performance
  • Forged torsion keys for ease of customization

The Bad

  • N/A

2. Rough Country 620N2 4″ Lift Kit compatible w/ 1987-1995

Rough Country 620N2 4" Lift Kit compatible w/ 1987-1995

Give your wrangler the perfect mix of protection, style, and performance with the Rough Country 620n4 lift kit. This unit provides your car with unmatched ground clearance to make it ideal for various types of terrains. More so, the entire set also features N3 shock absorbers, which are known to provide the best performance for vehicles. The double tapered leaf springs also offer more flex and can distribute loads of the car more evenly.

The transfer case drip also does well to maintain suitable driveshaft angles, which will let you avoid any vibration issues. The lift kit also features a set of application tuned and lifted leaf springs, which work well to lift the car for optimal clearance. The kit also features a tubular transfer case drop kit, that will provide the ideal driveshaft angles. Most notably, this unit features the all-new N2.0 shock absorbers, which are nitrogen charged and individually tested to suit large vehicles. Thanks to such a unique combination of features, this unit provides super smooth rides and optimal controls in various types of roads.

The leaf spring is double tapered with Teflon pad inserts to provide a soft quality ride experience each time. For easy bolt-on installation, the country lift kit also has unique slats to make the process convenient and straightforward.

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The Good

  • Offers protection, performance, and style
  • The entire set includes N3 shock absorbers
  • Double tapered leaf springs distribute loads evenly
  • Transfer case drop maintains driveshaft angles to avoid vibration

The Bad

  • N/A

3. Rough Country 3.25″ Dual Lift Kit Compatible w/ 2007-2018

Rough Country 3.25" Dual Lift Kit Compatible w/ 2007-2018

Your car is one step from becoming one of the best performers on the road. This is why we highly recommend the Rough Country Dual lift kit as the perfect recommendation for taking car performance to the next level. This lift kit will provide your car with exceptional ground clearance, and a heavy-duty appearance as well. More so, the unique structure of the lift kit also does well to maintain the quality of your car’s ride.

The unique structure of this lift kit means that installation is also simple. With the inclusion of factory-tuned coil springs, you can be sure of optimal ride quality. As one of the best lifts kits for enhancing car performance, you can be assured of an exceptional warrant to match. This way, you know that your investment is safe at all times.

Unlike most of the lift kits that you will come across in modern cars, this particular brand is reliable and suitable for different types of outdoor vehicles. It is multi compatible, and you can easily modify the slats to suit your unique needs. Thanks to the inclusion of brake line relocation brackets, you can easily customize the lift kit suit your car`s specific braking system. You will be pleased that the entire set comes with many components for running tires as large as 32 inches with ease.

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The Good

  • Give your car the perfect mix of performance and protection
  • Unmatched ground clearance with premium N3 shock absorbers
  • Factory tuned coil springs for optimal ride quality
  • Track bar drop bracket included

The Bad

  • Takes a lot of time to install correctly

4. Rough Country 1305 2.5″ Suspension Levelling Lift Kit 

Rough Country 1305 2.5" Suspension Levelling Lift Kit 

Improve the ground clearance of your car with the Rough Country 1305 Suspension Levelling kit. This unit has a unique design that will help you maintain a smooth and factory ride like experience.

Furthermore, the lift kit also does well to level with the front section with the rear of the vehicle. This way, you get to enjoy a quality ride, regardless of the nature or physical structure of your car. To make things much better, the Rough Country brand has also done well to ensure that the lift kit allows for easy at home installation.

Similar to some of the best lift kits for jeep wranglers, this entire set also features excellent shock absorbers for exceptional longevity.

It has fabricated blocks, that will provide exceptional longevity when compared to the cast blocks. The lift kit also has an unmatched warrant to safeguard your interests should you receive a faulty lift kit. Equipped with an exceptional bolt-on functionality, this lift kit is both simple to install and customize to suit your car performance. The lift kit also features low strut exceptions that are combined with a set of strut spacers. Such a unique car design does well to help the car achieve an exceptional 2.5 inches of lift.

