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Silverado Leveling Kit Problems

To make it look a bit better or to have larger wheels installed- no matter why you install a leveling kit in your Silverado, you can achieve your expected result. But, there are also some problems which you’ll face after installing a leveling kit on your Silverado. Before installing a leveling kit, you need to know the problems that you are about to face.

So, here in this article, I’m going to discuss some Silverado leveling kit problems. Most of these problems are common in other models too. So, if you don’t own any Silverado but thinking of installing a leveling kit on your truck, this will help you too.

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Silverado Leveling Kit Problems Illustrated

  • Warranty

At the moment you’ve installed a leveling kit on your Silverado, you’ve voided the warranty of your truck. So, if you have a newly bought Silverado, I’ll suggest waiting until the warranty period is over. If it is over already, you don’t need to be concerned about this point.

This is not only for Silverado but also for almost all other trucks. Most of the manufacturers are not interested in continuing the warranty if you make any change to the vehicle. You’ll find this in the warranty section of user manual.

However, some manufacturers may consider this point if you don’t damage the car by installing the leveling kit. Some kits don’t need any cutting and welding. If you install a kit like that, your warranty may not be voided.

I’ll suggest reading the warranty terms and conditions properly before making any change to the vehicle.

  • Issues with Shocks

If you install a leveling kit on the front side, probably you’ll have to change the shocks too. Factory-installed shocks are not meant to work properly when you increase the space by adding some more height. If you don’t change the shocks, those will be broken after a few days.

To make sure that the shocks won’t break, you’ll have to change those and install larger ones. This is a common fact that the replacements don’t work as great as the factory-installed parts. So, you’ll see the fall in the performance of the shocks. The ride quality may not remain as pleasant as before.

If you want to lift your Silverado but don’t want to face issues with shocks, it is better not to lift much. Stock issues can cope up with adjusted height if the difference is not much. In that case, you can keep the factory-installed shocks.

  • Reduced Gas Mileage

Leveling Kit problem and solution

When you are adding a leveling kit to your Silverado, you are reducing the gas mileage to a high degree. This happens in the case of other vehicles too. If you increase the height of the vehicle, it’ll face more wind while on the road. As a result, it’ll need more power to move front as the resistance to wind will go higher.

Cars that need speed and better mileage are normally designed to remain as close to the earth as possible. This allows those cars to stay less resistance to the air. If you increase the height, you’ll have to sacrifice the gas mileage.

  • Issues with Tie Rods

Just like shocks, when you install leveling kits, the angle of tie rods are also changes. If you are not an off-road driver or not interested in installing larger Beadlock wheels, this might not be a major problem.

But if you regularly drive off-road or want to convert the wheels into larger ones, the angle of tie rod will be a problem. The rod might be broken after a few days or be bent because of the change in the angle. As a result, you’ll face problems while driving.

If you want to get rid of this problem, you’ll have to change the tie rod while installing the leveling kit.

  • Problems with Suspension System

Your Silverado has come with a suspension system that is suitable for the shape in which the truck comes. If you add a leveling kit, the shape or geometry of the truck will be changed. In that case, the suspension system won’t work as it should work. So, the riding experience won’t be a pleasant one.

To get rid of that, your mechanic may suggest some changes in the suspension system. This may reduce the problem, but not fully. Even after bringing the necessary changes, there are still chances of damage or tear.

You may need to give proper attention and evaluate the suspension geometry to avoid this problem. Also, you need to make sure that a professional mechanic is doing this. Many problems arise because of not installing the leveling kit by a professional person.

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  • Increasing Need for Maintenance

Leveling Kit problem for silverdo

Adding something to the vehicle that is not a part of its regular mechanism needs some changes into its stock mechanism. From the previous points, you can see that adding a leveling kit also needs changing shocks, tile rod, and suspension geometry.

Added components don’t work as efficiently as the stock components. As a result, the chance of tear and wear increases. That’s why they need for maintenance is also increased. The more height you’ll upgrade, the more they need for maintenance.

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  • Improper Installation

Installing the kit in an improper way leads to huge suffering. This is not a tough task to do, but professionals will do this with are, and they know exactly what to do. Even if they face any problem while installing, they’ll find a way to solve that.

You may use a high-quality leveling kit. But, because of poor installation quality, it can bring sufferings. So, if you don’t want problems, go to an expert to install the leveling kit. If you go to someone who is not an expert to save some bucks, maybe you’ll have to spend much more bucks later on compensating the mistake.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for lifting your Silverado a few more inches, you should know the Silverado leveling kit problems. Some problems are easily avoidable, but some are not. Knowing the problems helps you to make the right decision. It also helps you to be ready for the problems that come after installing a leveling kit on your Silverado.

However, I’ve told you about the problems I’ve seen after installing the leveling kit on Silverado. Most of these are applicable to almost all the vehicles out there in the market. Study these problems and make sure you know how to tackle those before installing a leveling kit on your vehicle.

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