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The Good

  • Helps to improve ground clearance for on and off-road vehicles
  • Unique lift kit design maintains a smooth and factory-like ride
  • Allows for easy DIY installation
  • Fabricated blocks help to provide a longer lifespan than cast blocks

The Bad

  • Might require a bit of modification to achieve the best results

5. Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit Compatible w/ 1999-2006 

Rough Country 6" Lift Kit Compatible w/ 1999-2006 

With the rough country lift kit, you can be sure of a reliable addition to your car for next-level car performance. To be specific, the lift kit comes with a set of unique design components that are both durable and dynamic. They are dynamic in that you can install them suitable in various types of vehicles with ease. More so, the inclusion of the fabricated fear anti-wrap blocks will provide optimal lift for your car. The lift kit also has a trapezoid shape and a large surface area, which makes them less susceptible to axle wraps.

This kit also comes with custom valved nitrogen-charged shocks. The nitrogen-filled shocks are exceptionally comfortable and suitable for different types of terrains. This way, you can enjoy a car that offers supreme performance and is also reliable. The shocks are also incorporated with 10 stage velocity sensitive valving, which will provide a smooth ride each time. The lifted knuckles and coil spring spaces also work well to improve the performance of the car in various ways.

During installation, minor drilling or modification to the lift will be required. This is all thanks to the unique physical structure of the lifts kits that ensure optimal ride performance.

Best of all, this leveling kit has a lifetime replacement value and can provide optimal user satisfaction. The inclusion of the high-quality country forgets torsion keys, make it easy to fine-tune the torsion bar to suit the front and rear section of the car. With its exceptional 1-inch adjustable range, these keys are simple to dial to a specific angle. More so, the forged torsion keys are exceptionally stronger than cast iron, thus providing optimal strength to keep the lift kit locked and levelled.

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The Good

  • High ground clearance cross member with premium N3 shocks
  • Fabricated blocks for longer and stronger lifespans
  • Specially design anti axle wrap rear blocks for maintaining ride quality
  • Simple to install and with minimal drilling required

The Bad

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Lift Kit 

Rough country lift kit buying guide

For those who don’t have any competence or DIY mechanical skills, the best option is to get the lift kit installed professionally. This way, you avoid any issues such as injury or damage to the physical structure of your car. Installing a lift is a rather tedious process that involves heavy lifting equipment.

The height of the lift is also a crucial factor to consider. For instance, if you plan to lift the car higher, then you will require an advanced control arm structure. Furthermore, you might also have to replace the track bar and the emergency brake lines. While there are various types of lift kits on the consumer market, we have identified the basics to help you make more informed decisions.

Remember that the two-door and four-door kits are different from each other when it comes to car performance. The main factor to consider is the spring rates.

Key Features of Rough Country Lift Kit

There are various vital features to take into perspective when investing in a lift kit. Among some of these key features include:

  • Torsion keys – these are components that let you adjust the range of the lift kit to a specific angle. A proper torsion key helps to ensure that every element in the car stays locked and levelled. Usually, the ideal torsion keys are made using durable material such as aluminium alloys.
  • Shocks absorbers – the shock absorbers on a lift kit are much more durable and suitable for off-road activities. Therefore, ensure that you invest in a lift kit with proper shock absorbers. The best performers in this category are the nitrogen-filled shock absorbers.
  • Ease of installation – features such as bolt-on structures make it easy to install a lift kit on almost any type of outdoor vehicle.
  • Spacers- the best lift kit should also come with spaces that enhance the performance of the car. Usually, the rear blocks and shock spacers will prove sufficient room for various options when it comes to car modification.
  • Durability – the best lift kit should also be durable regardless of the nature of terrain or how it is used. Consider going for brands such as the Rough Country, which are known for providing high-quality products.

What is A Lift Kit?

what is lift kit

A lift kit is a component that you use to replace the stock springs and shocks that come with your car. The primary role of a lift kit is to help enhance the height of your ride. In most cases, wranglers are exceptional off-roaders but are not necessarily suitable for all types of terrains. Thus, a lift kit helps to enhance the performance of the car in regards to the nature of the terrain. The quality of the lift is, therefore, relevant to the quality of the ride.

There are two types of lift kits, which are the body and suspension lifts. The body lift helps improve the distance between the body and frame of the car. More so, the suspension helps to improve the gap between the frame and the axles for enhanced car performance.

Rough Country Lift Kit Review (Video)

Why Should I Lift My Jeep?

People have different reasons to install a lift kit on their car. If you are planning on engaging in some serious off-road ventures, then you will enjoy the quality of a good lift kit. A lift kit will help improve the ground clearance, the suspension quality, and make it easy to fit large tires to the car for off-roading. More so, a lift kit might also enhance the design aesthetics of your vehicle. Usually, such lift kits are combined with other components, including heavy-duty off-road tires.

Therefore, when you want to enjoy driving outdoors, then consider a lift kit that is suitable for multiple purposes. Your goal, in this case, should be to achieve the ideal between off-road and on-road drivability. For those who have the luxury of owning a dedicated wheeler, you will enjoy the high-speed handling traits for enhanced suspension articulation.

Just ensure that the suspension in your jeep is only part of the mechanical modification process. Ensure that you address issues such as the wheels and the tires that will match the performance of the lift kit. Your goal, in this case, is to ensure all three components work correctly to provide optimal performance on the road at all times.

Some of the critical questions to ask include:

  1. How will you use the jeep?
  2. What is the size and type of tire you would like to use?
  3. What is the amount you will spend on a specific lift kit for your car?

Where Should You Begin

As far as choosing the best lift kit goes, installing lift kits can adjust the structure of your vehicle significantly. Such changes can sometimes lead to unforeseen issues that could compromise the performance of your car. Thus, before installing a lift kit, ensure that you perform thorough research and consultation to provide the best results.

Finding suitable resources to determine the specific products that will suit your needs can be challenging. Consulting with a mechanic or professional can provide useful insight for your needs. Consider using informational resources such as off-road magazines, service manuals, car production guides, and various other types of car performance resources. Even more, consider consulting with a highly experienced car repair professional to ensure the best results.

In the meantime, here are some of the primary aspects of a lift kit that you should consider when installing a lift kit.

What Does a Suspension Lift Kit Do?

  • Clearance

For starters, one of the most important factors to consider is to ensure that you determine the height of the car. The height of your ride is essential to provide steeper ascent or descent off the road. However, selecting the appropriate ground clearance level for your vehicle is to determine various vital factors. For instance, the brand of the car, the gear ratios, the braking system, the tires, and more are crucial. These factors determine the specific clearance level that will make it easy to move through different terrains, without compromising the car performance.

  • Tire Fitment

Most people believe that large tires are perfect when it comes to traction and off-road performance. While this might be appropriate for some settings, you are better off evaluating the structure of the car first. This way, you choose proper tires that won`t affect aspects such as car handling the speed as well. Installing overly large tires to a relatively small lift kit will lead to various issues. The same applies when installing small tires on a massive lift kit. Therefore, you want to ensure that the tire fitment relates to the quality of the lift kit.

Final Word 

For those who love off-roading events or those who love the aesthetics of a modified car, making the right decisions is crucial. To be specific, choosing the best rough country lift kit review is a good place for you to start. Installing a lift kit on your car will not only improve the performance of your vehicle, but it’s market value as well. Before investing in such a mechanical component, it will be useful if you can perform some basic research.

You have to consider various vital factors before investing. Among some of these factors include the car height, tire fitment, car brand, clearance level, and more. Taking all these factors into account will ensure you install the perfect lift kit for your specific car brand. Get a lift kit, and you will never suffer in muddy or aggressive terrains when driving.